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Monday, September 23, 2013

Three was the lucky number today

Folsom week has started off with a bang...

The morning started off with me working out and catching the eye of a regular gym buddy.  He has either fed me a load or fucked me after our workouts, and I really wanted it today.

I walked into the locker room and we both had the same idea.  He sat down next to me and  within seconds his fist sized cock was already hard.
Without wasting any time I leaned over and began to suck.

After a couple of minutes I got down on my knees between his legs to let his full length go down my throat until his balls were resting on my chin.  He loves it and I could feel the shaft pulsing in my throat.
I stood up, turned around and let him take over.

He started with a finger in my tight hole, then proceeded to a second.  By this time I was aching for more.  I reached behind me and grabbed his shaft to stroke it a few more times.  Then I slowly walked backwards until I was hovering right over his cock head.  Then I sat right down.

That first second was painful, due to the size of his head  but once it was past the entry I  pushed back and he slid  all the way in.
Now it was time to really fuck! 

Between his thrusting and my bouncing, you could hear the echo of flesh on flesh.  At one point he popped out, and I instantly right back down.
Probably less than a minute later I was beginning to feel the cum in my balls churning - I had to stop stroking.

And then I felt an orgasm start to build and told him to give me his load.  He felt my hole tighten around his shaft as my nuts started to release  my load - and that put him over the edge and he began to fill my ass with his thick cum.

Well, that was one load - but not the last...

Towards the end of the afternoon I  had a message from a foreign athlete and he was looking for a no strings blow job.
We had started talking from an ad he placed looking for a cocksucker, and nothing but a cocksucker.  During the exchange he asked if I was a good cocksucker - I said that I have been told I can take care of what he needed.

He gave me his address and I went over. 

Compact guy, and you can tell that he is indeed a professional athlete that spends time running - his ass, legs and chest were all muscle.   He took me upstairs and dropped his sweatpants.
For foreplay he wanted his nipple worked over by my tongue.   After a couple of minutes of that, he pushed  my head down between his legs and fed me his cock.

You know I do love to suck, and I wanted to be sure he comes back for more.

A few times I would cup his balls, and then he would want me to go hands free and just deep throat and suck.  He would start to buck into my face and I knew he wanted to face fuck my throat, so I let him - and then I would piston my throat down on his shaft quickly until he was oozing more precum.

Then he began to thrust and told me he was going to cum.  Now, since the whole goal was for me to be his expert cocksucker I just nodded and let him pound my mouth.
Then he began to shoot...holy fuck, he had a massive thick load.   Quickly my mouth filled and I had to swallow to make room for more.
Two more times I swallowed and then he was drained.

After he caught his breath he asked if I liked it - I said yes, and said that I hoped he did....and he did.

Ok,  now onto the last bit of fun...

I went back to the gym to get in some cardio.   In the afternoon I don't really expect much cruising or action.

After my workout I was about enter the steam room when a HOT ginger muscle bear walked out.  He was not wearing his towel so I also saw his cock swinging as he walked.

We checked each other out, and I wasn't sure what to expect.  Then he came back in and sat next to me.

Well, I had a semi woody and was sitting with my legs spread a bit when he walked in, so he had an eye full.  After he sat down, another guy came in....damn!

The hot muscle bear got up to use the shower and I was treated to an amazing smooth white butt.  You know how some of those gingers are...hairy up top, and just the lightest coating of hair on their ass and aournd their hole.

We were waiting it out, and I was getting fully rock hard so I adjusted my position to let him see.   He smiled and leaned back to see more.

The other guy stuck around, and it was hot so we both left to shower and cool down.  While I was in the shower, he took one next to me and motioned for me to join him.

After I walked in, he was in position to suck me off - and I was not going to say no.  He took my cock in his mouth and reached up to tweak my nipple.
And you know that my nips are hard wired to  my cock, so he was doing it right.

There I was basically standing over this massive young ginger bear - probably 6' 2" and 210 lbs of muscle.  Arms as big as my thighs and an evil grin under his I said,  HOT.

After only a couple of minutes I was close.  He told me to let him know when I was about to cum.
I stroked a few times and let him know it was about to blast.
He took my cock in his mouth, and spurt after spurt went straight onto his tongue.  When my balls were fully drained he licked his lips and said "good boy". 

He had the same look on his face that I have seen in videos and I knew he was one happy cum pig.

Maybe I will be lucky and run into him again sometime...


Anonymous said...

Was the foreign athlete circumcised or natural?

sfverscumboy said...

Natural and tasty