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Monday, August 5, 2013

A load among friends - the perfect end to a weekend

A group of us saw the young bearded cub across the patio.

Amongst the group of us was a friend that routinely sees me cruising the layout and searching for any potential cock.

Since my friend had spotted the young man first, I decided to take a look around.
When I returned, the young man was talking to my husband and a small group of friends.  Eventually the hands began to travel and the talk turned to desires and fetishes.

Our new young friend was into facial and body hair, which we all possessed.  When he grew a bit more adventurous I told my friend that one of us should get his cock out.
He agreed...and out came a tasty morsel of meat.

I told my friend that we would block and let him have a taste...and down he went.

That was enough to make our new young cub squirm with delight.

Then my friend said that I could have a go at it....well, no need to ask me twice.  Down I went and took that young cock into my mouth.
Just enough sweat to be savored and silky smooth, with a hefty set of hairy balls.
Not wanting to draw too much attention, and because my friend met the young man first I was going to bow out of more play...

However, we had caught the eye of two hot men nearby.  As I went to get a fresh beer, one asked why I stopped.  I said that my friend was first on the guy, and that we needed more men to block.

When I made my way back, the hot young cub was eager for more...and our two spectators came over to join in the fun.
I was told to go back down, and I always obey...

While I had the young smooth cock in my mouth, I could hear my friends and husband discussing that it was my natural position.

After giving they young cub another demonstration of my cock sucking, I stood up and the talk went to the blog.
I happened to have some cards in my wallet, with the address and details.  I handed one to the young man and another to our new acquaintances.

During the playing and chat, I also found a very hung cock that was straining his pants - and he had been able to see everything I did to the young cub's cock.
Due to the location he was not up for taking it out so I suggested that we head to the bathroom and let me see what felt like a baseball bat in his shorts.

Well, he pulled out his cock (and it was already rock hard) and I may have let out a was that large, thick and rock hard...and dripping pre cum.

I was going to let him leave with just a view, but the little devil inside of me said that if he wanted to step into the corner and feed it to me...

He nodded and I went straight to the corner, down on my knees and let him feed me that mushroom headed thick slab of pre cum dripping meat.

I took it into my mouth, stroked some and used my tongue and lips to give him a nice quick blow.

He was edged enough that it was not long before he held my head and I felt the first spurts of cum hitting me.  Once I knew he was giving me his load, I opened wide and tilted back.
The next blast shot high and landed on my cheek, while another hit my beard.  I took what I could on my tongue until he was fully drained.

I asked as I stood up whether I should wipe up or just walk out, and we agreed that I could just walk out with a load on my face.
As we left the urinal a few guys smiled...they had seen much of the action and approved.

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