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Friday, July 26, 2013

Young load swallowed in the stall

I was across town today leaving a physical therapy appointment when I got a text message from a young friend.
He needed a good blowjob on his way to work...

Of course, I said that I could do that.  Little did I know that he was not only a block away, but about to get on the same bus as me.
We saw each other and kept up the dialog online.

As we got closer to downtown I told him of a nearby tearoom I knew.  He agreed and we arranged to meet in the stall.

I was confused and gave him the wrong floor for the bathroom - but we figured it out and I found him.

Now this young man and I have tried to hook up for awhile bars, at play parties but never had a chance to finish.
His cock is a good 7 inches, sitting on top of two plum sized furry balls.  Big ole mushroom head.  And an ass to die for - that I have not tasted...yet.

As I walked into the stall, his pants were hanging down and I caught a glimpse of that cute little bubble butt since he was wearing a jock under his work pants.

I went over to the toilet and got down to business.

Now, you all know how silky smooth and hard a young cock can be...and it was ready for a great blowjob, already hard and smelling first morning fresh with a hint of sweat.

I was enjoying the feel of his balls in my hand, and his mushroom head filling my mouth when we heard the door open.
Not wanting to have our encounter ended abruptly, I pulled my legs up and kept sucking.

The guys left, and I got back into position and took his cock back in my mouth....and then the door opened again.
We were both chuckling since it was so dead while I was on my way to find him.  Oh, well...not to be put off, I just scooted myself into position and kept sucking while we heard the men finishing their business.

Finally the guys left, and by this time I could tell that my young friend was not only edging closer, but he really wanted to cum.
I took his rock hard cock back into my mouth and started using my tongue, lips and throat as I love to.
Well, that put him into overdrive as well, and he took over.
Holding my head against his flat stomach, he started to piston skull fuck my face.

I just opened, and let him pounded away as I used my tongue on the shaft and head.

That did it.

He started breathing heavier, and I felt his shaft begin to swell.  His nuts pulled up and suddenly my mouth was filling with his cum.
And when I say filling, I mean gushing out of his cock slit and pouring onto my tongue.
Those young kids can really pack a load in their balls. 

As the cum pump slowed down, I swallowed what was in my mouth - sweet and thick...HOT.

Then I stroked his shaft a few times to be sure I had every last drop.

When I looked up, he had a smile on his face along with that "oh, I needed that draining" look in his eyes.

Next time we agreed that he needs to shoot on my face so that he can see every ounce of thick white cum.

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