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Friday, September 6, 2013

Accidental fuck at the gym

There are distinct advantages to working out in the mornings.

Not only is the gym floor usually empty, but so is the locker room and showers.
Today I was getting undressed when I see my familiar little fireplug/beer can guy walk in after his workout. Short stature like myself, but arms I cannot even wrap my hands around and a shelf style bubble butt - oh, and that cock that is almost the size of a beer can with a plum sized head.

He headed into the steam, so I grab a towel and followed. As usual, we were the only ones at this time of day. After I sat, his towel opened and he was already sporting wood.

I stood up and went over, got on my knees and deep throated his meat. Taking that plum head is not easy but grasping his nuts I could push further in and feel it spread my throat. And then I can feel him shudder with pleasure, too.

After a few minutes, he stood up and shut the lights out. We had plenty of light to see in the mist, but it did give us a bit more privacy.

Standing in front of him, I turned sideways and he took the hint - and bent me over to begin eating my ass. With my hands spread on the wall I was bent over and he used that young tongue to really work over my hole.

After a few minutes of that, I was leaking so much precum that a puddle must have been on the floor. He was stroking his cock, while his face was buried in my ass. I stood up and told him that he should cum on my hole. He agreed. And then it took a twist...

As I was backing up, my feet slipped a bit and I fell backwards onto his lap AND landed right on his cock. Not hard enough for him to impale me, but I paused for a second to see what he would do. I think we both had the same idea, because I immediately shifted half an inch and was directly on his thick cock head...and pushed back. He pushed up at the same time and I thought my eyes were going to roll backwards.

I had to stifle a yell as he went in spit lubed - remember, this is about the size of a beer can and that mushroom head did not give much leeway either.

Once he was inside, it was just a few thrusts before he was moaning and I could feel the shaft swell in my hole as he shot his load.

Everything happened so fast, that we were in and out of there in under 5 minutes, but damn did I have a smile on my face as I got dressed.

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