My favorite snack

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Married man unloads his nut down my throat

This week I opened my emails and found a note from a blog fan. He happens to be visiting with his spouse, but was hoping to feed me his 7 inches of cock.

This morning we decided to do it over lunch.

He told me he had fucked a load out of a young stud in the shower, but held his load for me to swallow! HOT.

When I got to the hotel, he walked in not long after and recognized me.
Well, he had only sent me a cock pic ( and tasty looking it was!), so I am sure my mouth dropped when I saw him stop by my chair.
He described himself as 6' 3" and he was indeed a tall, hot hunk of meat.
You know the type - he could be a lumberjack or water polo player with pale skin, muscular arms and long thick legs.
Any friends know that a tall guy will get my attention immediately would not be surprised that reaction my dick had.

When we got up to the room, he pulled me into a tight bear hug. Solid wall of muscle, chiseled jaw and hands that told me not only could he pick me up off the ground, but that he was going to be feeding me a hefty piece of meat.
His shirt came off - semi hairy, flat stomach and a trail of light hair that ran down to his semi hard cock and LOW hanging balls. And yes, those hands and that body did not lie...sitting on top of those furry nuts was a cock I could suck for hours.

With a grin on my face, I knelt down to taste that cock and those cum filled orbs.
After swallowing his cock into my mouth, I began using my tongue and lips. While that was going on, I pulled my hand up and cupped his balls.
Damn, they were heavy.
His mushroom head topped a rapidly growing shaft, and as it grew firmer and firmer I started to stroke it.

I also had to feel and taste his hairy ball sac.
I could literally only get one at a time into my mouth. Not to give up, I went from one to the other and back again.
After giving them both a full tongue bath I lifted them and licked that spot just behind them.
Now my cock was dripping my own precum.

I went back to his cock, and began to work it to a harder and firmer state.
Once he was at full mast I used my throat to pull more of him in...and was rewarded when the head slid past the back and slid down.
 I let out a low moan of my own as his cock pulsed in my throat.
Once we established that he could plunge down my throat, he took over and gave me some hot face fucking. I concentrated on opening up my throat to let him go to town. And as I suspected, that was something he wanted and the shaft grew thicker along with his head swelling.

 He pulled out and told me that he wanted to see my hole.
I stood up and stripped off my jeans, turned around and bent over.
Then he had me turn back around. I was leaking precum, grabbed my cock and had reached to grasp him...but, he said no and told me suck his cock.
 I dropped back to my knees, and pulled his cock back into my throat.

 Deep throat, using lips and tongue along with an occasional stroke... Soon his hips were bucking, and his cock was forced down my throat - and then it erupted!
Spurt upon spurt was causing his shaft to pulse and his head to swell in my throat.
Goddamn, I love having a guy unload deep and hard.
After the spasms died down, I reluctantly released his cock from my mouth. I milked the shaft to be sure none was wasted.

He asked if it was a big load, and I could only say "yes!". I knew he had saved it, and it was still sliding off my tongue as I stood up.

On the next trip, he may take my ass and mouth...I can't wait.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Body builder feeds me lunch

It was a hot one today, so I figured that I would take a walk on my lunch hour.  As I stepped out of my office, I logged onto my phone app and saw a familiar face.

Sent him a woof, and he followed with asking me if I wanted some protein.  My response....YES.

I hopped the bus and headed to his place.

When I got there, he was in sweat pants and a t-shirt.  Now, this is a guy that I swallowed awhile back, and I knew he was hung and thick.
Sure enough, when he pulled down his sweats I was greeted with a very thick semi woody.

I had mentioned that I had my video camera and he was up for holding it.  So, I went right down and started my end of the bargain.

His cock is thicker at the base, and as he got harder with each slurp and suck I was eager to get to that full deep throat.
While stroking his cock and giving his ball sac a slight squeeze I ran my tongue down the shaft and caught the scent of sweat.

I took one nut at a time into my mouth and he let out a nice solid moan with each one.  On top of his moans and that musky sweat nut smell, I was dripping precum out of my cock.

Apparently he loved the ball washing I  gave, because when I went back to his cock and swallowed to the base he and I both pushed past my tonsils and buried him to the bone.
I was doing my best to breathe and he was doing his best to choke me...and we both got what we wanted.
His cock pushed into my throat, I gagged and he got even thicker in my mouth!

Now that we had established the rhythm, it was just a feeding frenzy.  I would swallow him to the bone, he would tell me to choke on it and I would come back off with spit and precum glistening in my face and trailing from my lips.

At one point I was within seconds of choking and he was piston fucking my face until he could hear me choke and he grabbed my head and forced me to take it some more.

Fuck, after doing that a few more times I thought I was on the verge of blowing my load before he did.

Using my hand to take a quick breather and open up my airways, I then dove back down and went after his load like a shark smelling chum.
I let me face fuck me until he was on the edge.

When he let out a low moan and said he was going to cum, I swallowed to the base and felt his cock nearly double in size.
I love those guys that get larger, harder and thicker just as their nuts pull up and the cum starts its thunderous speed up the shaft, to then shoot out like a cannon and blast the walls of my throat.

His load was thick, and when I thought of keeping it in my mouth to savor it was all I could do to not drown.  I had to swallow to make room for the rest, but that just let me enjoy the sweet flavor of his nut.
After a few more spurts he was fully spent and I finally pulled off.

With my hand I squeezed to get the last drops and was rewarded with a couple of more thick white drops.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Hung stud coats my face - twice

I had a haircut in the Castro today, and when I finished a buddy that lives nearby wanted me to stop by for a quick blowjob.

He and I have played many times, but today I also had my video camera with me....

After I got into his apartment, I was on my knees and his cock was out instantly.

Having friends that are hung and full of cum is good, but having them want to feed you many loads is even better.
This guy's cock is a mouth full...thick, long and a plum sized head.

As we were starting I told him that we could do a video and his eyes just lit up, and he said yes.
We set up the camera and I went back to work.

In the past we have done it on his office rooftop, in a stairwell and in his apartment - each time I was treated to massive amounts of cum and today he told me it had been a few days since he last shot.

Using my tongue on his mushroom head and upper shaft, I worked his cock up and down and all around.
I worked on his shaft with my fist in between bouts of trying to fit every inch into my mouth.

He is another that does not mind the occasional choking, which makes it hot for me to grip his balls and then push more of his rock hard cock into my throat until my eyes are watering and I cannot breathe...and then hold it there - HOT.

Working his head, shaft and base with my tongue and throat, I could taste his precum as it would flow onto my tongue.
Every once in awhile I would pull his cock out and use my fist to milk more precum from him.

Deep throat, stroke the shaft, work on the head with lips and tongue and then repeat it over and over...and over until his balls are churning his baby batter.

I was doing my best to take it all, and a couple of times he would be buried to the bone and then reach out to push my head even further down on his cock...and you know that I was eager to get it!

After nearly 10 minutes of eye watering, deep throat choke and pre cum drowning he was at the edge and ready to unload.
I stroked his cock and was instantly sprayed with juice - but that was not all....

After some very hot juice coating, he grabbed his cock and began to stroke.  And I could see it in his eyes that he was not even close to being done.

With a few more strokes he then began to unleash the full load.  And FUCK was it massive!
Cum just kept spurting and flying.

When the last of his load had landed on my face I was a cum pig in facial heaven.

As you all know, I could be drenched in cum all day and every day - and it was amazing to feel, smell and taste so much from one hot thick cock, and of course we both said that it should happen again ....and again.