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Monday, December 13, 2010

Took his husband's load in front of everyone

Last night my husband and I were at a fundraiser in the city. It was being put on by a large contingent of Sisters (I don't think I need to give the full name of the charitable organization...most of you know just who the Sisters are) and many of our friends were there with us.
One of our close friend brought along his hot young husband. Barely in his mid 20's, ginger tinted blond hair, built like a brick shit house, and hairy as hell...all things that get me rock hard.
Well, during the course of the event it was discussed what my favorite activity is and as a special birthday wish to our friend I offered to give the blond fuzzy husband a blow job.

Not wanting to interfere with the event, he and I left and took the action to another location.

Right after we arrived, it was already packed with men. Everywhere you looked were horny men, and even a few that I have played with in the past.
Within minutes my blond brick shit house was pulling out his cock and it was indeed an eye opener!!
Now, just to be fair I should mention that my friend who had the birthday and was letting my use his husband's cock is also well endowed and has enough to choke even some of the best cock suckers...believe me, I know from experience. Long ago, before he met the current husband I had the pleasure of taking his load in the same location and with a room full of men watching.

So, back to the blond husband and his raging hard on...

We were in the middle of the room and I was jaw stretched around his thick shaft and working to take it all.
Huge cum filled balls bouncing around my chin and I just had to use my fist on some of the shaft as I pulled off and worked his pre cum leaking head. Feeling that veined shaft fill my hand as I stroked it had my balls aching and my saliva flowing.
Friends were complementing about the sheer size of his enormous cock and I could only look out of the corner of my eye to acknowledge them...there was no way I was stopping to chit chat.

My mind is a bit blurry on the timing, because I was in full on suck mode but at some point we moved over to the stairs and the blond leaned back to let me have a better opportunity to get him off.
His husband and my husband arrived and joined us.
I just kept right on sucking and stroking.

I could smell the sweat from our work out and he had the sweetest tasting balls, and ass.
Out of the corner of my eye I could see cocks being stroked and someone was playing with nipples and edging closer to a full release.

As you know, I will do everything I can to be sure the guy I am servicing leaves with not an extra ounce of cum in his balls. This hung hot blond was leaking so much pre cum that I was in pig cum heaven already....
and then it was time for the ultimate full on assault of cum erupting from his nuts.
With my mouth over his entire cock I could only catch it all and slurp it down as each spurt hit the back of my throat.
Shot after shot after shot.

Fuck, I was so full of cum by the time his balls quit leaking the last of his sperm and all of us just lay there catching our breath.
I looked up and the room was filled with more men but my husband and I got to our feet and helped our friend stand up... the we all left to go have a cocktail and just bask in the afterglow of a HOT INTENSE blow job.

If all goes well, you may just be reading more about these two and what they ask me to do for them...I know that I for one am fully up for a repeat or two. If they are ok with sharing I may get a pic or some video so you can see how these two hung men can fill my mouth and feed me their loads.

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