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Monday, August 30, 2010

Hung and willing at the trough

It was a rare, but much needed, warm summer day in the city so my husband and I went to a local watering hole for the afternoon.
While standing around with friends I noticed a hot guy talking to some people.
One of the people in his circle was also commenting on his cock size. Based on what I could see in his pants, and as it got firmer I was intrigued.

The other person that was talking mentioned that if this new visitor was horny he would be happy to take it up his ass. I replied that I would be more than happy to swallow it to the base.
Well, nothing happened right away so I continued walking around.

Soon I was standing in line to use the trough and in front of me was the bottom from the previous conversation and the hung new visitor.
The visitor was in the middle and the bottom kept pointing out how large he was and he got pee shy.
As I walked in and was able to see it all, my mouth fell open ....naturally.
HUGE mushroom head, thick shaft poking straight at the wall and some nice full balls.

After leaving the trough I started chatting and after about 10 minutes the visitor mentioned that the first trough visit was a pre-emptive piss but now he really did need to go.
I told him that I would follow and keep the other guys from gawking so that he could do his business. He laughed and said that was great.
So off to the trough we went...
And I did my duty by standing and letting him pee.
THEN, I offered to take it down my throat.
He turned around and I stepped back to let him corner me and to give other guys a chance to use the trough.
The head just came right at me and I opened wide! So fucking hot and he was rock hard. I kept sucking on the head and then deep throating while fondling his balls.
We kept this up for about a minute, until people started to bottle neck to see his cock buried in my throat.

I told him about the next spot we were going and that if he wanted to finish up, I would be more than happy to take his load.
He smiled and said that may happen.

Fast forward about an hour and I did indeed run into him at the next location.

My husband and I were just standing around when he came in and I immediately took him to the best spot in the house.
You know I was on my knees before anyone else could come over and claim that hot massive piece of flesh.
With my husband standing there, I was down on my knees and filling my mouth. This time I knew that we could finish so I took my time.
I was swallowing close to 9 or 10 inches of cock and the shaft was probably between 5 and 6 inches around so you know damn well that I was leaking pre cum and having a feast.
Nipples were exposed and my husband took those in hand and worked them while I was polishing off his cock head.
I kept one hand on his shaft and alternately worked on deep throat, stroke the shaft and fondle the cum filled nuts.
Of course this was a cock that would choke most beginners but I was in my happy place and could not get enough.

After an unknown amount of time ( when I am in that zone, I lose track of time - as my husband and others could tell you) he was close to shooting a load and let us know with sounds and body movements.
The first shot almost instantly filled my mouth, it was so good and thick - and then the next three or four shots came right after.
I knew he was edging/being worked up over the afternoon and I wanted to take it all. There was so much that I was close to blowing my load without even touching myself.

After he had fully drained his balls and was spent, we stood there and continued some small talk.
He was heading off to an event out in the desert and this was a great goodbye blow.
Maybe on his trip back home, I will see him again and be able to get another full load.

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