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Monday, February 25, 2013

Blogger feeds me at the urinal

Ok, I am not a computer guy so I really had no idea what tubmlr was...until I was directed to a post from my blog. 
This guy loves to see our videos and pics, and shared them with his followers.   To me, that is a huge compliment and I let him know that I loved it.

Over the weekend, he happened to be visiting the city and asked to meet in person - face to cock, so to speak.
Now, you know that I normally do everything in my power to accomodate a guy in need. 

He had only one hour to himself, and it was not looking good...I was having brunch with my husband, and then we had two events to attend.  DAMN.

As luck had it, one of the events was sort of boring, so we headed out to the hood where my buddy was.  He was really wanting to get off, and said that he was sporting full wood and packing a sore set of blue balls.
My husband and I went to the local hangout, and grabbed a drink.  While waiting for the hot daddy to arrive, I scoped out the options.
There were not many patrons, and that can be good or I just waited and figured we could wing it.

In walked my buddy, and he was a hot as fuck furry bearded man.
Now I really wanted to find a way to drain his nuts.  

I walked towards the back and told him that if we were quick, the urinals were a perfect spot to whip out his cock and feed me his load.
Before I could get his cock out we had another couple of guys walk in.

Ok, sometimes you have to take a break and let them empty the bladder.

Once they left, we headed back in. 

This time I had his zipper going down before we were evne all the way inside.  He undid his pants and pulled out his cock.  Immediately I got down on my knees and pulled  his cock in my mouth.

It was a mouth full and I could feel his very large balls hitting my was hot!  Those full balls of juice were bouncing against my chin while I used my mouth and tongue around his cock head and shaft.

Whether it was the fact that we could get walked in on, or he was just so turned on getting blown in public it was not long before I felt the shaft start to swell...then I could feel him start to unload on my tongue.
My mouth filled up fast with his spunk and I swallowed to let more fill it.   And he did!

I don't know how many spurts of spunk he shot, but it was a few more seconds before I could feel that he was drained dry.

Standing back up, I was grinning ear to ear - and still tasting his sperm on my tongue and lips.

He commented that it was worth thousands of miles in traveling...HOT!  

Now, he is a huge fan of the cum facials and videos so I think that next time I will bring the camera along and tell him to pull out of my mouth as he blasts, and then we can share it with you guys.  

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