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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Three one all over my cum stained jock

It was a day to be out and about, so I decided to do just that.
I had been chatting online with a friend about guys that let the cum hit the floor or otherwise get wasted and it made me hungry.
I told him to wish me luck on my quest...and he asked for 6 loads. I was able to tell him that I got three.

The first is a guy that I have seen multiple times at the local shopping center. Each time he pulls out this great looking cut cock that is at least 8 inches with a mushroom head.
He can cum in minutes, which is great...but he ALWAYS puts it in the urinal. No many how times he watches guys coat my face, he won't aim for it. I don't understand, but I do respect his wishes.
Today he and I were in the bathroom alone and I asked if he wanted to cum on my cock. He smiled a wide grin, and said yes!
So he stroked a few more times and let loose with a white load of cum that hit the top of my cock.
As he was finished, I used my hands to lick up what I could and the rest I rubbed on to my dick. Then I pulled my jock back up and went back to cruising the area.

The second load was a hot Latino guy that saw me a few days ago and we exchanged the thought that I should take his load next time.
I started him off at the urinal in the tearoom but when traffic began to pick up we headed out.
Per my suggestion, we headed for the stairs that I like and he followed behind me.
Once we were in position, I got on my knees and he pulled out his thick dark meat. Nice mushroom head and silky smooth.
He put both hands on the sides of my head and used my mouth as his fuck toy. He was telling me to take his cock, while fucking my throat.
Then he told to me take his cum and he let loose with a nice thick load.
I took it all, licked my lips and stood back up.
Load 2 on to the last.

The third load was back in the tearoom.
I walked in and saw a short of stature that the right phrase? oh well,...buddy of mine (yes, we are both short but I hate that word...)and he was already firm and holding it. At the same time I saw a visitor that spoke to me in the hallway earlier in the week. The tall visitor had a tasty looking uncut cock so I knew it was ok to stroke my meat a bit at the urinal.
By luck and chance, it ended up being a room full of horny men looking for action.
I took the initiative and went down on my buddy. He was now sporting a rock hard cock and I was bending over taking it into my mouth.
When I tried to ask if he wanted to go to another spot, he took it mean that I was asking about going in the large stall behind him. He went in and I had a split second to decide....I followed.

Right away, we started off with me sucking his cock and he pulled mine out of my jock. He leaned in to give me a kiss when I came up for a quick breath of air.
I could see the shoes of the guy in the next stall and I knew everyone else was still outside watching.
After sucking his hard cock a few more times, he leaned back in for more kissing and then he said that he was close.
I leaned back and told him to shoot it all into my jock.

He smiled and let a HUGE load start spraying. On to my pubes, my cock and my jock.
More hit the piercing and the rest pooled in my jock, soaking it.
After he was totally spent I used my hand and stroked my cum soaked cock a few times and pulled the jock up and walked out.

I ran into him in the hallway and said "Thanks!!".

Then I went to see my barber with all that cum soaking into my crotch.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Holy crap, that is HUGE - 10 x 7 at least!!!

Sfverscumboy's Videos

Ok, I am always on the look out for cock and today was phenomenal. I was having a crap day and went to grab something to eat.
While walking around I saw this tall, lanky 20's something guy walking towards me. We made eye contact and I turned around before stepping on the escalator.
As I looked back, so did he. He was walking towards the bathroom...

To give a good picture - he was about 6 foot 5ish, maybe 170lbs if wet but all lean muscle, some facial scruff and tatts on both arms. Wearing a black t-shirt and jeans. In other words, HOT and my type of guy.

The second I got to the bottom of the stairs, I did a U-turn and went back. I headed to the tearoom and walked in. The guy was in one of the stalls so I went to the urinal and he came out. At first he just looked over and walked around the corner. I waited patiently and he came back.
As he stood next to me and pulled out a HUGE cock, I knew that nothing was going to stop me for getting my mouth on that.
I could only see about 5 inches of it in his hand but it was about 6 inches around and the head was just about the size of a good lemon.

At that point someone walked in and went into a stall. Before he got spooked I asked if he wanted to follow me.
He said yes and we left the tearoom. I immediately headed for a spot that I found works well for one on one intimate scenes. Hoping that he would get the hint, I turned around and he was following.
As he caught up I told him we would have more privacy and he was ok with that.
Through the doors we went and I took him down to my spot.

Right away I started to undo my shorts so that he knew it was safe enough. He pulled out his cock and I just dropped my mouth to the floor! And my body followed down to my knees.
I could not even get half way down, it was so thick...closer to 7 or 8 inches around it seemed.
After working on the head and shaft, and getting my mouth used to the size, I asked if he was ok with video. He said sure, so I pulled out my Flip and handed it to him.
Then I went back to choking myself on his meat.

Looking up and seeing all that cock attached to all that inked and hairy guy was better than a hit of poppers.
I kept working on getting more and more of him down but with the size it was awhile before I got it into my throat. Yes, of course I had to gag and with pleasure!
Stroking with my hand and using every inch of mouth and tongue I could, I was working that cock like it was a last meal.
I wanted him to shoot a load and did not want to loose a drop.
Since he was holding the camera, I started to move my hat so that he could see my mouth and the look of pure joy on my face...he grabbed the hat and put it on his head to keep it out of the way.

More deep throat - at least what I could force down my entirely stretched mouth - and we got into a rhythm of him fucking my face. I had to just let him have his way with my mouth and let all the spit and spunk flow. The sounds were hot - listening to all that spit working to get his cock further down.
I again got most of his cock down my throat and then worked on the shaft.
By this time, we were both rutting my face like pigs in heat and I knew it was not going to be long before the full force fucking of my mouth led to a spooge shot.

Then I felt his cock somehow get even bigger and knew it was time!
I pulled off as quick as I could and got the first shot. The second shot went towards my eye and I saw one fly past. After that, the shots were on my lips and tongue and my eyes just about rolled into the back of my head.
As he was finishing unloading into my mouth, he apologized for the eye shot. And I had to say "no reason to apologize! I loved it". He used his finger to wipe my eye clean and place my hat back onto my head.

Damn, I just about shot my load as I licked my fingers clean.
After letting me lick his cock clean and getting my breath, he handed me back the video camera with an ear to ear smile on his face.
You know I am a cum pig and tall men are a huge fetish, so getting this load was the perfect way to get me out of my funk of the day.

On our way out the door, I asked if he lived here and he said it was a recent move. Perfect, I said...and told him that I would give him my number if he was interested in doing it again sometime.
I asked if he minded me sharing the video and he said that it was you know that I will be more than happy to stay in contact.

Then I had to sent a note to my husband and tell him that my funky bad day was over.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A night on the beach in LA

This happened last weekend but I did not have time to post...I was in LA for a wedding and was not really in a blog friendly this is a quick recap of a night that my husband and I had on the beach.

Now, before you start thinking of group orgies or skinny dipping, that is unfortunately not what we found.

After a few cocktails in the local bar we decided to walk back to our hotel. It was a warm summer night and the beach was beckoning.
Back in the 80's this stretch of beach was notorious for the orgies and fun that you would expect.
Nowadays it is basically obsolete.
So we were not exactly looking for anything but as we were walking over some rocks we came across a guy standing in the shadows.
Well, we all know what that means!

The three of us had cocks out and some sucking was started.
I don't recall why we stopped but my husband and I ended up by ourselves there at the rocks and he was in the mood to take my ass right there.
I was bent over a rock and had my pants down to my ankles.
As he was getting ready to rim my ass for this cock to slide in we suddenly had daylight and heard a voice call out of the dark...
"Take it home boys" was all we heard.

Then as I pulled my pants on and turned around I saw the beach patrol on his ATV.
Hot guy in uniform on a deserted beach...the stuff porn are made of.
But....we did not argue or try to seduce him, and instantly he was off and cruising down the beach.
Yes, I would have loved to try and get out of a ticket but since he was kind enough to just give us that warning, we headed straight back to the hotel..

And the next morning I got that delayed fuck and we both laughed again about how close we came to missing the wedding if we had not been warned off.

A night full of cock and cum

Last night my husband and I were out for a friends birthday. We all met up at one local watering hole but as the night went on we decided to take it to another locale that offered more opportunity...and boy, did I find it.

I was wearing my Cum Bucket t-shirt and that started off a conversation about loads. Soon enough there were cocks out and guys on their knees.
There were uncut cocks and poppers everywhere.
Not being one to miss out on the fun, I kept my eye on a hot beareded cub in the corner. Sure enough he made it over to the group and pulled out a nice thick slab of meat for me to devour.
While cocks were being sucked around me, I kept my mouth on the hot cub and was rewarded with a mouth full of hot thick spooge.
As I stood up he told me that he wanted to fuck me next time. I said that would be hot and I would be up for it right then and there if I had remembered my poppers...well, he pulled out his bottle.

At this point my husband and I needed to take a break and get a new adult beverage, so I told the cub that I would be right back.
Minutes later I returned and we started the action again.
This time there were not only guys that did not understand how to suck and NOT use teeth (which really does kill the mood) but there were also too many hands on gropers.
I said that we could go further away and he agreed. I led the way and when we were in a nice open space, I shoved my pants down and turned around.
Spit is a great lube and with the poppers it was going to be a tight fit...HOT!!

He was pushing in as I took a hit of the poppers and after a few nudges at my hole I turned around to give him an extra spit lube on his knob to ease the way...
Then I turned back around and he went all the way in.
As I looked over my shoulder I could see the entire room looking our way as he pounded my hole.
Being in a full open public space seemed to get my cub turned on because it was not long before he was giving me his second load of the night....right up my ass.
Two loads and the evening was still young.

As I was making my back to the crowd I spotted a hot blond guy near the door. We both smiled and I could see that he was growing firm in his jeans.
I reached out and grabbed hold and told him it should be out and in my mouth. Without further prodding, I unzipped his jeans and pulled out a nice thick cut cock. And immediately got down to begin a deep throat session.
He was a grower and apparently not at full mast when I started because as I got it further down my throat it nearly doubled in size.
I had to try and take every inch...and I did but not without hitting the gag reflex.
That was like the siren call to all the other cocks in the area.

I kept sucking and working on him but it was getting crowded again so we zipped him back up and took a break.
I headed back out into the main crowd to find our friends and get a refreshment.
Then I came to the party...

The blond had an uncut buddy next to him and both were getting their cocks worked on. Being polite, I just watched and waited for an opening.
I told the blond that I really wanted to swallow his load and could tell he was getting close.
He pushed my head down and the other guy I took the instruction and pulled his cock down my throat. The uncut guy was still being sucked but my blond top guy pulled my mouth off him and put me onto his buddies cock...which you know I swallowed with as much zeal as I was giving the blond.
Back and forth I went before the blond was set to give me his load.

I opened my mouth and he started to unload his balls into my throat. Spurt after spurt of hot cum pooling on my tongue and then I swallowed to make room for the rest.
Once he was done, my mouth was again pushed over to the uncut cock. I sucked him for another minute or less and was instantly rewarded with his massive load.
Cum was pouring down my throat but I was also getting some on my tongue.
Once he was fully spent, they helped me to my feet and I had to stand there for a second to catch my breath.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Hung black cock down my throat and then fucks me

Sfverscumboy's Videos

Earlier this month I ran into a hot guy in the tearooms, and this week I saw him again.
Since we both knew what we liked, we went directly to the stairwell.

I got down on my knees and handed him the video cam. Dark, long cock with thick veins and a mouth watering head to slurp on.

Never being one to pass up a hung guy that likes to share with everyone, I was down there and devouring his cock.
Hand wrapped around the shaft, then slowly going down to the base and using my tongue, lips and throat to work up his entire cock.
A few times I had to push that extra inch down to get it all and he loved to hear me gag on it as he shoved further down my stretched throat.

After almost 5 minutes of deep throat, stroke and slurp he asked if I wanted to be fucked. Since the last time he and I played, and we did not have any paper towels to wipe up I was prepared this time.
I said sure to the fuck and he turned me around, spit on his hand and slid up behind me.
Just the thought of that dark thick cock spreading my ass had me dripping pre cum.
During the first bit he wanted to hold the camera...that is the video link above.

Now for the real fucking..see the video here and then read the rest...

Sfverscumboy's Videos

After he got his cock buried in my ass, I took over the camera and tried to hold it underneath to capture the action and see his cock pounding my tight white hairy ass.
He was fucking me hard enough that I just put the camera on the floor and let him go at my ass.
I was stroking my cock and pulling the pre cum out of it so fast I thought it might hit the camera.

It was hot to look down and know that the scene was being taped and that soon I would be able to see my ass taking that dark ebony piece of meat.
He fucked and pounded my ass until he was ready to fill me with his load.
I heard his grunt of release and kept my ass tight around the shaft to milk out every last drop.

As he slowly slid out, I could just imagine how much cum was swimming in my hole.
He stood back and I reached down for the camera. We used the paper towels to clean up a bit and then we headed down the stairs and out into the sunny afternoon.