My favorite snack

Monday, February 25, 2013

Blogger feeds me at the urinal

Ok, I am not a computer guy so I really had no idea what tubmlr was...until I was directed to a post from my blog. 
This guy loves to see our videos and pics, and shared them with his followers.   To me, that is a huge compliment and I let him know that I loved it.

Over the weekend, he happened to be visiting the city and asked to meet in person - face to cock, so to speak.
Now, you know that I normally do everything in my power to accomodate a guy in need. 

He had only one hour to himself, and it was not looking good...I was having brunch with my husband, and then we had two events to attend.  DAMN.

As luck had it, one of the events was sort of boring, so we headed out to the hood where my buddy was.  He was really wanting to get off, and said that he was sporting full wood and packing a sore set of blue balls.
My husband and I went to the local hangout, and grabbed a drink.  While waiting for the hot daddy to arrive, I scoped out the options.
There were not many patrons, and that can be good or I just waited and figured we could wing it.

In walked my buddy, and he was a hot as fuck furry bearded man.
Now I really wanted to find a way to drain his nuts.  

I walked towards the back and told him that if we were quick, the urinals were a perfect spot to whip out his cock and feed me his load.
Before I could get his cock out we had another couple of guys walk in.

Ok, sometimes you have to take a break and let them empty the bladder.

Once they left, we headed back in. 

This time I had his zipper going down before we were evne all the way inside.  He undid his pants and pulled out his cock.  Immediately I got down on my knees and pulled  his cock in my mouth.

It was a mouth full and I could feel his very large balls hitting my was hot!  Those full balls of juice were bouncing against my chin while I used my mouth and tongue around his cock head and shaft.

Whether it was the fact that we could get walked in on, or he was just so turned on getting blown in public it was not long before I felt the shaft start to swell...then I could feel him start to unload on my tongue.
My mouth filled up fast with his spunk and I swallowed to let more fill it.   And he did!

I don't know how many spurts of spunk he shot, but it was a few more seconds before I could feel that he was drained dry.

Standing back up, I was grinning ear to ear - and still tasting his sperm on my tongue and lips.

He commented that it was worth thousands of miles in traveling...HOT!  

Now, he is a huge fan of the cum facials and videos so I think that next time I will bring the camera along and tell him to pull out of my mouth as he blasts, and then we can share it with you guys.  

Friday, February 8, 2013

Group bukkake lunch

Well, boys it has been a couple of months since my last bukkake lunch, but I can say for myself that is was worth the wait.

A couple of weeks ago I saw my buddy walking down the street and sent him a quick text saying "we need to do lunch".  He knew exactly what I was talking about and agreed.
After a few days we decided on a date, and we both sent out the invites.

Today I headed over to his place, camera and cum ready for the group of guys.

As my  buddy opened the door he told me that two guys were already there.  HOT!

I undressed and went upstairs.

There were two of my regulars going at each others cocks, along with our host.  I jumped into the action and was rewarded with three large rock hard cocks.
Soon we heard the buzz of another guest.
One of the young studs that has been to a few other groups had asked if he could come early to work over my ass...and I said sure - who does not like to have their ass eaten before devouring cum straight from the tap.

He stripped down and came right up behind me.   I was wearing my jock, and he just spread my hairy cheeks and dove in with his tongue.
HOT as fuck...getting rimmed while the other cocks are still being sucked and feeding me when they swung my way.

When the designated start time arrived, the buzzer started to go and the guys began to arrive.

Two new guests were invited by a buddy, and he told me to expect some huge cock and loads from his friends.
They arrived together and stripped down.
Right away I had to get my mouth around those cocks.

Now we had 5 hot cocks and more were still arriving.  Another really thick cocked buddy arrived and stripped down to join us in the huddle.

Earlier in the year, I heard from a guy on my scruff profile that he wanted to join us.  I had given him the full details, and yes he did arrive.
Tall, lean and I knew  from the pics that his cock was going to be a mouth filling jizz giver.  
He mentioned that he was going to be a bit shy with the camera and group, but I assured him that I was there to take care of him.

Once he was undressed, I went over and took his soft cock into my mouth.

There were guys all around us, cocks out and being  stroked or sucked.  Nipples were being  tweaked and pulled.  
It was not long before he was relaxed and rock hard.

Being new to the group, I think it put him closer to edge because after a few minutes of devouring and deep throating his cock I felt it suddenly rock up in size and  he let out a quick moan to tell me he was about to cum. 
Bam!  His cum flew out and I had  my first taste of cum for the afternoon.    Spurt after spurt kept flying and I let it him my lips and face.

As he was cumming,  my buddy grabbed the video camera.  

Now it was time to drain the others!!

One of the new guys was close to blasting his load, so I went right over.

With my mouth open he was stroking hard and then the cum started to fly like a  cannon.   Onto my tongue, lips, stache and then my seemed to keep cumming.

And fuck it was a thick load.  I used my finger to wipe my eye clear, and eat that cum and the cum just clung to my finger and eye.
Not much better than a load so thick you can feel it hit your tongue like a fresh oyster. 

Then it was time for the thick cut cock buddy to spray me with his load.  He also shoots thick white cum and fed it into my waiting mouth.  Love being a cum dump, and even better if I can taste the loads mixing on my lips as they slowly mingle.

Now drenched in three loads of cum, I turned to the others.  

Another regular announced that  he was ready to blow.  I got in place and suddenly the cum was blasting out in massive spurts. Fuck, I almost lost another eye - but, that is exactly why I love these groups.

The next load came from the second new buddy.  He was stroking as I played with his balls, and after watching the others, it was  not long before  he was ready to blow.
He aimed for my willing mouth and I was fed yet another warm tasty dose of man spunk.

Next was our young rim boy.  He was ready to give it to me and the power behind his orgasm shot volley after volley of cum onto my face.  FUCK, yes!

By now it felt like I was covered from eyebrow to chin in thick, warm, sticky spunk and my eyes had that cum pig glazing.

On my knees, I positioned myself in front of the host - he was taking video and I got between his knees and sucked his cock while the last guy stood to the side stroking.
The last guy has been feeding me and watching me service for a few years now, and this was just what he likes.
There on my knees - dripping in so much cum that my face felt like I had jumped in a pool of sperm and a grin from ear to ear.

Once the last guy was ready, he came over and fed me his cum.

That was not the last load of the day, however.   Our host was in overload just like me and after shutting of the video he leaned back in a chair and I went over to pay worship to his thick piece of meat.
While sucking his cock, the other loads were slowly oozing down my face and thickening in my beard.
As we all know, fresh cum can  be an awesome lube and it works just as well during a blow job.   We could all smell the fresh spunk.

It was time for our host to blow, and boy did he.  A geyser of cum shot out of his cock, straight up about 4 inches and came down near my mouth.  That was just the first shot out of his balls, and the next few were thick and oozed down around his shaft.
I did my duty and swallowed what I could find and cleaned his cock of the rest.

Now, that is how we end a business lunch!