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Monday, November 8, 2010

A trio of cum loads for me

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After my work out today I had some extra time and headed to the tearooms. There were a lot of men obviously there for the same reason but it was also a bit too busy to do anything.
A few of us were at the urinals and you could tell the stalls were full of guys jacking off. When the crowds got to be too much, I figured I would head over to another spot in the same area.
I headed out to wash my hands and suddenly I saw the guy that gave me two loads in the past.

Upon leaving the bathroom I hung out in the hallway and waited. Once he exited and saw me, we walked down the hall and I brought him to the stairwell. He and I walked down the stairs and I pulled out the video camera.
Sometimes guys are not as familiar with the camera so I turned it on and handed it to him, then I pulled out his slowly growing cock.
As I said, we have played before so he was getting firmer by the second and I was enjoying the feel of that hard cock growing in my mouth and hand.

Over the weekend I had a guy ask for more videos with cum on my beard and face...and this guy delivers some massive cum loads - and I was hungry for it.

Starting out with my mouth and tongue, he got rock hard and then I started using my hand to stroke him. Then I began alternating between full mouth, hand and tongue to keep him oozing pre cum.
Taking his cue and knowing he liked to jack, I pulled off of his cock and he started stroking. He directed me down to his balls and I licked them as he kept pulling his shaft. His hand was going fast and furious and then he aimed his head at my face and I pulled his cock back into my mouth.
We kept this up for a couple of minutes and then he was ready to let the load fly.

I got down to let him coat my face and sure enough the cum started coating my face. The first three shots hit my upper lip and the next shot coated my cheek as it shot over my shoulder. The rest his load went onto my beard and lower lip. By the time he was done, my beard was mess of spooge and I could feel it seeping into the hairs....I could smell it as I stood up and took back the camera.

We both heard a door open so we wasted no time in heading out to the street. Of course, it was even hotter that I could not see how much cum there was or if I was able to swipe it all into my mouth. I hit the street with cum still dripping off my face.

After getting most of the load into my mouth and feeling like I could be in public again, I headed back to the tearoom....Yes, I was hungry for more after that first one.

I entered and could tell that the action was still going on. I went to the urinals and looked over my shoulder. Suddenly the stall door opened and there stood a guy that I know from over the years. He asked if I wanted his load and I immediately walked over and dropped to my knees. He started shooting immediately and gave me another hot beard coating.
As he finished, I stood up and the stall next to him opened and out walked a young hot guy. He went to the front wash area but did not stick around to play.

After the other guys left, the last stall was still occupied and I waited to see what would happen. The guy in the stall opened it was sporting an uncut cock for me to play with.
He was a bearish guy but as you know, I am a cum pig and that uncut piece looked good enough to I did.
I got down stroked his cock for a short bit before I swallowed his entire cock.
With my mouth full of cock, I used my hand to grab his balls and then I pulled off to stroke him some more.
It was not long before he was ready and I heard the change in breathing. I gave him mouth to fill and he obliged. Shot after shot into my waiting mouth.
I had been coated with two loads already, so this one was for me to savor and swallow.

As I left, my jock was dripping in pre cum. Nothing as hot as walking down the street with your beard literally soaked in cum.
It was hours before I cleaned up and the entire time I kept using my tongue to lick more of the cum out and inhaling the aroma of hot man spunk.

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