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Monday, May 20, 2013

Body builder feeds me lunch

It was a hot one today, so I figured that I would take a walk on my lunch hour.  As I stepped out of my office, I logged onto my phone app and saw a familiar face.

Sent him a woof, and he followed with asking me if I wanted some protein.  My response....YES.

I hopped the bus and headed to his place.

When I got there, he was in sweat pants and a t-shirt.  Now, this is a guy that I swallowed awhile back, and I knew he was hung and thick.
Sure enough, when he pulled down his sweats I was greeted with a very thick semi woody.

I had mentioned that I had my video camera and he was up for holding it.  So, I went right down and started my end of the bargain.

His cock is thicker at the base, and as he got harder with each slurp and suck I was eager to get to that full deep throat.
While stroking his cock and giving his ball sac a slight squeeze I ran my tongue down the shaft and caught the scent of sweat.

I took one nut at a time into my mouth and he let out a nice solid moan with each one.  On top of his moans and that musky sweat nut smell, I was dripping precum out of my cock.

Apparently he loved the ball washing I  gave, because when I went back to his cock and swallowed to the base he and I both pushed past my tonsils and buried him to the bone.
I was doing my best to breathe and he was doing his best to choke me...and we both got what we wanted.
His cock pushed into my throat, I gagged and he got even thicker in my mouth!

Now that we had established the rhythm, it was just a feeding frenzy.  I would swallow him to the bone, he would tell me to choke on it and I would come back off with spit and precum glistening in my face and trailing from my lips.

At one point I was within seconds of choking and he was piston fucking my face until he could hear me choke and he grabbed my head and forced me to take it some more.

Fuck, after doing that a few more times I thought I was on the verge of blowing my load before he did.

Using my hand to take a quick breather and open up my airways, I then dove back down and went after his load like a shark smelling chum.
I let me face fuck me until he was on the edge.

When he let out a low moan and said he was going to cum, I swallowed to the base and felt his cock nearly double in size.
I love those guys that get larger, harder and thicker just as their nuts pull up and the cum starts its thunderous speed up the shaft, to then shoot out like a cannon and blast the walls of my throat.

His load was thick, and when I thought of keeping it in my mouth to savor it was all I could do to not drown.  I had to swallow to make room for the rest, but that just let me enjoy the sweet flavor of his nut.
After a few more spurts he was fully spent and I finally pulled off.

With my hand I squeezed to get the last drops and was rewarded with a couple of more thick white drops.

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