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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Uncut stud lets me feed on his cum

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Sometimes it pays to just take a detour, and see who is up for some fun.

I was just out looking for a snack in the afternoon when I figured that I may as well check out the tearooms.
When I first walked in there were some guys in the stalls but I have been having better luck at the urinals so I just went to the farthest one and unbuttoned my jeans.
As I pulled my cock and balls out of my jock I looked over my shoulder. Right away I could see a set of feet very close to the stall door. It looked like the guy may be standing up and stroking.

Once the traffic died down, I went into the stall next to him. I could see that he was stroking and I wanted to just get down and suck. He positioned himself so that I could watch him stroking his cock....thick and uncut! BONUS!!
I could see pairs of shoes coming and going but I did get my hands around his cock for a short set of strokes.
Knowing that I wanted to be able to see and taste it without interruption I decided to take the initiative...I typed out a message on my cell phone and handed it to him under the stall.
"Follow me outside?" He typed "yes".

I led the way and we rendezvoused out in the hallway.
Hot bearded cub in jeans, t-shirt and baseball hat. The cock got my attention and now that I saw what it was attached to, I was hungry for his cum.
I saw another guy following us, so I did not want to hang around.
He needed to go into a store but asked if we could meet up when he finished. I said sure and gave him my contact info.
A few minutes later he was done, sent me a text and we met outside. I told him of the more private tearoom down the street and he agreed that it sounded good.

We walked down the street and went into the building. As we entered the bathroom there were some guys but he walked right to a stall and I followed. To not draw unwanted attention I shut the door next to him and then went into his stall.
On the way we had talked about Xtube and video. He was up for it and so was I.

He wanted to be sitting, and I said that worked. I pulled out the video camera, handed it to him and got on my knees.
Seeing him pull out that thick uncut cock was enticing.

While we were in the first tearoom I saw the large head and now it was covered in all that foreskin...just enough that I could slip my tongue under and taste the fresh scent of pre cum and just a hint of sweat.
As I was working my mouth and tongue around the head he reached down and pulled back the skin. Now I could get at that thick head and I dove right in.
Sometimes I meet guys that don't like to have the foreskin worked on, so I try to test the waters - so to speak. He seemed to like it but also loved to feel my mouth and lips on his head.

As I was going for the load, at one point he reached down and started to direct my head and was basically fucking my mouth with his uncut meat. I was breathing through my nose and leaking pre cum into my jock with each thrust.

Using my hand to stroke and keep the foreskin pulled back I got into a rhythm. Soon he was beyond rock hard, thicker and the head was filling my entire mouth.
He told me when it felt fantastic to him, and he told me when to keep going as I sucked and slurped.
Feeling his shaft expand told me he was getting close, and then he told me that if I kept it up he was about to unload. Not needing to be told twice that he was on the edge, I kept it up and was soon being rewarded with hot thick white cum.

Once he started to spill his seed I swallowed what I could, and pulled off a bit to let him see my mouth devouring his sperm. He and I were both breathing pretty hard and the cum kept spilling.
Using the foreskin to capture and hold his next few shots, I milked his cock. Pulling the skin back, I let the cum ooze out and licked it up. Some ran down and landed on my wrist.
I turned my wrist and lowered my head to lick up every last drop. He used his hand to squeeze out more cum and fed it to me from the tip of his cock.

After he was completely drained and we were dressed, I opened the door and headed out.
We met up at the sink and left together.
Once we were back on the street I gave him my Xtube name and he said it would be hot to see it online if I wanted...well, you know the answer to that.

Next time I may see if he wants to try the stairs or maybe an elevator where I can take his load while he is standing and let it coat my beard...

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