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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

He knew what he wanted

Perfect day..started with my husband breeding my ass to wake me up and then ...

After putting in an hour for my gym routine it was time to hit the showers.

It was about the time for some of the regular steam buddies to be around, but today it was empty.
Oh well, I figured I would just shave and head out.

As I was finishing my shave, I saw the hot young man from a few weeks ago. 
Tall, shaved head, light beard and sporting a heft 9 x 5 cock between his legs.  He grabbed a towel and went to the lockers.

Knowing that the steam was entirely empty, and knowing that he has fed me in the past I grabbed a new towel for myself.

Turning around, I see him go straight into the steam room...and I followed.

As I expected, he was alone so I set my towel down without even wrapping it around. 

He recognized me as well and was already semi hard and stroking.  Not about to waste any time, I scooted right over and wrapped my hand  around his rapidly rising cock.

I know he likes it deep, and I immediately bent over and swallowed every inch.  As he was buried in  my mouth he reached around to grab my cock.
With his balls in my hand, I grabbed that extra inch above the ass  and forced another inch of now rock hard cock into my throat.

Right away I was rewarded with a low moan and a twitch in the shaft. 

Because we were right in the door, I told him to scoot down towards me.  Then I went back to deep throating his cock. 
Using my tongue, throat, lips and hand I continued to milk him to the edge.

A couple of times I let up a bit and just stroked, but I wanted his load too much to waste any more time...

I got down on my knees in front of him and took him down to the base.  I left his shaft buried in my throat and gave him some hummer action and squeezed down with my throat. 
That was enough, and I had him on the precipice of the I took it the extra step, came up a bit and face fucked myself on him until he was ready.

He let out a moan to signal (but I could also feel his nuts start to rise in my hand) the immenent release - his cock swelled up and then he let go.

I felt the first spurt hit my tongue on it's way down my throat and then the second and third. 
As each volley of jizz came out, I swallowed it just as quickly.

After  his breathing returned to normal I milked his softening cock and found a few extra drops.
Then we both stood up, grabbed our towels and never said a word.

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