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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bred before my workout...and then another

Yesterday I ran into a hot young bear at the gym...well, we sort of met up in the steam room.  He walked in while there were a few others sitting around.
He sat next to me and every once in awhile I would catch of glimpse of his semi stiff cock when he lifted his towel to dry his face.
Unfortunately it was too busy to even start a conversation, so I had to just hope to see him again...and then today...

Earlier in the morning I had a young visitor hit me up on a cruising site.  His profile had a large stiff cock pic and said he had safe sex only.  As we chatted though, he said that he wanted to fuck my ass and breed for the first time.
Since I was at work, I told him that I would try for later in the day after an appointment I had.

While I was near the gym for my appointment, I received an app message from a familiar face - the young gym bear from yesterday!
He apparently works right in the area.  He recognized me, and we chatted about the steam room cruising scene.
I told him that I was supposed to be getting fucked, bred and then head to the gym for a workout.

The young bear was still working, so I headed off to the visiting top...

I arrived at the top's place and up to the apartment we went.

During the trip over he mentioned that he only had lotion - I said that spit would be just fine.
When we stripped down, he was sporting a hefty thick mocha colored cut cock.
I asked what position he wanted and he said to just get on his cock first - so down on it I went. Swallowed to the balls.
And oh did he like that.  Rock hard and now spit lubed, he got around behind me and put me on my knees...and started to eat my ass.

I love having my ass eaten before a hard fuck - and using the spit is the best lube.
While he was going to town on my hole, I was leaking precum.  When he was ready to penetrate, I reached back with the extra precum and slicked up my hole.
Then he slid forward.  

He was thick and that large head, so I was bit tight.  He pushed me down further on the bed and shoved forward.
POP, in he went.
Once he was buried in, he told me how nice and tight it was - and then he started to fuck my hole harder.

Knowing it was the first time bareback, I let him set the pace and soon he was bouncing in my hole and going to town.
Then he asked if I wanted his cum...oh, yes!

He let out a loud moan, and went balls deep.

After he shot what felt like 5 thick volleys of cum, he slowly pulled out with a slight pop.
We stood up, and as I was getting dressed I felt some cum on my leg and wiped it up...and licked my hand clean, while wiping it dry in my beard.

Off to the gym.

I worked out for an hour, and when I left I texted the young gym bear that I was done.  He was a few blocks away on his way home.
We talked about the steam, and eventually he said that he needed to I suggested a shopping area nearby.

During more chat he mentioned that he was going to jerk off later, so I told him that I would gladly take it in the bathroom.
When he asked where, I  gave him directions and told him I would meet there.

I was the first to arrive, and was at the urinal.   He walked up to the adjacent and pulled out his growing cock.
Now, in the steam none of us were hard so I only knew that he was a thick cut guy....but, damn it grew into a hefty 7+ inches of thick meat.
He spit on his hand and started to stroke.

Doing it in a public bathroom always seems to add that extra mental spark to get the juices flowing, and in no time he was ready to blow.
I moved over and told him to shoot it on my cock and jeans - and he did.

THICK white warm cum shot onto my stomach, followed by even more that hit my groin and my cock.

Fuck, it was so thick that I used my fingers to pull it off and then to my mouth.  My thumb and fingers were covered in his spunk and the look on his face when I ate it all.....priceless.
He had more on his cock from his strokes, and he even  took advantage of the easy access to taste.

As we stood there, I began stroking my cock - now covered in his juices for lube and he fed me a bit more from his fingers.

You know how white cum can get when you are churning it on a cock or in an ass, well that is what we had as I stroked my cock at the urinal.

As he watched, I stroked out a load there using only his cum as my lube.

Afterwards, he let me clean up his fingers a bit more before he just gave me woof and walked out the door.

The next trip to the gym could be interesting now that we have shared a bit of cum, and share a fondness for a good steam at the end of the day...

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