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Monday, April 14, 2008

A day off for my other half...booth visit?

My partner and I both enjoy public sex when we travel and while he can be more reserved in our home city I have extolled the virtues of glory hole sex to him and he enjoys a good fuck/suck when he can too.

Today he was off for the day and thought of going to a park or maybe see what it is that I love about my favorite video booth location.

I took a break to see what I could find and while I did see him around, we did not do any couple action - I like to give him his space for play as I appreciate the same courtesy when I am on the hunt.

I got one guy off in the booths, nice sized, fairly well hung, uncut and was wearing a leather cock ring. He shot on the floor unfortunately but did let me lick the head clean when he was done.
My partner had seen and tasted it before I arrived - guess you could say he was my fluffer for this load.
As the guy was zipping up, he leaned in and said "Thanks!"
I do love to please the other guy.
Come to find out, he walked past my partner without knowing who we were and also thanked him for a nice suck job (yes, I am married to a versatile top!!! yeah)

I decided to head to the shopping district for a possible "business suit" lunch load.

Well, the pickings at the mall were a bit scarce but I did in fact run into a previous post load contributor.
There was a third guy with a very nice cock that wanted to see me on my knees but he did not want his cock sucked - he was a director.
The director was also a bit nervous and when someone else entered he left and we never saw him again.
We went to the same location as our previous rendezvous and I got his load again on my face.

While walking out of the bathroom I also ran into my farmboy from last week. We did not connect again today.

After getting the load I saw a young man obviously cruising and took him back to the same stall I just took the first load in.

Got the young man off - nice cock, long enough to hit the back of my throat while not too large to cause unwanted noises while deep throating in the stall.
He left a nice tasty load on my goatee.

That is it for was a long weekend of sunbathing and cock sucking so I am a bit tired and will let you know how my London buddies cock tastes later in the week.

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