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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Orleans Decadence

This year I went to New Orleans for the first time in my life..and, wow.

Now, anyone that has been there over Labor Day weekend or any other festival knows how the bars and street scene can be.

We all know I am a born cocksucker, but on this trip I was a top breeder that also had cocks in  my mouth.

A couple of fucks stand out in my mind from the weekend...

One night we went to the leather bar, and headed towards the back.  Almost pitch dark, with men everywhere and cocks out.

I was on my knees when a young, naturally smooth clean shaven guy walked by.  His uncut thick cock was out of his jock, so I reached out and brought him over to my mouth.

Low hanging (hell, we all were in that heat) and smooth, his balls were bouncing as he fucked my face for a few minutes.
With so many cocks, and so many mouths it was more a game of keep moving until you found a guy ready to, I stood up and looked for another cock.
Well, at that time the uncut stud was being pulled backwards onto a cock...damn!

I watched him being fucked for a couple of minutes, while he took some hits of poppers.

I had felt his smooth bubble butt while tasting his cock, and suddenly I really wanted to breed his hole.

As I watched, the guy began to unload in this stud's ass.   Once he pulled out, I took the opportunity and told the young guy that I wanted to breed his ass.
He smiled and said sure.

I took a hit of his poppers and turned him around.  As he was facing the wall, I slid up and let my pierced cock edge its way into his freshly fucked hole.

Nothing better for lube than a thick cum load.

He was bent over, smooth bubble butt glistening with sweat and I went to town.  I grasped his hips and started to piston fuck his hole.
Even being recently fucked, his ass was still tight as a virgin - and my cock swelled as I thought of how many other loads may already be swimming inside.

We both took another hit of poppers, and with a thrust I impaled him completely on my cock and let my seed fill him.
Spasm, after spasm of my cum shot into his hole and when I pulled out he looked back and thanked me.

Now, another night we went to a sex party in one of the leather bars.

With the room full of hot men in different stages of undress, it was a buffet of ass and cock.  I had come fully prepared to be bred full of cum and began to walk around.

Guys were bent over in corners or on furniture.  Others were standing around getting sucked.
I found some thick hot cocks to suck, but as I said...that night was for fucking.

While waiting at the bar for a cocktail, a man walked up behind me and felt my hole....yup, lubed and ready.
I looked back to let him know it was available, and he saddled right up and shoved his stiff cock in.

There I was, in front of the bar bent over and getting bred.
He pounded, and pounded my ass until I had the first load of the night.  Then I  went walking around for more dick.

In every corner and on every surface there were cocks going into holes.  Because of the lack of space, my next few tops just bent me over right up against the wall and took my ass.
One hot guy was not only hung, but he really went at my ass with a vengeance - and when he was done planting seed deep in my hole, he leaned me back and said "I want to see that on your blog"...HOT!!

Well, I must have had a half dozen samples of DNA in my ass, and it was time to return the favor.  I had seen this hot muscle bottom bent over taking cock after cock.
Big smooth bubble butt, legs spread and his cock bouncing with each load that went in.
A few times during my top hunt, he would reach out for me to fuck him, but I knew that I wanted to have a few swimming in my ass before I shot off mine.

Now it was time for me to give up my sperm.  I waited next to a top that was going to town on his ass.  Standing there stroking my cock with each thrust.
The other guy finally shoved in deep and let his load go...and I slid right in before his cum could even start to drip out.

I told the bottom that I was going to breed his ass, and he looked back to say that he was hungry for it earlier.
I shoved my pierced cock up and it slid right in with all that spooge.  

He was a big guy, and that ass took every inch.  I piston fucked his tight hole for a few more minutes and then it was time...and holy shit was it a large load.
I could feel the spasms of my shaft and the tightening of his hole with each spurt.
Then it was time give his ass a good swat and pull out.

Later, I realized that one of the guys I played with a bit was his boyfriend, and that they were staying in our hotel.
We talked about him returning the favor, but as anyone that goes to these events knows....sometimes you just keep finding another hot top or bottom.

Over the next few days there were untold numbers of cocks in my mouth and more asses to fuck.  Some were brief, and some were bent over and I never saw the face of the guy who took my load.

One afternoon, my husband and I did have a message from three versatile bottoms.  We went up to their hotel room and took turns on two of the hot blond  young men...the third was holding a camera and taking video.

I pumped my load into one, then my husband fucked him with my load as lube and finally the third bottom took his turn and left a sample of his DNA on/in the boy.

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