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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fan of the blog wanted to try my skills

Last week a local buddy and I tried to hook up so that he could give me a tasty load.

Today he and I connected again and arranged to get me on my knees.
We met up at one of my local private tearooms for the extra privacy since he was a little nervous.
There were a few guys coming and going so we waited and when it was clear we walked in and I shut the door behind us.

He was taller than me, and wearing jeans and when I undid his belt and pulled down his underwear I was greeted by a nice thick mushroom head.
Being nervous he was not fully hard yet, but you know that won't stop me. I leaned in and swallowed every inch.
I do love a nice mushroom head and this one was very hefty indeed.
While slowly getting him harder and harder, I was having a great time working the head further in my mouth and towards my throat.

Each time I would get all of his cock in my mouth, I would also use my hand to stroke and then slurp on the head again.
He was leaking some pre cum into my mouth and when he was nice and hard, it was like holding a champagne cork....grasp the base and the head just covers the rest of your hand.

For this first encounter we did not worry about the video camera ( he likes the movies on here, so I offered) and when he was getting ready to cum I wanted to taste it all.
He let me know he was close but I could tell from how huge the head and shaft started to get - so I was prepared.
Or so I thought.
The first shot went onto my tongue and I could taste it...and then my mouth was flooding with spurt after spurt. I could not count how many times I felt his shaft growing and spurting out cum but eventually I had to swallow and there was still a bit more.

I did the polite thing and slowly milked the last drop out and licked that mushroom head until it was good and spit shiny clean.

We both headed out and it was another successful blow job in the land of cum and pigs.

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