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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Husband's load makes four

Recently my husband has joined my gym and once in awhile we work out at the same time.

When I arrived there was already one cum feeding buddy in his gym clothes.  We exhanged glances and I went about my routine.
Later I saw that he was still working out, and two other past cock feeders had arrived to work out....hmmmm.

Towards the end of my workout, I told my husband that I was going to hit the steam.  He had a couple more sets and would join me soon.

When he was sitting next to me I filled him in on the three guys being in the gym and that they may pop in.
After a few minutes I needed to cool off, so I went to the cold shower and saw the first young blond.
He was getting dressed, and  then as I walked back from the towel area he was stripping back down and sporting  wood.

By the time I was in the steam, my husband headed out to shave.

The blond came in and immediately dropped his towel away from his rock hard cock.  I wasted no time in swallowing it down my throat.
Cupping his balls in my hand, and using my mouth to slick up his shaft.   Then I moved my hand up to stroke and work over the mushroom head.

That was all it took...after a couple of minutes of that routine he was blasting a thick wide load of cum into his hand.
I leaned over to lick up everything I could and then cleaned his fingers. 

As he walked out, my husband was on his way back....I told him that one load was drained already of the three possible.

As we sat there, buddy number two came in.  Lean  and about my height, he sat on the other side of my husband.
To get the ball rolling I leaned over to take my husbands pierced cock in my mouth.  That way everyone knew we were on the same page.

A bit of sucking and groping until we heard the door opening....and in walked buddy number three.

Hot young hairy cub.

He sat at the far end and could not tell what was going on so I once again went down on my husband's cock.
That got the young cub's attention.   I then walked over and asked if he wanted to join me at the far end.

On his was over, he stopped  to take the husband's cock into his mouth - and I reached under the cub's towel to stroke his cock.

After a few licks on husband, the cub came over to me and I deep throated his engorged shaft.
This young cub not only grows thick with each stroke and slurp, but he also leaks sweet precum.

After about two minutes of stroking and swallowing,  he began to moan and his shaft swelled in my mouth.
Then he shot a massively thick load onto my tongue.
I love how thick and white his cum is, so I pulled off a bit to let it hit my lips. 

As he was blowing, I could hear the other lean buddy begin to cum as well.

I used my fist to work out a few  more drops  of cub cum and reached over to feed it to my husband.

With everyone else drained, we turned attention to my husband.  I took his cock down my throat again while working over his nipples.
After a few strokes he was blasting a nice thick load up into the air and down his shaft. 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Skull fucked deep throat action

I only had time for a quick work out, so I just did 4 sets of squats and then headed to the steam room.

Over the past couple of months I have been working out regularly to get myself back into shape, and part of that routine is to crank up the heat in the steam, and then alternate it with an ice cold rinse...and repeat.
Today I was in the locker room pretty much alone, and had the steam really hot and thick.

After my first short bake, I was walking back with a fresh  towel when I saw the shaved head regular cock feeder walking in.
He went to a locker and stripped down.  Hmmmm.

I just went into the steam and added more cold to the thermostat to crank it back up.  The steam started to fill the room when he walked in.

Usually he is sitting on the bench when I walk in, or he sits...but today he knew what  he wanted.

He walked right up to my face, put one foot up on the bench and presented me with his semi erect cock at mouth level.  I reached out and took his semi hard cock into my mouth.

He stood there and let me work his cock over with my tongue and lips.  As he got harder, I began to slide him past my tonsils and into my throat - I know he loves that.
Once he was rock hard, I deep throated him a couple of more times and stroked his shaft.

This was a new position for us, and I was not complaining!  He just stood there with a sly smile on his face while I worked his cock.
Then he turned to the side, and sat down next to me with his legs spread.  I knew what that meant.

I squatted down between his legs and started bobbing and deep throating.  Once I had his cock buried past my tonsils, he would take my head and force me to take the final inch.
Well, this time he must have been horned up as fuck, because he not only shoved me down on his cock but he started to skull fuck me at the same time!

His rock hard cock was hitting my tonsils and going down my throat so hard and fast that I had to just open and let him pummel my mouth.
He was piston fucking my throat and the sounds were echoing off the steam room walls.  At one point he had his hand on the back of my head and pushed down so far that I gagged - there was just no way to avoid it.

Whether the thought of someone in the showers hearing him skull fucking a guy made him edge closer, I don't know but he wanted more.
I took a quick breath of air, leaned back to stroke his shaft - and saw a thin string of throat slime linking  his cock head to my lips...and then I went back down on his cock.

At this point, he was so ready to blow that he just let me get the head past my tonsils before he began to piston fuck my throat.
He hit the gag point, but that was not going stop him.  He kept up the rapid fire  throat assault until his nuts pulled up and he began to unload down the back of my throat.
Not letting me up, he and I kept his cock buried while his balls unloaded...and unloaded..and unloaded.

Once he let go of my head, I leaned back and was rewarded with not only a bit more cum as he released a final blast, but he was smiling like the cat that ate the canary.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thick load from the swimmer

As I was changing into my jock and gym shorts I saw a hot shaved head swimmer walk by. He made definite eye contact and checked out the PA. Later, after I had showered and was thinking of hitting the steam room he happened to walk bare ass into the shower area. I made a point of stopping at my locker and looking back over my shoulder. He looked back as he dropped his towel and stepped into the shower. Well, now... I headed into the steam and sat on the bench. It was not long before I was joined by the swimmer. I always sit with my towel off. It is usually hot enough, and it gives a perfect opportunity to check out the interested parties. After a couple of minutes, he looked over and noticed my semi hard cock. That was all it took for him to open his towel and let me glimpse his stiffening cock. Shaved head, naturally smooth lean swim built body, and a cock that perfectly in my hand. An apple shaped large head topped it all off. I motioned for him to come closer and then leaned in to take his cock into my mouth. After a couple of quick slurps and tongue lashings, he shuddered a bit and pulled me off. He was already on edge. Taking that cue, I gave him a couple of seconds reprieve...then, I just had to go back down. This time I slipped his entire 8 inches of cock into my throat. As the last inch hit the back of my throat, I opened up and pushed further until his balls were hitting my chin and my nose was buried in his pubes. He let me stay there for a few seconds and I knew he was almost there. I came up off his cock and kept my hand around the shaft and near the head. I went back once more and he let me deep throat him a few times before stopping. At this time he asked if I wanted to swallow his cum - of course I immediately said yes...and went right down. I let his apple head sit on the back of my tongue for a moment and then plunged down. That was all he needed, and suddenly his cock was spasming and he was shuddering with release. His balls pulled up into his body, and I could feel the thickness filling my throat. During the entire climax I kept his head in the back of my throat. I did not want to miss a drop. Just as I felt the last shudder, I was pulling off as he motioned to me that we were about to have a visitor. Sitting back up, I let the last drop slide down my throat as I savored the flavor of his seed.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Three was the lucky number today

Folsom week has started off with a bang...

The morning started off with me working out and catching the eye of a regular gym buddy.  He has either fed me a load or fucked me after our workouts, and I really wanted it today.

I walked into the locker room and we both had the same idea.  He sat down next to me and  within seconds his fist sized cock was already hard.
Without wasting any time I leaned over and began to suck.

After a couple of minutes I got down on my knees between his legs to let his full length go down my throat until his balls were resting on my chin.  He loves it and I could feel the shaft pulsing in my throat.
I stood up, turned around and let him take over.

He started with a finger in my tight hole, then proceeded to a second.  By this time I was aching for more.  I reached behind me and grabbed his shaft to stroke it a few more times.  Then I slowly walked backwards until I was hovering right over his cock head.  Then I sat right down.

That first second was painful, due to the size of his head  but once it was past the entry I  pushed back and he slid  all the way in.
Now it was time to really fuck! 

Between his thrusting and my bouncing, you could hear the echo of flesh on flesh.  At one point he popped out, and I instantly right back down.
Probably less than a minute later I was beginning to feel the cum in my balls churning - I had to stop stroking.

And then I felt an orgasm start to build and told him to give me his load.  He felt my hole tighten around his shaft as my nuts started to release  my load - and that put him over the edge and he began to fill my ass with his thick cum.

Well, that was one load - but not the last...

Towards the end of the afternoon I  had a message from a foreign athlete and he was looking for a no strings blow job.
We had started talking from an ad he placed looking for a cocksucker, and nothing but a cocksucker.  During the exchange he asked if I was a good cocksucker - I said that I have been told I can take care of what he needed.

He gave me his address and I went over. 

Compact guy, and you can tell that he is indeed a professional athlete that spends time running - his ass, legs and chest were all muscle.   He took me upstairs and dropped his sweatpants.
For foreplay he wanted his nipple worked over by my tongue.   After a couple of minutes of that, he pushed  my head down between his legs and fed me his cock.

You know I do love to suck, and I wanted to be sure he comes back for more.

A few times I would cup his balls, and then he would want me to go hands free and just deep throat and suck.  He would start to buck into my face and I knew he wanted to face fuck my throat, so I let him - and then I would piston my throat down on his shaft quickly until he was oozing more precum.

Then he began to thrust and told me he was going to cum.  Now, since the whole goal was for me to be his expert cocksucker I just nodded and let him pound my mouth.
Then he began to shoot...holy fuck, he had a massive thick load.   Quickly my mouth filled and I had to swallow to make room for more.
Two more times I swallowed and then he was drained.

After he caught his breath he asked if I liked it - I said yes, and said that I hoped he did....and he did.

Ok,  now onto the last bit of fun...

I went back to the gym to get in some cardio.   In the afternoon I don't really expect much cruising or action.

After my workout I was about enter the steam room when a HOT ginger muscle bear walked out.  He was not wearing his towel so I also saw his cock swinging as he walked.

We checked each other out, and I wasn't sure what to expect.  Then he came back in and sat next to me.

Well, I had a semi woody and was sitting with my legs spread a bit when he walked in, so he had an eye full.  After he sat down, another guy came in....damn!

The hot muscle bear got up to use the shower and I was treated to an amazing smooth white butt.  You know how some of those gingers are...hairy up top, and just the lightest coating of hair on their ass and aournd their hole.

We were waiting it out, and I was getting fully rock hard so I adjusted my position to let him see.   He smiled and leaned back to see more.

The other guy stuck around, and it was hot so we both left to shower and cool down.  While I was in the shower, he took one next to me and motioned for me to join him.

After I walked in, he was in position to suck me off - and I was not going to say no.  He took my cock in his mouth and reached up to tweak my nipple.
And you know that my nips are hard wired to  my cock, so he was doing it right.

There I was basically standing over this massive young ginger bear - probably 6' 2" and 210 lbs of muscle.  Arms as big as my thighs and an evil grin under his I said,  HOT.

After only a couple of minutes I was close.  He told me to let him know when I was about to cum.
I stroked a few times and let him know it was about to blast.
He took my cock in his mouth, and spurt after spurt went straight onto his tongue.  When my balls were fully drained he licked his lips and said "good boy". 

He had the same look on his face that I have seen in videos and I knew he was one happy cum pig.

Maybe I will be lucky and run into him again sometime...

Friday, September 13, 2013

He skull fucked his load into me

As I was shaving, the shaved head 9 x 5 guy walked in again today. 
I cleaned up, grabbed a fresh towel and headed for the steam.  Sure enough, he was already inside.

Before I could even set down my towel, he was already beginning to sport wood.  I sat down next to him and he reached for his rapidly growing cock.

I wasted no time in just going right down on him.  First slurp all the way to his balls.  While down there, I grasped his plum sized nuts in my hand - they were full and I could not even fit them easily in my hand...damn!!

Using his balls as leverage, I pushed the extra inch into my throat. 

I spent the next few moments just breathing through my nose and feeling his come to full rock hard wood.  Then I came up for a quick breath and  gave it a few quick strokes before bending over to deep throat him again.
We both know that I want every inch of him down my throat, so today he just put his hand on my head and pushed down.

The next minute was spent with my mouth and throat filled with his throbbing cock.  Fuck, I could feel my precum flowing as he held my head down and began to skull fuck my throat! 
He was rapid plowing into my throat and did not give me any mercy, he was taking what he wanted today.

I opened up my mouth and throat for him, and the sounds echoing off the walls were like a hot porn scene.  You know the sound - a hungry pig being used for his throat until the guy can blow his load...and that is where he was going.

I got down onto my knees in front of him to give easy access to my open mouth.
Giving my throat over to him, I let him hold me down on his cock until he began to buck and quiver - and then he unloaded straight down my throat.
When I felt the shaft and mushroom head swell, I relaxed as much as I could and went as deep as possible.

I felt three rapid blasts as his shaft swelled with each volley, and then kept him in there for a few more seconds to let every drop slide down my throat.
Then it was time to come up off of his cock, and lick the drops out of the piss slit.
I stroked his cock twice more  to milk out what I could and was rewarded with a couple of more pearly white drops of jizz - that I licked up eagerly.

Once he was drained, I got  up off my knees and said "thanks!".  He smiled, said thanks and grabbed his towel.  As he walked out with a spring in his step, I watched his tight bubble butt time I may have to ask if he wants that eaten before he feeds me...

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

He knew what he wanted

Perfect day..started with my husband breeding my ass to wake me up and then ...

After putting in an hour for my gym routine it was time to hit the showers.

It was about the time for some of the regular steam buddies to be around, but today it was empty.
Oh well, I figured I would just shave and head out.

As I was finishing my shave, I saw the hot young man from a few weeks ago. 
Tall, shaved head, light beard and sporting a heft 9 x 5 cock between his legs.  He grabbed a towel and went to the lockers.

Knowing that the steam was entirely empty, and knowing that he has fed me in the past I grabbed a new towel for myself.

Turning around, I see him go straight into the steam room...and I followed.

As I expected, he was alone so I set my towel down without even wrapping it around. 

He recognized me as well and was already semi hard and stroking.  Not about to waste any time, I scooted right over and wrapped my hand  around his rapidly rising cock.

I know he likes it deep, and I immediately bent over and swallowed every inch.  As he was buried in  my mouth he reached around to grab my cock.
With his balls in my hand, I grabbed that extra inch above the ass  and forced another inch of now rock hard cock into my throat.

Right away I was rewarded with a low moan and a twitch in the shaft. 

Because we were right in the door, I told him to scoot down towards me.  Then I went back to deep throating his cock. 
Using my tongue, throat, lips and hand I continued to milk him to the edge.

A couple of times I let up a bit and just stroked, but I wanted his load too much to waste any more time...

I got down on my knees in front of him and took him down to the base.  I left his shaft buried in my throat and gave him some hummer action and squeezed down with my throat. 
That was enough, and I had him on the precipice of the I took it the extra step, came up a bit and face fucked myself on him until he was ready.

He let out a moan to signal (but I could also feel his nuts start to rise in my hand) the immenent release - his cock swelled up and then he let go.

I felt the first spurt hit my tongue on it's way down my throat and then the second and third. 
As each volley of jizz came out, I swallowed it just as quickly.

After  his breathing returned to normal I milked his softening cock and found a few extra drops.
Then we both stood up, grabbed our towels and never said a word.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bred before my workout...and then another

Yesterday I ran into a hot young bear at the gym...well, we sort of met up in the steam room.  He walked in while there were a few others sitting around.
He sat next to me and every once in awhile I would catch of glimpse of his semi stiff cock when he lifted his towel to dry his face.
Unfortunately it was too busy to even start a conversation, so I had to just hope to see him again...and then today...

Earlier in the morning I had a young visitor hit me up on a cruising site.  His profile had a large stiff cock pic and said he had safe sex only.  As we chatted though, he said that he wanted to fuck my ass and breed for the first time.
Since I was at work, I told him that I would try for later in the day after an appointment I had.

While I was near the gym for my appointment, I received an app message from a familiar face - the young gym bear from yesterday!
He apparently works right in the area.  He recognized me, and we chatted about the steam room cruising scene.
I told him that I was supposed to be getting fucked, bred and then head to the gym for a workout.

The young bear was still working, so I headed off to the visiting top...

I arrived at the top's place and up to the apartment we went.

During the trip over he mentioned that he only had lotion - I said that spit would be just fine.
When we stripped down, he was sporting a hefty thick mocha colored cut cock.
I asked what position he wanted and he said to just get on his cock first - so down on it I went. Swallowed to the balls.
And oh did he like that.  Rock hard and now spit lubed, he got around behind me and put me on my knees...and started to eat my ass.

I love having my ass eaten before a hard fuck - and using the spit is the best lube.
While he was going to town on my hole, I was leaking precum.  When he was ready to penetrate, I reached back with the extra precum and slicked up my hole.
Then he slid forward.  

He was thick and that large head, so I was bit tight.  He pushed me down further on the bed and shoved forward.
POP, in he went.
Once he was buried in, he told me how nice and tight it was - and then he started to fuck my hole harder.

Knowing it was the first time bareback, I let him set the pace and soon he was bouncing in my hole and going to town.
Then he asked if I wanted his cum...oh, yes!

He let out a loud moan, and went balls deep.

After he shot what felt like 5 thick volleys of cum, he slowly pulled out with a slight pop.
We stood up, and as I was getting dressed I felt some cum on my leg and wiped it up...and licked my hand clean, while wiping it dry in my beard.

Off to the gym.

I worked out for an hour, and when I left I texted the young gym bear that I was done.  He was a few blocks away on his way home.
We talked about the steam, and eventually he said that he needed to I suggested a shopping area nearby.

During more chat he mentioned that he was going to jerk off later, so I told him that I would gladly take it in the bathroom.
When he asked where, I  gave him directions and told him I would meet there.

I was the first to arrive, and was at the urinal.   He walked up to the adjacent and pulled out his growing cock.
Now, in the steam none of us were hard so I only knew that he was a thick cut guy....but, damn it grew into a hefty 7+ inches of thick meat.
He spit on his hand and started to stroke.

Doing it in a public bathroom always seems to add that extra mental spark to get the juices flowing, and in no time he was ready to blow.
I moved over and told him to shoot it on my cock and jeans - and he did.

THICK white warm cum shot onto my stomach, followed by even more that hit my groin and my cock.

Fuck, it was so thick that I used my fingers to pull it off and then to my mouth.  My thumb and fingers were covered in his spunk and the look on his face when I ate it all.....priceless.
He had more on his cock from his strokes, and he even  took advantage of the easy access to taste.

As we stood there, I began stroking my cock - now covered in his juices for lube and he fed me a bit more from his fingers.

You know how white cum can get when you are churning it on a cock or in an ass, well that is what we had as I stroked my cock at the urinal.

As he watched, I stroked out a load there using only his cum as my lube.

Afterwards, he let me clean up his fingers a bit more before he just gave me woof and walked out the door.

The next trip to the gym could be interesting now that we have shared a bit of cum, and share a fondness for a good steam at the end of the day...

Friday, September 6, 2013

Accidental fuck at the gym

There are distinct advantages to working out in the mornings.

Not only is the gym floor usually empty, but so is the locker room and showers.
Today I was getting undressed when I see my familiar little fireplug/beer can guy walk in after his workout. Short stature like myself, but arms I cannot even wrap my hands around and a shelf style bubble butt - oh, and that cock that is almost the size of a beer can with a plum sized head.

He headed into the steam, so I grab a towel and followed. As usual, we were the only ones at this time of day. After I sat, his towel opened and he was already sporting wood.

I stood up and went over, got on my knees and deep throated his meat. Taking that plum head is not easy but grasping his nuts I could push further in and feel it spread my throat. And then I can feel him shudder with pleasure, too.

After a few minutes, he stood up and shut the lights out. We had plenty of light to see in the mist, but it did give us a bit more privacy.

Standing in front of him, I turned sideways and he took the hint - and bent me over to begin eating my ass. With my hands spread on the wall I was bent over and he used that young tongue to really work over my hole.

After a few minutes of that, I was leaking so much precum that a puddle must have been on the floor. He was stroking his cock, while his face was buried in my ass. I stood up and told him that he should cum on my hole. He agreed. And then it took a twist...

As I was backing up, my feet slipped a bit and I fell backwards onto his lap AND landed right on his cock. Not hard enough for him to impale me, but I paused for a second to see what he would do. I think we both had the same idea, because I immediately shifted half an inch and was directly on his thick cock head...and pushed back. He pushed up at the same time and I thought my eyes were going to roll backwards.

I had to stifle a yell as he went in spit lubed - remember, this is about the size of a beer can and that mushroom head did not give much leeway either.

Once he was inside, it was just a few thrusts before he was moaning and I could feel the shaft swell in my hole as he shot his load.

Everything happened so fast, that we were in and out of there in under 5 minutes, but damn did I have a smile on my face as I got dressed.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Orleans Decadence

This year I went to New Orleans for the first time in my life..and, wow.

Now, anyone that has been there over Labor Day weekend or any other festival knows how the bars and street scene can be.

We all know I am a born cocksucker, but on this trip I was a top breeder that also had cocks in  my mouth.

A couple of fucks stand out in my mind from the weekend...

One night we went to the leather bar, and headed towards the back.  Almost pitch dark, with men everywhere and cocks out.

I was on my knees when a young, naturally smooth clean shaven guy walked by.  His uncut thick cock was out of his jock, so I reached out and brought him over to my mouth.

Low hanging (hell, we all were in that heat) and smooth, his balls were bouncing as he fucked my face for a few minutes.
With so many cocks, and so many mouths it was more a game of keep moving until you found a guy ready to, I stood up and looked for another cock.
Well, at that time the uncut stud was being pulled backwards onto a cock...damn!

I watched him being fucked for a couple of minutes, while he took some hits of poppers.

I had felt his smooth bubble butt while tasting his cock, and suddenly I really wanted to breed his hole.

As I watched, the guy began to unload in this stud's ass.   Once he pulled out, I took the opportunity and told the young guy that I wanted to breed his ass.
He smiled and said sure.

I took a hit of his poppers and turned him around.  As he was facing the wall, I slid up and let my pierced cock edge its way into his freshly fucked hole.

Nothing better for lube than a thick cum load.

He was bent over, smooth bubble butt glistening with sweat and I went to town.  I grasped his hips and started to piston fuck his hole.
Even being recently fucked, his ass was still tight as a virgin - and my cock swelled as I thought of how many other loads may already be swimming inside.

We both took another hit of poppers, and with a thrust I impaled him completely on my cock and let my seed fill him.
Spasm, after spasm of my cum shot into his hole and when I pulled out he looked back and thanked me.

Now, another night we went to a sex party in one of the leather bars.

With the room full of hot men in different stages of undress, it was a buffet of ass and cock.  I had come fully prepared to be bred full of cum and began to walk around.

Guys were bent over in corners or on furniture.  Others were standing around getting sucked.
I found some thick hot cocks to suck, but as I said...that night was for fucking.

While waiting at the bar for a cocktail, a man walked up behind me and felt my hole....yup, lubed and ready.
I looked back to let him know it was available, and he saddled right up and shoved his stiff cock in.

There I was, in front of the bar bent over and getting bred.
He pounded, and pounded my ass until I had the first load of the night.  Then I  went walking around for more dick.

In every corner and on every surface there were cocks going into holes.  Because of the lack of space, my next few tops just bent me over right up against the wall and took my ass.
One hot guy was not only hung, but he really went at my ass with a vengeance - and when he was done planting seed deep in my hole, he leaned me back and said "I want to see that on your blog"...HOT!!

Well, I must have had a half dozen samples of DNA in my ass, and it was time to return the favor.  I had seen this hot muscle bottom bent over taking cock after cock.
Big smooth bubble butt, legs spread and his cock bouncing with each load that went in.
A few times during my top hunt, he would reach out for me to fuck him, but I knew that I wanted to have a few swimming in my ass before I shot off mine.

Now it was time for me to give up my sperm.  I waited next to a top that was going to town on his ass.  Standing there stroking my cock with each thrust.
The other guy finally shoved in deep and let his load go...and I slid right in before his cum could even start to drip out.

I told the bottom that I was going to breed his ass, and he looked back to say that he was hungry for it earlier.
I shoved my pierced cock up and it slid right in with all that spooge.  

He was a big guy, and that ass took every inch.  I piston fucked his tight hole for a few more minutes and then it was time...and holy shit was it a large load.
I could feel the spasms of my shaft and the tightening of his hole with each spurt.
Then it was time give his ass a good swat and pull out.

Later, I realized that one of the guys I played with a bit was his boyfriend, and that they were staying in our hotel.
We talked about him returning the favor, but as anyone that goes to these events knows....sometimes you just keep finding another hot top or bottom.

Over the next few days there were untold numbers of cocks in my mouth and more asses to fuck.  Some were brief, and some were bent over and I never saw the face of the guy who took my load.

One afternoon, my husband and I did have a message from three versatile bottoms.  We went up to their hotel room and took turns on two of the hot blond  young men...the third was holding a camera and taking video.

I pumped my load into one, then my husband fucked him with my load as lube and finally the third bottom took his turn and left a sample of his DNA on/in the boy.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A double treat this morning

I stepped into the steam room and saw two familiar faces...and two hard cocks.

Not always am I lucky to find a willing  cock,  and to find two was a huge (pun intended!) pleasant surprise.

One of the guys had already shown interest on a previous visit, so when they both saw that I was up for some fun it was just a matter of time before there were three hard cocks being stroked and sucked.

So, one of the guys is a young man about my height and built like a fire plug.  His cock was beer can thick and long.  I could not quite get all of it in my mouth, but you know I tried.
He was sitting back and I wanted it, so I got down between his legs and took it into my mouth and opened my throat.

At one point we had a three way circle jerk going, and I reached around to feel that tight hole of the young fire plug.  Damn, it was tight.

After some mutual sucking and stroking, the fire plug wanted me to turn around and see my ass.  I stood up, leaned against the opposite wall and let him have it.
Instantly he had his tongue out and in my hole - damn!!
He rimmed me for almost a minute, and after that I had to return the favor.

Our third guy had stepped out to cool off, and I was already on my knees and  took another swing on fire plug's thick tool.
He seemed to be close, and I told him that I wanted his load all  over my face....and he smiled and agreed.

There are times when there is nothing hotter than being in a public spot and knowing a load of cum is about to shoot at you.

He stroked and I saw his eyes close...then I saw that thick white cum begin to flow.

It did not shoot across, but instead it was thick and spurted out of his cock slit and hit my face.

Because we were in the steam, the cum felt almost cool on my cheek.  And he then let the rest slide onto my beard.

After he was drained and had left, the third guy returned.  Still hard, and still stroking.

I took the advantage and leaned over to take his cock into my mouth again.

Bullet shaped and as thick as the fire plug at the base, his cock was another mouth full.

After a couple of minutes of stroking and my sucking, he was ready to cum.  He shot a massive thick white load into his hand.
I told him to stroke my cock with it.  He reached over and applied that load of cum to my rock hard cock and gave it a few good strokes.  

As he stood up to shower, I used my hand and gave myself another couple of strokes and then squeezed every bit of his load towards the head and brought my hand to my mouth...and smeared his cum onto my tongue and beard...then I walked out of the steam and headed to the showers.

Monday, August 5, 2013

A load among friends - the perfect end to a weekend

A group of us saw the young bearded cub across the patio.

Amongst the group of us was a friend that routinely sees me cruising the layout and searching for any potential cock.

Since my friend had spotted the young man first, I decided to take a look around.
When I returned, the young man was talking to my husband and a small group of friends.  Eventually the hands began to travel and the talk turned to desires and fetishes.

Our new young friend was into facial and body hair, which we all possessed.  When he grew a bit more adventurous I told my friend that one of us should get his cock out.
He agreed...and out came a tasty morsel of meat.

I told my friend that we would block and let him have a taste...and down he went.

That was enough to make our new young cub squirm with delight.

Then my friend said that I could have a go at it....well, no need to ask me twice.  Down I went and took that young cock into my mouth.
Just enough sweat to be savored and silky smooth, with a hefty set of hairy balls.
Not wanting to draw too much attention, and because my friend met the young man first I was going to bow out of more play...

However, we had caught the eye of two hot men nearby.  As I went to get a fresh beer, one asked why I stopped.  I said that my friend was first on the guy, and that we needed more men to block.

When I made my way back, the hot young cub was eager for more...and our two spectators came over to join in the fun.
I was told to go back down, and I always obey...

While I had the young smooth cock in my mouth, I could hear my friends and husband discussing that it was my natural position.

After giving they young cub another demonstration of my cock sucking, I stood up and the talk went to the blog.
I happened to have some cards in my wallet, with the address and details.  I handed one to the young man and another to our new acquaintances.

During the playing and chat, I also found a very hung cock that was straining his pants - and he had been able to see everything I did to the young cub's cock.
Due to the location he was not up for taking it out so I suggested that we head to the bathroom and let me see what felt like a baseball bat in his shorts.

Well, he pulled out his cock (and it was already rock hard) and I may have let out a was that large, thick and rock hard...and dripping pre cum.

I was going to let him leave with just a view, but the little devil inside of me said that if he wanted to step into the corner and feed it to me...

He nodded and I went straight to the corner, down on my knees and let him feed me that mushroom headed thick slab of pre cum dripping meat.

I took it into my mouth, stroked some and used my tongue and lips to give him a nice quick blow.

He was edged enough that it was not long before he held my head and I felt the first spurts of cum hitting me.  Once I knew he was giving me his load, I opened wide and tilted back.
The next blast shot high and landed on my cheek, while another hit my beard.  I took what I could on my tongue until he was fully drained.

I asked as I stood up whether I should wipe up or just walk out, and we agreed that I could just walk out with a load on my face.
As we left the urinal a few guys smiled...they had seen much of the action and approved.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hung foreign visitor swaps loads during the street fair

I headed to the back of the club, where I knew the cock and cum would be.

As I walked down the steps, I looked towards the far end and there he was.  Tall, 6" 3", lean swimmer's build, dark hair and a light sexy beard.  Dressed in a rubber tank and rubber chaps - and bent over being fucked hard. 
Now, you all know me and how much I love tall men - and even better when they are a bottom...

As I made my way through the crowd, I saw that  he was also being sucked.  I got up next to him and saw that he was extremely hung and thick!  
Over 9 inches of cut cock, and wrist thick - I had to have a taste.

I sat next to him and pulled out my cock.  Stroking my cock until I was rock hard, and all the time watching him get slammed hard.  
The guy sucking on his cock was having a tough time, whether due to the shear size or angle and I just kept watching, and waiting.

Finally there was a break and I was able to slide over and take him into my mouth.  

My mouth was stretched to the limit and I could not let that stop me.  His cock has a slight curve down, and that made it a perfect gullet spreader.   
I did my best to take every  inch.  

Since he was already being fucked, I was up for having a go at his tight bubble ass. He asked if I had a condom, which I did not.
A guy next to us produced one and he opened the package and slid it over my cock and turned around.

That smooth (a hint of hair between his cheeks) ass slide down on my cock.  Tight and lubed up from the guy before me.
At that time we were interrupted by a guy telling us to move away from the door.  I pulled out and kept the condom on.
When I saw how crowded the room had become, I was not sure we could keep fucking and the condom came off.

We got to the middle of the room and he turned back to me and noticed the condom was gone.  Then he said the he would love to suck me off...and I said yes! 

There were some guys on the wall that had a great view, and when we pulled out our cocks you could hear the collected gasp at the sight of his hung piece of meat.  
A few tried to reach in and grab, but we were set on getting off together.  

He got down on his knees and pulled my cock into his mouth.
A guy on the side, and another behind me were playing with my nipples as he took every inch of my cock and the PA into his mouth.
Now, you all know that I don't often get blown and cum, but having this tall hot man servicing my cock was getting me closer and closer to the edge.

After some time, he stood up and I got down on my knees to service his rock hard cock.  
A few of the men on the wall were getting into it and one even unzipped and pulled his rock hard cock out.

I stood up and my tall rubber friend said that he wanted my load, and I told him that I was close to cumming. He shot me a quick bright smile and went right back down to sucking and swallowing.

With his lips around my shaft, and his hand working my balls and cock I was edging closer and closer.  

When I was ready to cum, I let him know and he turned his face up to catch the load.   I shot one spurt up near his eye and then the rest coated the side of his face.  
He stood up and I recognized the look of a cum pig that was enjoying the feel, smell and heat of a fresh cum load.  

I led us out of the back and headed to the bar.  Once we had some cocktails, it was time to get some fresh cool air.  
We headed out to the street, where the street fair was in full swing.   

For the next few hours we hung out.  Went to a house party and both had our asses flogged...and then we headed back into the club.

As we entered, I went over to the urinals and my new friend asked if he could go along.  Sure! 
Oh, I forgot to mention that he was also flagging yellow.  

I pulled out my cock and told him that he was welcome to swallow it.  He smiled and got down on his knees. I had a fairly large load of piss, and he kept swallowing, and swallowing, and swallowing.  
After he had drained me, we went back into the main area - and found a hot young man being fucked.  A couple of my friends were there, so we stopped and watched.

At that time another well hung friend of mine came up and pulled out his cock.  My rubber buddy did not need any instructions, he just dropped down and took that into his mouth.

Within minutes he was being covered in another thick load of cum - and, oh does his face look good glazed in spooge. 

Now it was my rubber friend had his massive cock out and said that he wanted to let me have a load.  
I did not waste any time, I was on my knees and helping him drain his nuts.

As the crowd watched, he stroked a load right onto my mouth and tongue...fuck, it was hot!

It was once again time to head out for some fresh air.   As we walked around, the conversation turned to xtube, videos and groups.  He is as much of a cum pig as I am, and I promised that on his next trip to SF we could arrange one of my group cum dumps and let him be the center of the action...

So, let's hope that he gets a chance to come back and share that tight ass, hung cock and talented mouth...

Friday, July 26, 2013

Young load swallowed in the stall

I was across town today leaving a physical therapy appointment when I got a text message from a young friend.
He needed a good blowjob on his way to work...

Of course, I said that I could do that.  Little did I know that he was not only a block away, but about to get on the same bus as me.
We saw each other and kept up the dialog online.

As we got closer to downtown I told him of a nearby tearoom I knew.  He agreed and we arranged to meet in the stall.

I was confused and gave him the wrong floor for the bathroom - but we figured it out and I found him.

Now this young man and I have tried to hook up for awhile bars, at play parties but never had a chance to finish.
His cock is a good 7 inches, sitting on top of two plum sized furry balls.  Big ole mushroom head.  And an ass to die for - that I have not tasted...yet.

As I walked into the stall, his pants were hanging down and I caught a glimpse of that cute little bubble butt since he was wearing a jock under his work pants.

I went over to the toilet and got down to business.

Now, you all know how silky smooth and hard a young cock can be...and it was ready for a great blowjob, already hard and smelling first morning fresh with a hint of sweat.

I was enjoying the feel of his balls in my hand, and his mushroom head filling my mouth when we heard the door open.
Not wanting to have our encounter ended abruptly, I pulled my legs up and kept sucking.

The guys left, and I got back into position and took his cock back in my mouth....and then the door opened again.
We were both chuckling since it was so dead while I was on my way to find him.  Oh, well...not to be put off, I just scooted myself into position and kept sucking while we heard the men finishing their business.

Finally the guys left, and by this time I could tell that my young friend was not only edging closer, but he really wanted to cum.
I took his rock hard cock back into my mouth and started using my tongue, lips and throat as I love to.
Well, that put him into overdrive as well, and he took over.
Holding my head against his flat stomach, he started to piston skull fuck my face.

I just opened, and let him pounded away as I used my tongue on the shaft and head.

That did it.

He started breathing heavier, and I felt his shaft begin to swell.  His nuts pulled up and suddenly my mouth was filling with his cum.
And when I say filling, I mean gushing out of his cock slit and pouring onto my tongue.
Those young kids can really pack a load in their balls. 

As the cum pump slowed down, I swallowed what was in my mouth - sweet and thick...HOT.

Then I stroked his shaft a few times to be sure I had every last drop.

When I looked up, he had a smile on his face along with that "oh, I needed that draining" look in his eyes.

Next time we agreed that he needs to shoot on my face so that he can see every ounce of thick white cum.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Young hairy and uncut....and full of cum

As I am sitting here typing this for you, I can feel the cum slowly drying on near my right lip and the aroma of fresh cum is strong in my nose...

Awhile back I met up with a young guy near my apartment.   I blew him and told him that we could repeat today he hit me up and needed to cum.
I grabbed my video camera and headed over!

His profile only had a face pic, but then he sent me a cock shot.  Uncut with the foreskin that just covers the head while leaving room for the slit to peak out...just the way I like it.

After our first encounter he mentioned that he wanted to have a video, and I was just as hot to get it.  He asked if I had poppers and I said yes, and grabbed them as I ran out the door.

Once I arrived we headed for the bedroom, I handed him the poppers and camera and whipped my hat around to get on my knees.

He was semi firm, but within seconds he was fully hard and raring to go.

This young guy's cock is the perfect length and width to slide down a willing throat...slight curve down and a pair of balls you can just rest in your hand.
I started out tasting the foreskin and savoring that fresh musky smell an uncut dick has - you know, that sweaty and sweet taste.

After that first nibble, I had to swallow and get it all.
Once his shaft was down my gullet, I could taste and smell his crotch right there in my face - damn it was delicious.  Just like a young athlete smells when he has worked out and left some sweat right at the balls.
Well, that got the ball rolling and we both went to town.

I was doing my best to get every inch, which can be tough - he swells thicker each time he gets past my tonsils.
Using my hand to work the shaft and stroke his balls, I was edging him along - and then he  decided to take control.
Placing his hand on my head, he shoved that uncut meat down my throat and was not letting me up until his balls were ready to go in my open mouth - HOT!
That did push my gag reflex, and that pushed his buttons!  He swelled up harder and thicker with each thrust down my throat.

As I came up for a quick breath, his throat spit slimed cock was glistening in front of me, and damn if I did not have to dive right back down on it!

Deep throat, and let him skull fuck me again, followed by some shaft stroking.   Repeat.  And repeat...and holy shit he was a rock hard cock oozing precum.
I paused for a moment and he reached down to stroke his shaft...

His balls had churned and the cum began to blow.
The first two shot landed on my tongue, and the next went up over my lips and landed by my nose - and oh that was cum pig heaven.  Tasting it on my tongue, and smelling it on my upper lip...double intensity!

He squeezed out a couple more drops and I let them rest on my tongue just long enough to hit the taste buds, then swallowed.

As I stood up we were both smiling and he asked if I wanted a tissue to clean up...nope.
I just licked what I could reach with my tongue and headed home.
Along the way I was still tasting and smelling his hot young spunk, and savoring it every with every step.

Now off to the local bars and see what trouble I can find with his load drying in my stache...

Friday, July 5, 2013

New video from the couple that fed and fucked me

This was a few weeks ago, and here is the fully edited video of me taking both of their loads, getting fucked and shooting a load while he pounded my hole.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Working on 9 x 5

I was exiting the showers when I saw a young bearded guy walking to the lockers.  He was dressed in street clothes, but I saw a huge bulge in his pants.
As I stood at the sink, he began to strip down... and I was treated to a spectacular ass view.
He leaned over to pull off his pants, and that gave me an unobstructed view of his low hanging balls, thick cock and tight puckered hairy hole.   FUCK.

Young, shaved head, and bearded lean swimmer build.  Just enough hair on his chest to be sexy, and that lovely trail of hair that surrounds the ass crack.

He put on a towel and went into the steam. 

During this time of day it can be rather slow at the gym, especially in bad weather. 

I had time, so I grabbed a new towel and went in.   He was seated on the bench, towel open and a good thick six inches of cock laying between his legs.

Now, I have seen him before but never had an opportunity to be alone, so I played it cool and just sat on my towel...dropped open, of course.

After a couple of minutes I saw him stroking his cock.  Damn, that grew! 

He was now pulling on at least 8, maybe 9 cut inches and thick - at least 5 inches around, if not closer to 6.

I scooted over, reach out my hand and gave it a few strokes.  Then, I could not help myself...I had to swallow it.
He did not object, and when I actually had about 7 inches down my throat he was letting out a low moan.

Knowing the locker room was empty, I shifted around to let my throat open more and shoved another inch down. 
Now he was really moaning and let me take over. 

My hand could barely fit around the shaft, so I was in my element and just used my mouth and throat to coax and slide all of him into my mouth.
At one point I had all that would fit, and there was still an inch left...he was that rock hard and thick.

No matter, I just took it and kept swallowing. 

Now that I felt his shaft twitching and his moaning was louder, I got right down on my knees between his legs and slid his entire cock into my waiting throat.
He shuddered a bit, and when I pull back and used my hand that was all it took.... and I knew the load about to boil up.

I slid the swollen head and shaft back in my mouth, and he let loose. 

His balls slid up towards his body, and I could feel spurt after spurt leaving his nuts and blasting out of the head onto my tongue. 

After about 4 or 5 thick cum shots, he sighed and I let his cock slide off my tongue.  I used my fist and milked the shaft, to be rewarded with a few extra drops of his nectar.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Who can pass up two loads...

There are days when all I want is to give a hot guy a fast, quick no string blow and go.

This was a great day for it.  Who can pass up two loads?

I logged into a cruising app and saw that someone was headed to a local tearoom.  It was close enough that I figured our timing my work out.

When I walked in the last stall was already occupied, and I took the next one. 
Because the floor is marble and polished, you can check out the other guys without much difficulty.  I saw that the other guy was hot, young and bearded.
After seeing him checking me out, I reached my fingers under the stall wall to let him know I was there for the same thing.

He stood up and started stroking.  I got on my knees and motioned for him to come to the wall.
I slid my head under enough, and he slid his cock into my waiting mouth.

Easily an 8 incher, hot bulbous mushroom head and rock hard.  DAMN.

Using my hand to stroke him a bit, I also angled my head to let his natural curve slide into my throat.  This also let me see and cup his hairy ball sac.

I went back and forth between sliding every inch possible, and just using my hand to edge him.

Once I heard his breathing begin to get heavier, I knew it was not going to be long.

Suddenly his cock throbbed, grew and he let out a moan...and his load blew out of his piss slit right into my mouth.
I could feel the volume, and the I was able to taste the nectar.   Sweet, thick and milky.  Awesome.

Wham, bam, done.  Perfect.  

As we exited, I asked if he had been on the app and he said yes.  I told him my online name, and he has seen the, there may be another meet up soon.

Now onto the second load....

You know how it can be when you have a taste of cum, and it just makes you crave more.

With that first fast load still lingering on my tongue I walked a block over and thought I would check out the other tearooms before hopping on the bus.

I saw a cute young bearded cub checking me out, and decided to see if I could get his cock.  There was too much foot traffic going on, so I decided to take matters into my own hands, so to speak.
Leading the way, I headed out onto the street and took him a block away to a bathroom that has been perfect in the past.

We walked in to an empty bathroom. Perfect.
I checked the only closed stall door and it was vacant.  At that point I just pulled out my cock at the urinal and he followed suit.

He could not be over 25, about my height and he was packing a hefty 7 inch cock, mushroom head and some heavy balls hanging down low.

Not wasting time, I pulled his head into my mouth and worked my tongue around the shaft.  Once I had a taste of his cock, I was ready to pull a load out of him.

Holding his balls, and using my hand to stroke him I milked him for a few seconds and then had to deep throat.  Damn, it was silky smooth shaft of hot cock and his head filled my throat.

It was not long before he told me that he was close.  I took that as my cue to go right back down and take it.

Seconds later I was rewarded with a large hot volley of spunk being shot onto my tongue and down my throat.  Being young, he was definitely full of cum and it seemed to keep spilling out.
I swallowed every drop, and let his spent cock slide off of my tongue.  

As we were putting out cocks back in our jeans, he asked if I had been there before and I told him that I found that bathroom a few years earlier and it was a scene for a video.
He mentioned that I looked familiar from my videos, so I told him that if he wanted to meet up again just send me a note and we could make one....

Stay tuned....  

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Two young men load me up

A few months ago I was on my way to breed a hot ass in the financial district.  On my way, I had an online message from a young guy that knows my xtube work.

Early 20's, tall swimmer's build, uncut and hung.  We went back and forth a few times trying to connect...and then this weekend it clicked.

By chance we met face to face, and later that day I had a quick sample of his uncut cock.

He and his boyfriend told me that he can take awhile to cum, and we arranged to meet up so I could take care of both.

Last night they arrived and within minutes I was on my knees with his uncut dick in my mouth and his low hanging balls in my hand.
After a few minutes, I had him rock hard and we had some hot face fuck action.   Then we switched positionis - he wanted me to service his hot young cub (also our cameraman).
We all got onto the bed and I slid between the cub's legs and took his cut cock into my  mouth.

While on my knees,  our fellow top asked if he could rim my ass - oh, hell yes!   He went behind me and I felt  his tongue slowly flicking on my hairy ass and then into my hole.  Damn!

Before meeting, he had asked if I only suck cock.  I said that I top or bottom, and he asked if a condom would be ok. 
I have no problem with a rubber, and I told him that I could be he was about to find out.

While going to town on the young cub, the uncut top worked over my hole - and that just got my juices flowing and I started to get hungry for cock and cum.
The young cub was trying to keep filming while watching his man attack my ass - and he had a perfect view over my back.

After a couple of minutes rimming my hole, he started to venture further in with fingers and the uncut head of his cock.  Fuck, that was hot to feel it sliding in with spit.
Once he had me opened up enough to piston his cock in, he reached over and grabbed the rubber.

Sure enough, once he had it on my ass was tight but ready.  He pushed forward and I pushed back when I felt that first inch enter.  BAM, he slid in to the hilt.

Now he was ready to use my ass.

With him fucking me slow, and then fast I was still going down on the young cub...and he was beginning to moan and twitch with the anticipation of his orgasm.
Once in awhile I would come up for air while the uncut cock was buried and the cub and I would look at each other and just smile...before I had to feel his hard cock buried to the base.

With all of the visual action he saw, it was not long before he was at the edge and shouted out that his load was going to blow.
I took the first spurts in my mouth, then I pulled off to let him spray his cum.
The next few shots hit his stomach and then it flowed down over my hand.   I could still taste the first mouthful of cum he shot, and I licked up a bit off of my hand.

Now that he had drained his nuts, the cub was ready to take some video of his guy pounding my hole.

I kept my ass up in the air and let him use my ass for all he wanted.  And damn, there were times when he was close to fucking my load right of me.
Hard, intense pounding followed by a slow steady deep fuck...and then all over again.
During some of the full deep thrusts he would lean forward and we could kiss for a few moments before he leaned back up and slammed in to the hilt. 

Once I reached under and grabbed his cum filled balls - as they were bouncing hard and fast against my ass.  FUCK it was amazing to feel those heavy nuts banging away, while at the same time feeling his uncut cock abusing my hole.

As he was getting closer to cumming, he was impaling my ass and I was leaking precum like a sieve.  I told him to just cum when he wanted to.

He pulled out and said the wanted to fuck a load out of me and THEN cum all over  my face.   OK!

I flipped onto my back, legs pulled up and he slid back in.

It was not long before my own sperm was flying out of my cock. 
After my nuts were fully drained, he helped me onto my knees and began to stroke his cock.
I could see the head getting more pink and swelling...damn, I love to see an uncut man about to lose his load.

Then it was time.  With just a quick shout out that he was about to blow, the first volley flew out.
And the next, and the next....

Holy shit, there were thick ropes of cum hitting my beard and cheeks.
So much cum, that the scent was more intense - on top of my own spunk scent and the young cub's - FUCK, a hot as hell cum pig scene!

And yes, there will be a repeat.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hot young ginger load in the stall

This week I had a message from a guy that works very close to my office.  He found me online and wanted to find out if I would be up for taking a load from him during the day.
I replied yes, as you know I would...

Today I saw him and gave him my contact info.  About an hour later I had an email saying that he wanted to be blown.

This is a younger guy, and from the cock pics I saw I knew it would be a mouth full and I also saw the he had some ginger in him.  Yum.

At the designated time I was in the bathroom when he walked in and headed for the largest stall. I followed behind and got down on my knees.

As he was pulling out his semi erect cock, I was already getting hard. 

Yes, it was a hot red head, and with some tantalizingly hairy nuts too.  HOT.

I immediately took his cock into my mouth and started to suck and slurp.  It was not long before he was at full mast, and I was giving head to the cock I knew would be filling my mouth and throat with it's thick shaft.

Sure enough, once he was rock hard I opened my throat and let him slide in.  Well, he took that as a sign and began to fuck my face.
My cock was bursting to be released, but I did not want to waste any time pulling it out.

Because we could hear people in the adjacent bathroom I made sure to curb my gag reflex - and it was not easy with that cock pummeling my tonsils so hard. 
Fuck, it was hot - I had to pull off a bit to catch my breath, but then went straight back down on him.

I used my hand to stroke the shaft while I worked my lips and tongue around his swollen head.  My other hand was cupping and fondling his cum filled balls. 
More stroking and swallowing, then it was time to see if we could get every inch down my throat again.
Yep, perfect fit.

His breathing started to get heavier and his mushroom head was also starting to swell....and you know those signs!

While I had him in my mouth he told me that he was about to cum.

Usually I would love to have a first time load hit my face and savor the feeling of his splattering onto my tongue and lips, but I had no way to clean up in this bathroom , so I just nodded and let him begin to blow...

With the first spurt his shaft swelled and I could feel how thick his load was....fuck!!  After that first shot, I leaned forward to let his cock bury down my throat and blast it straight down my gullet.
Sometimes there is not a scene more hot than a deep throat blast and being able to feel the pulse as each volley of jizz gushes out. 
This was one of those - not a drop missed and the sweet flavor of hot young ginger spunk as I headed back to work.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Married man unloads his nut down my throat

This week I opened my emails and found a note from a blog fan. He happens to be visiting with his spouse, but was hoping to feed me his 7 inches of cock.

This morning we decided to do it over lunch.

He told me he had fucked a load out of a young stud in the shower, but held his load for me to swallow! HOT.

When I got to the hotel, he walked in not long after and recognized me.
Well, he had only sent me a cock pic ( and tasty looking it was!), so I am sure my mouth dropped when I saw him stop by my chair.
He described himself as 6' 3" and he was indeed a tall, hot hunk of meat.
You know the type - he could be a lumberjack or water polo player with pale skin, muscular arms and long thick legs.
Any friends know that a tall guy will get my attention immediately would not be surprised that reaction my dick had.

When we got up to the room, he pulled me into a tight bear hug. Solid wall of muscle, chiseled jaw and hands that told me not only could he pick me up off the ground, but that he was going to be feeding me a hefty piece of meat.
His shirt came off - semi hairy, flat stomach and a trail of light hair that ran down to his semi hard cock and LOW hanging balls. And yes, those hands and that body did not lie...sitting on top of those furry nuts was a cock I could suck for hours.

With a grin on my face, I knelt down to taste that cock and those cum filled orbs.
After swallowing his cock into my mouth, I began using my tongue and lips. While that was going on, I pulled my hand up and cupped his balls.
Damn, they were heavy.
His mushroom head topped a rapidly growing shaft, and as it grew firmer and firmer I started to stroke it.

I also had to feel and taste his hairy ball sac.
I could literally only get one at a time into my mouth. Not to give up, I went from one to the other and back again.
After giving them both a full tongue bath I lifted them and licked that spot just behind them.
Now my cock was dripping my own precum.

I went back to his cock, and began to work it to a harder and firmer state.
Once he was at full mast I used my throat to pull more of him in...and was rewarded when the head slid past the back and slid down.
 I let out a low moan of my own as his cock pulsed in my throat.
Once we established that he could plunge down my throat, he took over and gave me some hot face fucking. I concentrated on opening up my throat to let him go to town. And as I suspected, that was something he wanted and the shaft grew thicker along with his head swelling.

 He pulled out and told me that he wanted to see my hole.
I stood up and stripped off my jeans, turned around and bent over.
Then he had me turn back around. I was leaking precum, grabbed my cock and had reached to grasp him...but, he said no and told me suck his cock.
 I dropped back to my knees, and pulled his cock back into my throat.

 Deep throat, using lips and tongue along with an occasional stroke... Soon his hips were bucking, and his cock was forced down my throat - and then it erupted!
Spurt upon spurt was causing his shaft to pulse and his head to swell in my throat.
Goddamn, I love having a guy unload deep and hard.
After the spasms died down, I reluctantly released his cock from my mouth. I milked the shaft to be sure none was wasted.

He asked if it was a big load, and I could only say "yes!". I knew he had saved it, and it was still sliding off my tongue as I stood up.

On the next trip, he may take my ass and mouth...I can't wait.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Body builder feeds me lunch

It was a hot one today, so I figured that I would take a walk on my lunch hour.  As I stepped out of my office, I logged onto my phone app and saw a familiar face.

Sent him a woof, and he followed with asking me if I wanted some protein.  My response....YES.

I hopped the bus and headed to his place.

When I got there, he was in sweat pants and a t-shirt.  Now, this is a guy that I swallowed awhile back, and I knew he was hung and thick.
Sure enough, when he pulled down his sweats I was greeted with a very thick semi woody.

I had mentioned that I had my video camera and he was up for holding it.  So, I went right down and started my end of the bargain.

His cock is thicker at the base, and as he got harder with each slurp and suck I was eager to get to that full deep throat.
While stroking his cock and giving his ball sac a slight squeeze I ran my tongue down the shaft and caught the scent of sweat.

I took one nut at a time into my mouth and he let out a nice solid moan with each one.  On top of his moans and that musky sweat nut smell, I was dripping precum out of my cock.

Apparently he loved the ball washing I  gave, because when I went back to his cock and swallowed to the base he and I both pushed past my tonsils and buried him to the bone.
I was doing my best to breathe and he was doing his best to choke me...and we both got what we wanted.
His cock pushed into my throat, I gagged and he got even thicker in my mouth!

Now that we had established the rhythm, it was just a feeding frenzy.  I would swallow him to the bone, he would tell me to choke on it and I would come back off with spit and precum glistening in my face and trailing from my lips.

At one point I was within seconds of choking and he was piston fucking my face until he could hear me choke and he grabbed my head and forced me to take it some more.

Fuck, after doing that a few more times I thought I was on the verge of blowing my load before he did.

Using my hand to take a quick breather and open up my airways, I then dove back down and went after his load like a shark smelling chum.
I let me face fuck me until he was on the edge.

When he let out a low moan and said he was going to cum, I swallowed to the base and felt his cock nearly double in size.
I love those guys that get larger, harder and thicker just as their nuts pull up and the cum starts its thunderous speed up the shaft, to then shoot out like a cannon and blast the walls of my throat.

His load was thick, and when I thought of keeping it in my mouth to savor it was all I could do to not drown.  I had to swallow to make room for the rest, but that just let me enjoy the sweet flavor of his nut.
After a few more spurts he was fully spent and I finally pulled off.

With my hand I squeezed to get the last drops and was rewarded with a couple of more thick white drops.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Hung stud coats my face - twice

I had a haircut in the Castro today, and when I finished a buddy that lives nearby wanted me to stop by for a quick blowjob.

He and I have played many times, but today I also had my video camera with me....

After I got into his apartment, I was on my knees and his cock was out instantly.

Having friends that are hung and full of cum is good, but having them want to feed you many loads is even better.
This guy's cock is a mouth full...thick, long and a plum sized head.

As we were starting I told him that we could do a video and his eyes just lit up, and he said yes.
We set up the camera and I went back to work.

In the past we have done it on his office rooftop, in a stairwell and in his apartment - each time I was treated to massive amounts of cum and today he told me it had been a few days since he last shot.

Using my tongue on his mushroom head and upper shaft, I worked his cock up and down and all around.
I worked on his shaft with my fist in between bouts of trying to fit every inch into my mouth.

He is another that does not mind the occasional choking, which makes it hot for me to grip his balls and then push more of his rock hard cock into my throat until my eyes are watering and I cannot breathe...and then hold it there - HOT.

Working his head, shaft and base with my tongue and throat, I could taste his precum as it would flow onto my tongue.
Every once in awhile I would pull his cock out and use my fist to milk more precum from him.

Deep throat, stroke the shaft, work on the head with lips and tongue and then repeat it over and over...and over until his balls are churning his baby batter.

I was doing my best to take it all, and a couple of times he would be buried to the bone and then reach out to push my head even further down on his cock...and you know that I was eager to get it!

After nearly 10 minutes of eye watering, deep throat choke and pre cum drowning he was at the edge and ready to unload.
I stroked his cock and was instantly sprayed with juice - but that was not all....

After some very hot juice coating, he grabbed his cock and began to stroke.  And I could see it in his eyes that he was not even close to being done.

With a few more strokes he then began to unleash the full load.  And FUCK was it massive!
Cum just kept spurting and flying.

When the last of his load had landed on my face I was a cum pig in facial heaven.

As you all know, I could be drenched in cum all day and every day - and it was amazing to feel, smell and taste so much from one hot thick cock, and of course we both said that it should happen again ....and again.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Young and hung feeds me quick train load

Today I was able to leave work early.
Naturally, I figured that I may as well check out the commute and see if anyone else was heading my direction.

I hopped onto the train and noticed there was only one older man seated a few seats away.

After I sat, I pulled out my phone.   At the next step a young kid got on and sat in the seat across from me.

Late 20's, dark hair and a small septum piercing.  A hot little package over all.

Knowing that the empty car would be perfect, I watched him for a minute and decided it would be a good time to put own cock piercing back in.
I undid my jeans and tugged on my cock to set it free, and then slid the 2 gauge ring into hole.

By the time I was done, the young kid had his 7 inches of hard cock out and it was aiming straight to the ceiling.
An entirely empty (only us and the older guy) train is rare, so I motioned for him to sit next to me.  He stood and walked across the aisle, and sat down.

The older guy then took his old seat and watched us - and that was not going to bother me.

Immediately I leaned over to impale my throat with this young stud's pole.

I could reach around the base and the first 4 inches, but the last 3+ inches was prominently wider.  No problem...

As I was going further down, the kid was letting me know that he was enjoying this blowjob.

When the train pulled into the next station, I sat up to see if anyone was going to be boarding.  Nope.
A train did pull in on the other track, so I told the young stud to wait a moment.  Once that train pulled out, I dove back down on his cock.

From that point, I knew we would have a few minutes interruption free and turned to really give him some deep throat action.

Between the slight rocking of the train, his small thrusts up and my piston action down on his cock I could feel the head banging away at the entrance to my throat.
That was apparently what he liked as well, because his moaning picked up and I was treated to a minute of full on non-stop skull fucking.  

With another low moan, I felt his shaft swell and he began to unleash his seed into my mouth.  Feeling the first spasm, I extended my neck and let the head of his cock lodge into my throat and spew his cum right in.
The volume and velocity were enough that even as the last drops were spurting out I could taste the sweet load before it slid down my gullet.

I leaned up and used my hand to milk the shaft as I came up, and was rewarded with a bit more clear delicious cum.
That last bit went into my mouth as I sat up and I had to squeeze my throbbing meat to let my built up precum oooze down the head of my cock.   Since we were fast approaching the next stop I just used my fingers and gathered up my precum and licked it clean.  

The young kid and I buttoned our jeans, stood up and exited the train.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A night of cock and cum

Whew... my old computer was giving me fits and not cooperating at I have a brand new laptop and it is time to catch up!

So, a bit of some action that has happened recently...

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I went out to one of my favorite late night action bars.  After we had our cocktails, I headed out back to see who or what I could find.

All around the room there were cocks being sucked, stroked and in a coupe of instances even being pounded into willing holes.
I walked into the crowd and started to scope out the meat.

Three hot guys were in a semi circle, all with cocks out and a willing sucker on his knees.
I recall that they were all blonde, but the best part was that they looked like either college frat brothers, or maybe teammates from their college football team...all built, hot and hung.

As I stepped closer, the cocksucker knew me and beckoned for me to join/take over some of the cocks.  Well, no need to ask me twice.
I got right in there and started on the closest cock.  

Thick, cut and I would guess a good 8.5 inches of hot young stud meat.  I started to deep throat and work all that I could into my mouth.  
Now, as I said there were three, so while I was getting this one all primed and pumped the other two guys were stroking and being handled by others.
After a coupe of minutes, my blonde frat guy handed me over to his friend and told them to let me suck his cock for a bit.

Ah, the joys of being on your knees with three hung cocks hovering over you...

I took the second cock, and he was equally well hung, and had some hot bouncing balls that I enjoyed feeling with my extra hand.  After a couple of minutes on him, it was time for another.
As I was down there, with mouth full of another cock I heard the others commenting - "he is good" and "can't wait to cum".

When the first guy was close to cumming he pulled me over and let me know it was going to be a big load and to get ready.  I opened  my mouth to give my access...
Well, sometimes the best plans need some tweaking - he shot a load alright, but it was thick and large enought that some hit my cheeks and mouth.
Now, you all know that I do NOT mind that at all.

Not waiting to waste a second, I went back to another of the frat guys and sucked his cock a few more times - yes, with the first load still on my lips and on my face.  That was just enough, because now it was time for cock #2 to unload.
Seeing his buddy's load still glistening on my face might have given him a clue, because he did not even try for the mouth, he just let his load fly at my face and land where it would.

Fuck, that was hot!

Well, the third guy was a bit more shy about shooting, but he was also grinning as he watched his buddies loads start to run into my beard.  I leaned back and let another load join.
Then they helped me to my feet and I started to make my way back to my husband.

Well, suddenly there is a wall of hairy bear in front of me...and I am not kidding...he must have been about 6 foot 4, a good 275 pounds of muscle and HAIRY.  He was standing near a woman that has seen my face and the loads being added.
She politely said that her friend "Harry" needed attention.    Well, I was so high on cum, that even a female did not distract me and I said sure.

Harry undid his pants and pulled out a thick pierced cock.

I know that some men are scared to death of a pierced cock, but I am not one...and I told him to get ready.

I leaned right over and swallowed every inch.  He may not have been  expecting it because he did get instantly rock hard.

Not being too shy when it comes to public cock, I was having a bit of fun swallowing this man's cock while his girlfriend was adding some commentary.  I don't know if she really expected me to follow orders, but she was asking to see me take it all, so we moved a bit and I let his cock come out and then swallowed  him back to the balls.

After a few minutes of it, I stood up just to get some air and say hello to the guy standing next to me - he had been there the whole time and I thought he may be with the guy and girl.
Yep, as I asked if he needed to be sucked, his reply was "that was my husband's cock in your mouth".
So, of course I had to say "Thank you, my husband appreciates you sharing it with me" and we all laughed.

Later when we were all outside, I picked up that they were all together - not sure if it was as friends with benefits or a bisexual triad...either way, it was a memorable night.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Blogger feeds me at the urinal

Ok, I am not a computer guy so I really had no idea what tubmlr was...until I was directed to a post from my blog. 
This guy loves to see our videos and pics, and shared them with his followers.   To me, that is a huge compliment and I let him know that I loved it.

Over the weekend, he happened to be visiting the city and asked to meet in person - face to cock, so to speak.
Now, you know that I normally do everything in my power to accomodate a guy in need. 

He had only one hour to himself, and it was not looking good...I was having brunch with my husband, and then we had two events to attend.  DAMN.

As luck had it, one of the events was sort of boring, so we headed out to the hood where my buddy was.  He was really wanting to get off, and said that he was sporting full wood and packing a sore set of blue balls.
My husband and I went to the local hangout, and grabbed a drink.  While waiting for the hot daddy to arrive, I scoped out the options.
There were not many patrons, and that can be good or I just waited and figured we could wing it.

In walked my buddy, and he was a hot as fuck furry bearded man.
Now I really wanted to find a way to drain his nuts.  

I walked towards the back and told him that if we were quick, the urinals were a perfect spot to whip out his cock and feed me his load.
Before I could get his cock out we had another couple of guys walk in.

Ok, sometimes you have to take a break and let them empty the bladder.

Once they left, we headed back in. 

This time I had his zipper going down before we were evne all the way inside.  He undid his pants and pulled out his cock.  Immediately I got down on my knees and pulled  his cock in my mouth.

It was a mouth full and I could feel his very large balls hitting my was hot!  Those full balls of juice were bouncing against my chin while I used my mouth and tongue around his cock head and shaft.

Whether it was the fact that we could get walked in on, or he was just so turned on getting blown in public it was not long before I felt the shaft start to swell...then I could feel him start to unload on my tongue.
My mouth filled up fast with his spunk and I swallowed to let more fill it.   And he did!

I don't know how many spurts of spunk he shot, but it was a few more seconds before I could feel that he was drained dry.

Standing back up, I was grinning ear to ear - and still tasting his sperm on my tongue and lips.

He commented that it was worth thousands of miles in traveling...HOT!  

Now, he is a huge fan of the cum facials and videos so I think that next time I will bring the camera along and tell him to pull out of my mouth as he blasts, and then we can share it with you guys.