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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hung foreign visitor swaps loads during the street fair

I headed to the back of the club, where I knew the cock and cum would be.

As I walked down the steps, I looked towards the far end and there he was.  Tall, 6" 3", lean swimmer's build, dark hair and a light sexy beard.  Dressed in a rubber tank and rubber chaps - and bent over being fucked hard. 
Now, you all know me and how much I love tall men - and even better when they are a bottom...

As I made my way through the crowd, I saw that  he was also being sucked.  I got up next to him and saw that he was extremely hung and thick!  
Over 9 inches of cut cock, and wrist thick - I had to have a taste.

I sat next to him and pulled out my cock.  Stroking my cock until I was rock hard, and all the time watching him get slammed hard.  
The guy sucking on his cock was having a tough time, whether due to the shear size or angle and I just kept watching, and waiting.

Finally there was a break and I was able to slide over and take him into my mouth.  

My mouth was stretched to the limit and I could not let that stop me.  His cock has a slight curve down, and that made it a perfect gullet spreader.   
I did my best to take every  inch.  

Since he was already being fucked, I was up for having a go at his tight bubble ass. He asked if I had a condom, which I did not.
A guy next to us produced one and he opened the package and slid it over my cock and turned around.

That smooth (a hint of hair between his cheeks) ass slide down on my cock.  Tight and lubed up from the guy before me.
At that time we were interrupted by a guy telling us to move away from the door.  I pulled out and kept the condom on.
When I saw how crowded the room had become, I was not sure we could keep fucking and the condom came off.

We got to the middle of the room and he turned back to me and noticed the condom was gone.  Then he said the he would love to suck me off...and I said yes! 

There were some guys on the wall that had a great view, and when we pulled out our cocks you could hear the collected gasp at the sight of his hung piece of meat.  
A few tried to reach in and grab, but we were set on getting off together.  

He got down on his knees and pulled my cock into his mouth.
A guy on the side, and another behind me were playing with my nipples as he took every inch of my cock and the PA into his mouth.
Now, you all know that I don't often get blown and cum, but having this tall hot man servicing my cock was getting me closer and closer to the edge.

After some time, he stood up and I got down on my knees to service his rock hard cock.  
A few of the men on the wall were getting into it and one even unzipped and pulled his rock hard cock out.

I stood up and my tall rubber friend said that he wanted my load, and I told him that I was close to cumming. He shot me a quick bright smile and went right back down to sucking and swallowing.

With his lips around my shaft, and his hand working my balls and cock I was edging closer and closer.  

When I was ready to cum, I let him know and he turned his face up to catch the load.   I shot one spurt up near his eye and then the rest coated the side of his face.  
He stood up and I recognized the look of a cum pig that was enjoying the feel, smell and heat of a fresh cum load.  

I led us out of the back and headed to the bar.  Once we had some cocktails, it was time to get some fresh cool air.  
We headed out to the street, where the street fair was in full swing.   

For the next few hours we hung out.  Went to a house party and both had our asses flogged...and then we headed back into the club.

As we entered, I went over to the urinals and my new friend asked if he could go along.  Sure! 
Oh, I forgot to mention that he was also flagging yellow.  

I pulled out my cock and told him that he was welcome to swallow it.  He smiled and got down on his knees. I had a fairly large load of piss, and he kept swallowing, and swallowing, and swallowing.  
After he had drained me, we went back into the main area - and found a hot young man being fucked.  A couple of my friends were there, so we stopped and watched.

At that time another well hung friend of mine came up and pulled out his cock.  My rubber buddy did not need any instructions, he just dropped down and took that into his mouth.

Within minutes he was being covered in another thick load of cum - and, oh does his face look good glazed in spooge. 

Now it was my rubber friend had his massive cock out and said that he wanted to let me have a load.  
I did not waste any time, I was on my knees and helping him drain his nuts.

As the crowd watched, he stroked a load right onto my mouth and tongue...fuck, it was hot!

It was once again time to head out for some fresh air.   As we walked around, the conversation turned to xtube, videos and groups.  He is as much of a cum pig as I am, and I promised that on his next trip to SF we could arrange one of my group cum dumps and let him be the center of the action...

So, let's hope that he gets a chance to come back and share that tight ass, hung cock and talented mouth...


Anonymous said...

Which "club" are you talking about? The most action I see is at the Powerhouse. Obviously you have a better option.

Anonymous said...

i agree...was no fun play where i was...