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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Husband in the AM and uncut cub for lunch

I love waking up to a hard cock pressing against my ass....

Most mornings I wake up to the feel of my husband's cock rising to attention. Full hairy balls resting between his legs and that pierced head poking between my ass cheeks. Sometimes he will just spit on it and shove in before I am even fully awake.
Today he asked if I wanted to swallow his load. Well, in answer I just went right down on him and started to suck 'n slurp.
With his 2 gauge PA and that mushroom head, I am always challenged on my gag reflex but the amount of spooge he can shoot over his head sometimes is worth it in reward.

Pulling on his balls and working the head always edges him closer and closer until his body starts to shake and he unleashes his cum.
I did not come up for anything, and just kept swallowing every ounce his balls pushed out.
I got a load in me and that was enough for me to satisfied for a few hours.
Today was going to turn out to be a two loader.

My uncut cub buddy from the other day was close enough that when he said that there was a load to feed on, I hopped on the bus and went over.
He met me downstairs and we proceeded up to his place.
I had brought the video cam but after a couple of minutes it was time to just get down to business and we put it aside.

Once again he wanted to relax and kick back, so he reclined on the futon and I got down between his knees.
He told me that he had been watching our Xtube video and in fact he was already firm before I even got him out of his underwear.
All that foreskin and thick cock just waiting for me and staring me in the face.

I grabbed his nuts and was working on them with one hand and then I would switch to the shaft to help pull the skin down and gives his knob a good polishing too.
His room mate was in the other room and I think that was a bit of a turn on because he told me that he was close and I said to just let it pour out.
After that I went back to working the entire cock. Slurping on the head, pushing my tongue under the skin and using my fist to work more and more pre cum out of him.
Minutes later he told me that using my tongue while pulling back the foreskin was going to get me my reward and I went to it with gusto.

As I felt his shaft swell, I also tasted the first drops squeezing past the skin and onto my tongue.
Spurt after spurt filled my mouth and I swallowed it all.

As I left, he told me that he shot two loads yesterday and I was still able to work a heft load from him today. We also talked about getting that thick cock buried in my ass...and of course we will have to find a way to share it with you.

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Anonymous said...

Every time I come to your blog the first thing I see is the big pic of you with cum all over your face. It's all I can do to keep from leaning in and licking my screen. No, I'm not kidding. That shit is H-O-T!!