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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Three one all over my cum stained jock

It was a day to be out and about, so I decided to do just that.
I had been chatting online with a friend about guys that let the cum hit the floor or otherwise get wasted and it made me hungry.
I told him to wish me luck on my quest...and he asked for 6 loads. I was able to tell him that I got three.

The first is a guy that I have seen multiple times at the local shopping center. Each time he pulls out this great looking cut cock that is at least 8 inches with a mushroom head.
He can cum in minutes, which is great...but he ALWAYS puts it in the urinal. No many how times he watches guys coat my face, he won't aim for it. I don't understand, but I do respect his wishes.
Today he and I were in the bathroom alone and I asked if he wanted to cum on my cock. He smiled a wide grin, and said yes!
So he stroked a few more times and let loose with a white load of cum that hit the top of my cock.
As he was finished, I used my hands to lick up what I could and the rest I rubbed on to my dick. Then I pulled my jock back up and went back to cruising the area.

The second load was a hot Latino guy that saw me a few days ago and we exchanged the thought that I should take his load next time.
I started him off at the urinal in the tearoom but when traffic began to pick up we headed out.
Per my suggestion, we headed for the stairs that I like and he followed behind me.
Once we were in position, I got on my knees and he pulled out his thick dark meat. Nice mushroom head and silky smooth.
He put both hands on the sides of my head and used my mouth as his fuck toy. He was telling me to take his cock, while fucking my throat.
Then he told to me take his cum and he let loose with a nice thick load.
I took it all, licked my lips and stood back up.
Load 2 on to the last.

The third load was back in the tearoom.
I walked in and saw a short of stature that the right phrase? oh well,...buddy of mine (yes, we are both short but I hate that word...)and he was already firm and holding it. At the same time I saw a visitor that spoke to me in the hallway earlier in the week. The tall visitor had a tasty looking uncut cock so I knew it was ok to stroke my meat a bit at the urinal.
By luck and chance, it ended up being a room full of horny men looking for action.
I took the initiative and went down on my buddy. He was now sporting a rock hard cock and I was bending over taking it into my mouth.
When I tried to ask if he wanted to go to another spot, he took it mean that I was asking about going in the large stall behind him. He went in and I had a split second to decide....I followed.

Right away, we started off with me sucking his cock and he pulled mine out of my jock. He leaned in to give me a kiss when I came up for a quick breath of air.
I could see the shoes of the guy in the next stall and I knew everyone else was still outside watching.
After sucking his hard cock a few more times, he leaned back in for more kissing and then he said that he was close.
I leaned back and told him to shoot it all into my jock.

He smiled and let a HUGE load start spraying. On to my pubes, my cock and my jock.
More hit the piercing and the rest pooled in my jock, soaking it.
After he was totally spent I used my hand and stroked my cum soaked cock a few times and pulled the jock up and walked out.

I ran into him in the hallway and said "Thanks!!".

Then I went to see my barber with all that cum soaking into my crotch.

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Anonymous said...

That is one fucking hot story...I leaked at the thought of you in your barber's chair with a cum soaked jockstrap!