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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Time away but back in action

Let me start off with an apology for not being able to give you any good updates.

The week before Christmas we were in Tahoe with a large group of friends but it was not a scene out of The Other Side of Aspen...yes, we had a hot tub and all gay men but we were all friends and couples.
Not that it would stop me and my husband from playing if asked, but it was a relaxing time.

In addition, I had to have my gallbladder removed a few days after Christmas, so between Thanksgiving and Christmas I was not much in the mood to play, nor did I have the opportunity with work keeping me busy.

That said, I did happen to be out for lunch today and found a familiar load in the tearooms and wanted to share.

The stalls in this bathroom have small gaps near the back wall and if you are lucky you can see the reflection of the guy in the next stall.
The floor is not extra reflective but this does give a good indication if the fellow stall occupants are jacking, stroking and getting off.

Today I looked over and saw a familiar face.
This tall guy (he can actually stand up and see over the stalls) loves to have me suck him off and his loads can be thick as yogurt.
Unfortunately he never wants to take the action out of the bathroom but when the timing is right, he will give me everything I want.

Today he was stroking and standing up but there was so much in and out traffic that I left for bit to let it all die down and then went back.
As I stood at the urinal a young twink walked in and stood two urinals away. I had seen the same twink in the retail store bathroom, and right away we both knew why we were there.
He stood back enough to let me see his uncut cock sticking straight out. He was stroking it nice and long. I stood back to let him see that I was doing the same thing.
Eventually everyone but the three of us were in there.

The tall guy opened his stall door and I got down on my knees. He was obviously close and had been edging. As he watched the twink stroking his cock, I was down below with my mouth and face ready to catch his spooge.
Tall guy reached down and turned my baseball hat around and I knew it was time.
About 30 seconds more of his stroking and he started to let his cum blow.
It was THICK, HOT and aromatic....the first few rivers of cum were hitting my face and more was slowly oozing out of his cock.

As more kept glazing my face, I smelled that scent of cum and felt the warmth as it soaked into my beard. He aimed it so that my cheek and lips were coated and some kept dribbling into my hungry mouth.

I stood up and smiled at the twink as he was putting his cock away.

I wanted to try and get a picture to share, it was so thick and white that I could see it in the reflection on the marble walls.
My new phone has a camera but it was not cooperating and I had to merely slide all of that cum into my mouth and not let it go to waste.

For the next few days I will be back in Washington DC for the MAL (Mid Atlantic Leather) contest that we attend every year. Hundreds of leather/ fetish men and all the cum you can get if you know where to look and are willing to work for it.

I will have my new FlipHD video cam with me and hope to share some hot memories with you all.