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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Young hairy and uncut....and full of cum

As I am sitting here typing this for you, I can feel the cum slowly drying on near my right lip and the aroma of fresh cum is strong in my nose...

Awhile back I met up with a young guy near my apartment.   I blew him and told him that we could repeat today he hit me up and needed to cum.
I grabbed my video camera and headed over!

His profile only had a face pic, but then he sent me a cock shot.  Uncut with the foreskin that just covers the head while leaving room for the slit to peak out...just the way I like it.

After our first encounter he mentioned that he wanted to have a video, and I was just as hot to get it.  He asked if I had poppers and I said yes, and grabbed them as I ran out the door.

Once I arrived we headed for the bedroom, I handed him the poppers and camera and whipped my hat around to get on my knees.

He was semi firm, but within seconds he was fully hard and raring to go.

This young guy's cock is the perfect length and width to slide down a willing throat...slight curve down and a pair of balls you can just rest in your hand.
I started out tasting the foreskin and savoring that fresh musky smell an uncut dick has - you know, that sweaty and sweet taste.

After that first nibble, I had to swallow and get it all.
Once his shaft was down my gullet, I could taste and smell his crotch right there in my face - damn it was delicious.  Just like a young athlete smells when he has worked out and left some sweat right at the balls.
Well, that got the ball rolling and we both went to town.

I was doing my best to get every inch, which can be tough - he swells thicker each time he gets past my tonsils.
Using my hand to work the shaft and stroke his balls, I was edging him along - and then he  decided to take control.
Placing his hand on my head, he shoved that uncut meat down my throat and was not letting me up until his balls were ready to go in my open mouth - HOT!
That did push my gag reflex, and that pushed his buttons!  He swelled up harder and thicker with each thrust down my throat.

As I came up for a quick breath, his throat spit slimed cock was glistening in front of me, and damn if I did not have to dive right back down on it!

Deep throat, and let him skull fuck me again, followed by some shaft stroking.   Repeat.  And repeat...and holy shit he was a rock hard cock oozing precum.
I paused for a moment and he reached down to stroke his shaft...

His balls had churned and the cum began to blow.
The first two shot landed on my tongue, and the next went up over my lips and landed by my nose - and oh that was cum pig heaven.  Tasting it on my tongue, and smelling it on my upper lip...double intensity!

He squeezed out a couple more drops and I let them rest on my tongue just long enough to hit the taste buds, then swallowed.

As I stood up we were both smiling and he asked if I wanted a tissue to clean up...nope.
I just licked what I could reach with my tongue and headed home.
Along the way I was still tasting and smelling his hot young spunk, and savoring it every with every step.

Now off to the local bars and see what trouble I can find with his load drying in my stache...


Bruce Chang said...

Damn hot. And the smell of cum always brings me over the edge!

TheSuckMonkey said...

You're right, that's the perfect dick! Keep up the good work. Best blog on the web!