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Friday, September 13, 2013

He skull fucked his load into me

As I was shaving, the shaved head 9 x 5 guy walked in again today. 
I cleaned up, grabbed a fresh towel and headed for the steam.  Sure enough, he was already inside.

Before I could even set down my towel, he was already beginning to sport wood.  I sat down next to him and he reached for his rapidly growing cock.

I wasted no time in just going right down on him.  First slurp all the way to his balls.  While down there, I grasped his plum sized nuts in my hand - they were full and I could not even fit them easily in my hand...damn!!

Using his balls as leverage, I pushed the extra inch into my throat. 

I spent the next few moments just breathing through my nose and feeling his come to full rock hard wood.  Then I came up for a quick breath and  gave it a few quick strokes before bending over to deep throat him again.
We both know that I want every inch of him down my throat, so today he just put his hand on my head and pushed down.

The next minute was spent with my mouth and throat filled with his throbbing cock.  Fuck, I could feel my precum flowing as he held my head down and began to skull fuck my throat! 
He was rapid plowing into my throat and did not give me any mercy, he was taking what he wanted today.

I opened up my mouth and throat for him, and the sounds echoing off the walls were like a hot porn scene.  You know the sound - a hungry pig being used for his throat until the guy can blow his load...and that is where he was going.

I got down onto my knees in front of him to give easy access to my open mouth.
Giving my throat over to him, I let him hold me down on his cock until he began to buck and quiver - and then he unloaded straight down my throat.
When I felt the shaft and mushroom head swell, I relaxed as much as I could and went as deep as possible.

I felt three rapid blasts as his shaft swelled with each volley, and then kept him in there for a few more seconds to let every drop slide down my throat.
Then it was time to come up off of his cock, and lick the drops out of the piss slit.
I stroked his cock twice more  to milk out what I could and was rewarded with a couple of more pearly white drops of jizz - that I licked up eagerly.

Once he was drained, I got  up off my knees and said "thanks!".  He smiled, said thanks and grabbed his towel.  As he walked out with a spring in his step, I watched his tight bubble butt time I may have to ask if he wants that eaten before he feeds me...

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