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Monday, May 10, 2010

Afternoon simple blow and go

I was winding down a long week in the office and my husband was out of town.
Towards the end of the day I was chatting with a guy that has fucked me at home in the sling and also fed me a load in the bathroom I frequent.
In the past we have not gotten any video of the action but today we agreed that it needed to be done.
I was finished with work and he told me where he was. I hopped on the train, and headed over.

After I got to his place we started out with some heavy kissing and nipple play ( he knows I like mine played with). Standing there with his rock hard cock in my hand and his tongue down my throat was getting him nice and ready.
I could feel drops of precum on the tip of his cock as I grabbed it and stroked.
Then I got down on my knees and started to service.
I handed him the camera and let him take it from there.

He is close to 8 inches, if not more than that and it is a cock that is built to slide into a hole. I started out just slowly milking his shaft with my lips and working up to a full deep throat blow job.
After getting the shaft nice and spit shined, I went down to the base.
He was buried in my throat and I had to try and breathe around that nice mouth full of cock.
I had a few moments of gag reflex kick in but that was not a problem for either of us.
Slurping on that full cock and sliding my mouth down was getting me rock hard and leaking pre cum.
I pulled his cock up and started to work on his spooge filled nuts. What a tasty pair those were!

More deep throat and tonsil tickling action and we were both having a great time. Just knowing that this cock was buried to the bone in my ass before and now it was being shoved down my throat was awesome.
A few more deep throat and gagging moments and I took his cock in my hand and started working it.
I grabbed his cock and started just using my mouth and spit as a lube based piston to get his load.
Sliding my hand up and down the shaft, and using my mouth to milk every bit of precum I could.

Sure enough he started to moan and the cum started to shoot.
Shot after shot into my mouth. I tried to let him see each rope of cum as it hit my tongue but it was so tasty that I also did not want lose or waste a drop.

In the end, I just savored every drop and kept licking the head clean...good to the last drop.
With a nice mouth full of cum, I kept sucking on the head and savoring it.


Anonymous said...

I fucking love you blogg, fucking hottest thing on the web right now. You inspired me to start my own blog and report back on my cocksucking activities.

sfverscumboy said...

Thanks for the comment and I have checked out your blog too....nice to have a fellow cock sucker taking care of the East coast men.