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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A double treat this morning

I stepped into the steam room and saw two familiar faces...and two hard cocks.

Not always am I lucky to find a willing  cock,  and to find two was a huge (pun intended!) pleasant surprise.

One of the guys had already shown interest on a previous visit, so when they both saw that I was up for some fun it was just a matter of time before there were three hard cocks being stroked and sucked.

So, one of the guys is a young man about my height and built like a fire plug.  His cock was beer can thick and long.  I could not quite get all of it in my mouth, but you know I tried.
He was sitting back and I wanted it, so I got down between his legs and took it into my mouth and opened my throat.

At one point we had a three way circle jerk going, and I reached around to feel that tight hole of the young fire plug.  Damn, it was tight.

After some mutual sucking and stroking, the fire plug wanted me to turn around and see my ass.  I stood up, leaned against the opposite wall and let him have it.
Instantly he had his tongue out and in my hole - damn!!
He rimmed me for almost a minute, and after that I had to return the favor.

Our third guy had stepped out to cool off, and I was already on my knees and  took another swing on fire plug's thick tool.
He seemed to be close, and I told him that I wanted his load all  over my face....and he smiled and agreed.

There are times when there is nothing hotter than being in a public spot and knowing a load of cum is about to shoot at you.

He stroked and I saw his eyes close...then I saw that thick white cum begin to flow.

It did not shoot across, but instead it was thick and spurted out of his cock slit and hit my face.

Because we were in the steam, the cum felt almost cool on my cheek.  And he then let the rest slide onto my beard.

After he was drained and had left, the third guy returned.  Still hard, and still stroking.

I took the advantage and leaned over to take his cock into my mouth again.

Bullet shaped and as thick as the fire plug at the base, his cock was another mouth full.

After a couple of minutes of stroking and my sucking, he was ready to cum.  He shot a massive thick white load into his hand.
I told him to stroke my cock with it.  He reached over and applied that load of cum to my rock hard cock and gave it a few good strokes.  

As he stood up to shower, I used my hand and gave myself another couple of strokes and then squeezed every bit of his load towards the head and brought my hand to my mouth...and smeared his cum onto my tongue and beard...then I walked out of the steam and headed to the showers.

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