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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Florida uncut cock feeds me a load

We started our vacation out on the right foot.

After arriving in Ft Lauderdale for a week of fun and relaxing we hit the pool. As I walked over to find a chair I spotted a guy sunbathing nude.
This was perfectly fine since the place we picked to stay was gay, private and had two clothing optional pools. When I walked by I noticed that he was also uncut - HOT!
He seemed a couple years older than my husband and when he rolled onto his stomach he had a full firm ass that I thought might be fun to fuck or rim.

I put my towel down on the chair and slid into the pool, but not before making eye contact while at the same time glancing at his large soft cock.
After laying in the sun for a bit, he picked up his towel and headed away.
Figuring that he was either heading to the other pool or maybe the sun deck I decided to give him some time to settle and then go searching.
As I walked up to the roof deck I saw him in the corner, laying there with his cock semi hard.
I walked over by him to check out the view and when I got closer we could both tell that we were thinking the same thing.

I leaned down and grabbed his thick cock and it was already swelling to full capacity. Large head covered by enough foreskin to work on but still able to see the mushroom cap underneath.
While I was holding his cock, he pulled mine out of my swim suit.
At that time he told me his name and I gave him mine...then I went down on his cock right there in the sun.
He was a mouth full and with that extra foreskin I was hungry for everything he could give me.
We got into a 69 position so that he could also work on my cock.

I was leaning over and stroking his cock while using my tongue to play with the head and slip under the foreskin. He seemed to enjoy both and began to leak pre cum.
With my hand around the shaft I was stroking and sucking close to 9 inches of meat. Every once in awhile I would lean all the way over and completely swallow the shaft down to the base and come back up nice and slow.
As I was going down once he seemed to spread his legs a bit more and I took that to mean that he wanted it eaten. I went further and licked his tight hole and he spread even more.
Of course, since he was also in a position to eat my ass I spread my legs a bit and moved forward to give him the idea. He got the idea and started rimming my ass....totally HOT! Uncut, rimming and getting rimmed - who could ask for more on the first day of vacation.
We kept this up for some time and then he said that we should take it to the bed and be more comfortable.
His room was by the deck so we slipped in and got back to business.

With his cock in my mouth, he leaned back on the bed and let me take over. I kept up the full deep throat and stroking to get him to the edge.
Now that we had a bit more privacy I could taste even more pre cum oozing out with each swallow.
Soon he was read to blow.
I kept his shaft buried in my throat and let him shoot each spurt right into my mouth. I kept as much in as possible and then swallowed to get even more.
By the time he finished unloading his balls I was grinning and savoring the taste.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Uncut load before the movies - they call me Sam for a reason

Well, for my friends that follow this and know that many refer to me as the Samantha in our group of friends al`a Sex an' the City - you will be happy to know I filled my role today.

Last week I had guy from an online hook up site say that he wanted to meet an give me a load. He was the subject of a post and today I got a text from him.
It was simple and said that he was not sure of my interest but a guy was looking for under stall action and he gave me the email address.
Not wanting to shock some total stranger with a booty call email, I asked if the guy knew and was waiting. He said it was a guy from a popular phone app that most of you gay pigs know. Since I don't have on of those fun touch phones, I can't access it.
It was kind of funny to me that I was able to utilize it without having to try....gotta love technology and the savvy cum sluts.

Anyhow, back to the load.

I sent the guy a pic of me in my jock and he said that he knew my videos on Xtube. He sent me a pic of his cock.
His email address already led me to believe there may be foreskin but the pic was a tasty confirmation but it did NOT do him justice.
We agreed on a spot that close to his location and that I could get to easily. He also said it would be ok to bring my camera along to capture the action.
I got to the location and as I walked in there was a guy already in the middle stall (which is where I was supposed to be). Sometimes you have these things happen.
After washing my hands and delaying a moment the other guy left.

Once I was in the stall, my buddy was sliding his cock under that stall and I was instantly hard.
Looking down at a nice thick cock and seeing the top of the head poking out of the skin was mouth watering.
He jerked it around a bit without touching and let me get an eye full.
As my husband can attest, I love foreskin but I REALLY love to see the cock under it - no offense to those hot men that have foreskin that could stretch to their is just a preference but not a requirement.
Well, I paused for a moment to let everyone watching the video see that cock and then I went down on it while handing him the camera.

Thick, warm and wide in the center made me want to swallow every inch. I also have learned from a good friend that not all uncut guys like the foreskin played with, so now I work on everything...yes, I know - when do I not work on everything???

I leaned down and slowly slid all the way down the shaft while holding it to let me work a bit of the skin on the head. Letting it slide down my throat and using my hand at the same time to stroke the thick shaft.
My hat was getting in the way so I took it off to let me fully deep throat him as I cupped his balls.
Such a sweet tasting cock and with it being a hand full at the same time I wanted to get his load out. He was holding the camera and I was just bobbing my head and mouth down as much and for as long as I could.
After swallowing to the balls, I stayed down and just used my throat and tongue to work the shaft, then I slid off so I could work on the head and upper shaft.
A couple of times I would come completely off and just savor the entire cock before swallowing and stroking all over again.

His shaft actually got thicker a few times and could feel his head grow and stretch the skin to the limit. Of course, that just got me hard and dripping my own pre cum and made me hungrier.
There was enough cock for me to stroke, slurp on the head and then deep throat to the base and come back up - and continue stroking while working on the skin covered head.
After a few minutes we heard the door open and had to take a break.

He held onto the camera and sat back to do some more stroking and showing for the camera - I saw it after and oh does it look HOT!
The guy that came in took the stall to the other side and I was not sure how long he would be.
I put my hand under the stall of my buddy so that he could come over. I was not sure if the new visitor was gay or not, so when my uncut buddy leaned under the stall at the back and gave me his cock I reached down, started stroking and holding the camera to keep the action going.
This whole time the other guy was not leaving but he was also not making any motions that he wanted to join in.
As I stroked the uncut cock more, he got closer and then he grabbed his cock and took a couple more strokes and started to erupt onto my side of the stall.
The first shot flew under my feet and I was worried it might have hit the other guys shoes, it was so hard and fast.
My hand was still down so I let him coat my fingers with all of the cum that was not flying around.

Once he unloaded his balls onto the floor and my hand, he slid out and I leaned back to wipe the cum onto my tongue and savor it.

Yes, I know that you and I wanted to the load down my throat but it was very hot to know this guy came, gave me his load and that I was still able to savor it ....all with a total stranger less than a foot away.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Foot long ginger cock to start a day of cum feeding

Today was one of those phenomenally lucky days for cock sucking.

I took a chance and walked to my favorite video booths. There were only a few guys down there but I did see one extremely hot tall fellow.
Close to 6' 4", lanky wearing jeans and sporting some hot glasses...I do have a soft spot for tall men that wear glasses.
We walked past each other once and I was hoping he would be interested.
I found one of the glory holes set open and went in. Right away I heard the door to my neighbor open and it was the tall sexy man himself.

We both put our money in and he pulled out his cock. Sitting down I could see what appeared to be a hand full. I had my cock out and was hoping he wanted to get sucked.
I was looking through and at first he was not doing anything. Sometimes guys will go in and only want to watch.
Finally he stood up and walked over the hole.
Suddenly the hole was filled with about 8 inches of soft cock that was growing rapidly.
I wasted no time in getting my mouth on it and found out just how much it did grow. Mushroomed head, slight curve down and smooth 'n straight as could be - slid down to the back of my throat and there it had to pause.
Knowing that this cock was going to be rock hard and huge for the entire time, I took a breath (as well as I could with my mouth stuffed full) and went into deep throat mode.
While the movie was playing all I do was work my mouth around that head and use my hands to milk it even more.

When I had my hand around his shaft there was still a good 4 inches of cock to feed my hungry mouth.
Those are the cocks I was born to service.
There was no telling how much pre cum I was leaking but I am sure the floor was getting a good coating.
Soon enough our dollars ran out and the lights came on. I saw him reaching for his wallet and asked if he would rather come over and share the booth. After all, I knew already that I wanted to taste every inch and there is always that little bit that can't be forced through a glory hole.
He agreed and I unlocked my door.

He walked in and while he put some money in the machine I was pulling out his cock.
Now that we were in the same booth, my eyes had to be the size of half was actually larger and longer than I thought.
Two hands would still leave a couple of inches uncovered. And at that point I saw the piece de resistance as I would call it....the full red ginger bush that was not visible at first...HOT!!!!

I got down on my knees and continued the blow job. He was hard and knew that I was a hungry cum pig. While kneeling and sucking him, he began to play with my nipples a bit and commented that I was doing a great job on swallowing it all.
Between the nipples and being able to swallow almost a foot of cock, well you know I was beyond rock hard.
He leaned over and was playing a bit with my butt and also leaned in for some kissing. While he was semi bent over I did not neglect that impressive piece and kept going back. Some angles, as you cock whores like me know, are perfect for even more deep throat - as he was leaning back up I got it down to the balls and just about shot my load then and there.
While I was feasting on cock, he also reached down to stroke my cock - being as tall and lanky as he was we were able to keep his cock in my throat while he grabbed mine.
"That has you rock hard" he said and I could only agree....Hell yes, over a foot of smooth hot cock being fed to me, yes that gets me all the time!
He was also getting into letting me take it and as he got closer to cumming he let me know.

I stayed on my knees and he lined up that cock and began to feed it to me. He liked it more when I was not holding but instead would just let him fuck my mouth or take over and just swallow every available inch.
What started as a slow and steady blow job turned into a face fucking frenzy on my part and I was taking about 7 inches of cock as fast as I could... and that put him right at the edge to start the cum shooting.

I had told him to shoot it all over me and the first first volleys of spooge hit my collar bone and chest and the rest was dripping nicely down my chest.
Looking down I could see thick white gobs of cum. I licked a few of them off and ate it.
At that point he asked if I had anything to clean up with and all I could do was grab my favorite baseball hat and use it to wipe up the extra cum...and that was something he was not expecting.
His comment as I was wiping up spooge so that I could put my shirt back on was "that is so dirty, I love it".

The saga continues....

I was about to head out when I saw a guy that to me appeared to be eastern european, dark hair, smooth complexion and late 20's.
He was wearing a hoodie and jeans but something about him just said tourist to me.
I may be wrong but you judge from the next bit...

He walked past and made eye contact so I went into the booth with a glory hole.
Once again, I heard the other door open and saw him putting his bag down. Ok, so far so good.
He put money in and kept standing there so I sat on the chair in my booth and motioned for him to let me suck him.
He slowly undid his pants and pulled out a nice thick uncut cock. BONUS!!

After a minute or so he did walk over and slip his still semi soft uncut cock into the hole.
These are the challenges I love - a semi soft cock that I can work up to a full frenzy and hopefully a load.

I started with swallowing him to the base and using my tongue and throat.
Many of you may say that I should work on the foreskin but I have learned from a good friend that not all uncut men want the foreskin played with and assuming it could be a huge turn off for them.
So, I worked on getting him hard and when he stared to grow it started to expand in every direction. Longer and wider with each passing moment.
Now, remember that I just had over 12 inches of cut cock spurting cum all over me so I was in cum over drive, and now I had this hot uncut (in my mind european tourist) growing hard and leaking some pre cum.

I pulled off a couple of times to stroke that cock and take a breath. Then I went back to swallowing it all.
This cock was wide and filled my mouth to capacity. At one point he stepped back to add some more money to the video and then came back to the hole.
He grew even more and I knew that it was not long before he was going to need to release that cum.
Well, here is the tragedy of this story - he was one of those rare men that for some reason likes to be sucked but does not like to cum in a mouth. He pulled out just as I was feeling and tasting the first shot.
He stood back and let me see that sweet thick white cum oozing from the head.

I may have wanted to have the cum, but as I have said in the past - I am a cum pig and it is really all about the other guy enjoying it and getting off. He got off and I got to taste that sweet foreskin.

As I was leaving the building I saw him outside and he gave me another who knows, maybe if I see him around again he will reward me with the full load now that he knows I will take it.

Fan of the blog wanted to try my skills

Last week a local buddy and I tried to hook up so that he could give me a tasty load.

Today he and I connected again and arranged to get me on my knees.
We met up at one of my local private tearooms for the extra privacy since he was a little nervous.
There were a few guys coming and going so we waited and when it was clear we walked in and I shut the door behind us.

He was taller than me, and wearing jeans and when I undid his belt and pulled down his underwear I was greeted by a nice thick mushroom head.
Being nervous he was not fully hard yet, but you know that won't stop me. I leaned in and swallowed every inch.
I do love a nice mushroom head and this one was very hefty indeed.
While slowly getting him harder and harder, I was having a great time working the head further in my mouth and towards my throat.

Each time I would get all of his cock in my mouth, I would also use my hand to stroke and then slurp on the head again.
He was leaking some pre cum into my mouth and when he was nice and hard, it was like holding a champagne cork....grasp the base and the head just covers the rest of your hand.

For this first encounter we did not worry about the video camera ( he likes the movies on here, so I offered) and when he was getting ready to cum I wanted to taste it all.
He let me know he was close but I could tell from how huge the head and shaft started to get - so I was prepared.
Or so I thought.
The first shot went onto my tongue and I could taste it...and then my mouth was flooding with spurt after spurt. I could not count how many times I felt his shaft growing and spurting out cum but eventually I had to swallow and there was still a bit more.

I did the polite thing and slowly milked the last drop out and licked that mushroom head until it was good and spit shiny clean.

We both headed out and it was another successful blow job in the land of cum and pigs.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Afternoon simple blow and go

I was winding down a long week in the office and my husband was out of town.
Towards the end of the day I was chatting with a guy that has fucked me at home in the sling and also fed me a load in the bathroom I frequent.
In the past we have not gotten any video of the action but today we agreed that it needed to be done.
I was finished with work and he told me where he was. I hopped on the train, and headed over.

After I got to his place we started out with some heavy kissing and nipple play ( he knows I like mine played with). Standing there with his rock hard cock in my hand and his tongue down my throat was getting him nice and ready.
I could feel drops of precum on the tip of his cock as I grabbed it and stroked.
Then I got down on my knees and started to service.
I handed him the camera and let him take it from there.

He is close to 8 inches, if not more than that and it is a cock that is built to slide into a hole. I started out just slowly milking his shaft with my lips and working up to a full deep throat blow job.
After getting the shaft nice and spit shined, I went down to the base.
He was buried in my throat and I had to try and breathe around that nice mouth full of cock.
I had a few moments of gag reflex kick in but that was not a problem for either of us.
Slurping on that full cock and sliding my mouth down was getting me rock hard and leaking pre cum.
I pulled his cock up and started to work on his spooge filled nuts. What a tasty pair those were!

More deep throat and tonsil tickling action and we were both having a great time. Just knowing that this cock was buried to the bone in my ass before and now it was being shoved down my throat was awesome.
A few more deep throat and gagging moments and I took his cock in my hand and started working it.
I grabbed his cock and started just using my mouth and spit as a lube based piston to get his load.
Sliding my hand up and down the shaft, and using my mouth to milk every bit of precum I could.

Sure enough he started to moan and the cum started to shoot.
Shot after shot into my mouth. I tried to let him see each rope of cum as it hit my tongue but it was so tasty that I also did not want lose or waste a drop.

In the end, I just savored every drop and kept licking the head clean...good to the last drop.
With a nice mouth full of cum, I kept sucking on the head and savoring it.