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Friday, April 26, 2013

Young and hung feeds me quick train load

Today I was able to leave work early.
Naturally, I figured that I may as well check out the commute and see if anyone else was heading my direction.

I hopped onto the train and noticed there was only one older man seated a few seats away.

After I sat, I pulled out my phone.   At the next step a young kid got on and sat in the seat across from me.

Late 20's, dark hair and a small septum piercing.  A hot little package over all.

Knowing that the empty car would be perfect, I watched him for a minute and decided it would be a good time to put own cock piercing back in.
I undid my jeans and tugged on my cock to set it free, and then slid the 2 gauge ring into hole.

By the time I was done, the young kid had his 7 inches of hard cock out and it was aiming straight to the ceiling.
An entirely empty (only us and the older guy) train is rare, so I motioned for him to sit next to me.  He stood and walked across the aisle, and sat down.

The older guy then took his old seat and watched us - and that was not going to bother me.

Immediately I leaned over to impale my throat with this young stud's pole.

I could reach around the base and the first 4 inches, but the last 3+ inches was prominently wider.  No problem...

As I was going further down, the kid was letting me know that he was enjoying this blowjob.

When the train pulled into the next station, I sat up to see if anyone was going to be boarding.  Nope.
A train did pull in on the other track, so I told the young stud to wait a moment.  Once that train pulled out, I dove back down on his cock.

From that point, I knew we would have a few minutes interruption free and turned to really give him some deep throat action.

Between the slight rocking of the train, his small thrusts up and my piston action down on his cock I could feel the head banging away at the entrance to my throat.
That was apparently what he liked as well, because his moaning picked up and I was treated to a minute of full on non-stop skull fucking.  

With another low moan, I felt his shaft swell and he began to unleash his seed into my mouth.  Feeling the first spasm, I extended my neck and let the head of his cock lodge into my throat and spew his cum right in.
The volume and velocity were enough that even as the last drops were spurting out I could taste the sweet load before it slid down my gullet.

I leaned up and used my hand to milk the shaft as I came up, and was rewarded with a bit more clear delicious cum.
That last bit went into my mouth as I sat up and I had to squeeze my throbbing meat to let my built up precum oooze down the head of my cock.   Since we were fast approaching the next stop I just used my fingers and gathered up my precum and licked it clean.  

The young kid and I buttoned our jeans, stood up and exited the train.

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Bruce Chang said...

Goddamn, that's hot. Not sure why I'm not as bold, even when it's obvious that I'm getting cruised. Nice work! Ha!