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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A quick uncut cock in the steam

I had some time to hit the gym today so I headed over.

This is going to be a short entry because it was a short blow job but it was fun.

I had done almost an hour on the stair climber and just wanted to soak and relax in the steam room. When I got to the locker room there were only a few guys around. Not every day are there any guys that even want to get off, so I never assume or look for it.

While in the steam, another guy came in. Had not seen him before and he sat down next to me.
Salt and pepper close cropped hair, but easily in his mid thirties and a football players build that was muscular and full.
I was about ready to head out so my towel was around my waist. Normally I don't wrap the towel since our locker room is men only and I don't care if another guy looks. It also makes it fun to walk around if you have a 2 gauge PA.

Anyway, he sat down and I could not be sure but he seemed to glance over a few times. It was hot so I took an extra minute to grab a cold shower and headed back in.
This time I sat down and let my towel open. He looked over and I could then see his uncut cock and it was getting firm. Once I saw that, I got hard as well and let him check it out.
He saw that I was interested and started stroking.
Right away I reached over to grasp his cock and stroke it. He moved closer and let me give him a short hand job. Then he leaned over and swallowed my cock in his mouth.
Well, if that is what you like...let me have a shot!

He leaned back and said he had never tried a PA. I stroked him one more time and then leaned over to swallow his foreskin and shaft into my mouth.
A good hand full of cock and that slicked up foreskin slid into my mouth so nice and easy. I kept sucking and stroking - using my tongue to tease the head under the skin and using my lips and mouth to suck the extra bit into my mouth. Then I would do down to the base and come back to start over.
Very soon he was telling me to slow down, and not long after that I felt the first shot of cum blast out and hit my lips, tongue and hand.
I stroked the shaft while licking my hand clean and immediately went back to the head to catch the next shot. Cum volley number two and three went in my mouth and some hit my hand so that when all was done I just had to lick my hand clean.

He leaned back and said "thanks!" - always willing to be of service.

There is nothing more sweet and cool feeling than a hot cum load in the steam room.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Hung and willing at the trough

It was a rare, but much needed, warm summer day in the city so my husband and I went to a local watering hole for the afternoon.
While standing around with friends I noticed a hot guy talking to some people.
One of the people in his circle was also commenting on his cock size. Based on what I could see in his pants, and as it got firmer I was intrigued.

The other person that was talking mentioned that if this new visitor was horny he would be happy to take it up his ass. I replied that I would be more than happy to swallow it to the base.
Well, nothing happened right away so I continued walking around.

Soon I was standing in line to use the trough and in front of me was the bottom from the previous conversation and the hung new visitor.
The visitor was in the middle and the bottom kept pointing out how large he was and he got pee shy.
As I walked in and was able to see it all, my mouth fell open ....naturally.
HUGE mushroom head, thick shaft poking straight at the wall and some nice full balls.

After leaving the trough I started chatting and after about 10 minutes the visitor mentioned that the first trough visit was a pre-emptive piss but now he really did need to go.
I told him that I would follow and keep the other guys from gawking so that he could do his business. He laughed and said that was great.
So off to the trough we went...
And I did my duty by standing and letting him pee.
THEN, I offered to take it down my throat.
He turned around and I stepped back to let him corner me and to give other guys a chance to use the trough.
The head just came right at me and I opened wide! So fucking hot and he was rock hard. I kept sucking on the head and then deep throating while fondling his balls.
We kept this up for about a minute, until people started to bottle neck to see his cock buried in my throat.

I told him about the next spot we were going and that if he wanted to finish up, I would be more than happy to take his load.
He smiled and said that may happen.

Fast forward about an hour and I did indeed run into him at the next location.

My husband and I were just standing around when he came in and I immediately took him to the best spot in the house.
You know I was on my knees before anyone else could come over and claim that hot massive piece of flesh.
With my husband standing there, I was down on my knees and filling my mouth. This time I knew that we could finish so I took my time.
I was swallowing close to 9 or 10 inches of cock and the shaft was probably between 5 and 6 inches around so you know damn well that I was leaking pre cum and having a feast.
Nipples were exposed and my husband took those in hand and worked them while I was polishing off his cock head.
I kept one hand on his shaft and alternately worked on deep throat, stroke the shaft and fondle the cum filled nuts.
Of course this was a cock that would choke most beginners but I was in my happy place and could not get enough.

After an unknown amount of time ( when I am in that zone, I lose track of time - as my husband and others could tell you) he was close to shooting a load and let us know with sounds and body movements.
The first shot almost instantly filled my mouth, it was so good and thick - and then the next three or four shots came right after.
I knew he was edging/being worked up over the afternoon and I wanted to take it all. There was so much that I was close to blowing my load without even touching myself.

After he had fully drained his balls and was spent, we stood there and continued some small talk.
He was heading off to an event out in the desert and this was a great goodbye blow.
Maybe on his trip back home, I will see him again and be able to get another full load.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Blow job in the stairwell

I had a friend that has seen my videos on Xtube ask to make a movie of me sucking a few hung men and taking their loads after being face fucked. I said that was totally fine with me and I contacted a few of my regular feeding buddies.

One happened to be the hung blonde that likes to hear me gag a bit on his thick cock and mushroom head.
Because he was in town and horny, we decided to meet up today and just do a video for Xtube between ourselves.
He sent me a text message and we agreed on the time. The timing was a bit earlier than usual so I suggested that we could try a stairwell near my office. He agreed and we met out front.

I told him the layout of the building and we headed up. As we passed one of the tearooms I saw a hung guy that shoot off his load into the urinals (I know, a complete waste!! Especially when I am standing right there!)
We tried to get him to go with us, but he chose to take his chances in the tearoom.

I led the way down the stairwell and when we had a good spot, I handed him the camera.
Getting onto my knees, I was unbuttoning his pants and saw he was wearing a jock.
Being a bit nervous, he was not rock hard so I coaxed his cock out of the jock and starting working it up with my mouth. Tongue, lips and throat all working together to get him ready for a deep throat blow job.
It was not long before he was rock solid and ready for the full effect.
This guy has a nice thick cock and when I held it in my hands a few times just to watch the spit slowly string off, it was awesome.

Down to the balls, gag or open my throat and then slowly slide back up - only to repeat. I did stroke his shaft and work on the head but he and I both like it better when he is buried to the balls.
He even likes to wait until I am all the way to the base, fully loaded with cock and then use his hand to force me further down....HOT!
After gagging on that cock, I stroked the full shaft and let him see the hungry look in my eyes before I went back down to work to the edge.

It was not long before he was telling it was time to unload. I had told him to let it fly on my face and he agreed so I kept stroking and sucking until the first spurt came out and then I just stroked it more.
I could feel the thick white cum coating my face...just love that warm fresh cum feel and smell.
After a few more thick shots, his balls were fully spent and I was one happy cum pig.
He leaned back and I could feel how heavy the load was and when he mentioned that a napkin would be good I said "no way, I will swallow it" ...and slowly slid all of it into my mouth.
As I pulled my hand away, it still had remnants of that load and I knew it was worth the wait.

We stood up, I turned my hat back around and we exited the stairwell into the sunlight.

Soon, I hope to fill you in on the actual porn clip he will be in - along with a couple of other hung studs you may recognize from my older clips.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Blowjob before family arrives

Sometimes you never know what may have already happened in your hotel room...

A hot burly bear buddy wanted me to suck him off again, and he let me know that he would be downtown later today.
I said it sounded like a great idea, and to just let me know about what time. The original plan was to head to my nearby tearoom stall and take his cock there. As the hour arrived, I got a new text asking if I could go to a hotel down the street.
Not knowing if he was using it for a group or just had access, I said sure.

He said that he was already precumming and would be hard when I knocked.
As I got the door he opened it, stepped back and I could see he was already hard. The room seemed to be empty, so I was looking forward to a nice uninterrupted blow job. He mentioned that we had to sure and not mess the room up and I said that was fine, he could just coat my face and shirt.

We walked over by the windows and I handed him the video camera.
It has been a couple of months since the first time and he was ready to go instantly, once again. I slid his firm hard cock into my mouth and just had to swallow to the base and start sucking.
He has a nice bullet shaped cock that has a huge base and you can feel your mouth stretching to the limit, the further you go down.

Right off the bat I was slurping that shaft, working the head with my tongue and playing with his cum filled balls. After a bit of cock slurping I sucked on those tasty shaved balls and gave them some much needed attention.
Stroking the shaft and then deep throat, slowly slide off and get it nicely spit lubed...and then I went back to slamming my mouth down as quick and hard as I could.

I have listened to buddies tell me that I should use my hand a bit more, so I would take a short break to stroke him, but you know I am a cock sucker at heart and have to be filling my mouth with meat to be happy.
Shoving his entire shaft down my throat did gag me a bit but it felt too good for me to worry and he seemed to bulge and grow even more!
More and more spit lubing and stroking and I felt my jock filling with my own pre cum.
A bit more stroking and sucking and I felt him getting closer to the edge.

By the way, in the pics and video I did happen to have my collar on, and a shirt that I thought was perfect - Cock sucker.
Since he wanted to feed me some cum, and because a very good friend told me that he likes to see the cum shots, I told my buddy that he could shoot on my face or shoot.

When he started to breathe harder and I felt that tell tale extra girth, I knew he was ready.
The first shot went into my throat and then I pulled back a bit.
Second shot blasts toward my waiting gullet and the third follows right after. Having my mouth open for him to dump into was hot, because we were both looking at each other as he came.
I waited for him to finish and then had to swallow his cock again to get every last drop. I gripped his shaft and milk him dry. One final drop of cum seeped out of the head and I licked that up too.

He was still rock hard, so I asked if he wanted to go for another round. He laughed and said that he was done, so I stepped back and savored the cock a bit more as I made sure it was good and clean.
Luckily we left the hotel room just as clean as we found it....apparently his family will be staying there - and will never know that their son had his cum filled balls drained right in the window.