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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Holy crap, that is HUGE - 10 x 7 at least!!!

Sfverscumboy's Videos

Ok, I am always on the look out for cock and today was phenomenal. I was having a crap day and went to grab something to eat.
While walking around I saw this tall, lanky 20's something guy walking towards me. We made eye contact and I turned around before stepping on the escalator.
As I looked back, so did he. He was walking towards the bathroom...

To give a good picture - he was about 6 foot 5ish, maybe 170lbs if wet but all lean muscle, some facial scruff and tatts on both arms. Wearing a black t-shirt and jeans. In other words, HOT and my type of guy.

The second I got to the bottom of the stairs, I did a U-turn and went back. I headed to the tearoom and walked in. The guy was in one of the stalls so I went to the urinal and he came out. At first he just looked over and walked around the corner. I waited patiently and he came back.
As he stood next to me and pulled out a HUGE cock, I knew that nothing was going to stop me for getting my mouth on that.
I could only see about 5 inches of it in his hand but it was about 6 inches around and the head was just about the size of a good lemon.

At that point someone walked in and went into a stall. Before he got spooked I asked if he wanted to follow me.
He said yes and we left the tearoom. I immediately headed for a spot that I found works well for one on one intimate scenes. Hoping that he would get the hint, I turned around and he was following.
As he caught up I told him we would have more privacy and he was ok with that.
Through the doors we went and I took him down to my spot.

Right away I started to undo my shorts so that he knew it was safe enough. He pulled out his cock and I just dropped my mouth to the floor! And my body followed down to my knees.
I could not even get half way down, it was so thick...closer to 7 or 8 inches around it seemed.
After working on the head and shaft, and getting my mouth used to the size, I asked if he was ok with video. He said sure, so I pulled out my Flip and handed it to him.
Then I went back to choking myself on his meat.

Looking up and seeing all that cock attached to all that inked and hairy guy was better than a hit of poppers.
I kept working on getting more and more of him down but with the size it was awhile before I got it into my throat. Yes, of course I had to gag and with pleasure!
Stroking with my hand and using every inch of mouth and tongue I could, I was working that cock like it was a last meal.
I wanted him to shoot a load and did not want to loose a drop.
Since he was holding the camera, I started to move my hat so that he could see my mouth and the look of pure joy on my face...he grabbed the hat and put it on his head to keep it out of the way.

More deep throat - at least what I could force down my entirely stretched mouth - and we got into a rhythm of him fucking my face. I had to just let him have his way with my mouth and let all the spit and spunk flow. The sounds were hot - listening to all that spit working to get his cock further down.
I again got most of his cock down my throat and then worked on the shaft.
By this time, we were both rutting my face like pigs in heat and I knew it was not going to be long before the full force fucking of my mouth led to a spooge shot.

Then I felt his cock somehow get even bigger and knew it was time!
I pulled off as quick as I could and got the first shot. The second shot went towards my eye and I saw one fly past. After that, the shots were on my lips and tongue and my eyes just about rolled into the back of my head.
As he was finishing unloading into my mouth, he apologized for the eye shot. And I had to say "no reason to apologize! I loved it". He used his finger to wipe my eye clean and place my hat back onto my head.

Damn, I just about shot my load as I licked my fingers clean.
After letting me lick his cock clean and getting my breath, he handed me back the video camera with an ear to ear smile on his face.
You know I am a cum pig and tall men are a huge fetish, so getting this load was the perfect way to get me out of my funk of the day.

On our way out the door, I asked if he lived here and he said it was a recent move. Perfect, I said...and told him that I would give him my number if he was interested in doing it again sometime.
I asked if he minded me sharing the video and he said that it was you know that I will be more than happy to stay in contact.

Then I had to sent a note to my husband and tell him that my funky bad day was over.

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