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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Late lunch reaps HUGE rewards

I had a few appointments today and just could not get away when I wanted for lunch.

As I finally got some time, I decided I would at least see what was roaming the tearooms. It was a sunny warm San Francisco day and that can bring out the horny men.

Sure enough when I was at the urinal a hot young guy came up and stood next to me.

Surf shorts, t-shirt. Dark short military style haircut and some facial scruff. To me he looked like a hot little military boy that could have just gotten out of basic training a few months ago.
As he stood there I was not sure at first if he was cruising. Then we both semi caught each other checking the other one out.
As more guys came in, he put away his cock and went to the sinks. I followed and kept watching him.
Sure enough he paused at the door and that was my cue to follow and see where it went.

He led the way to a more secluded bathroom in the building. I had been there a couple of times and this time it was completely empty. He went to the urinals and stood there.
I walked up and pulled out my hard cock. As he turned I saw what he was bringing to the table....LONG, UNCUT and a tasty glistening head wrapped in tight enough foreskin.

Right away I asked if he wanted to go to the large stall at the back. He said sure and we went in.
As we stood there he was grinning from ear to ear. One of those hot lopsided but evil grins that says "this is going to be fun, and I am so going to enjoy it".

Some mutual stroking led to me getting on my knees.

A fist full of uncut cock, with cum filled balls bouncing underneath as I went down to base.
It grew thicker as I got closer to his pubes, until I could barely get my mouth around to let it all be buried in my throat.
Patiently he let me swallow it all, and then I came up for air.

Stood up and we began to kiss while holding each others cocks.
Then it was time to go back down and suck more of that delicious cock.

He began to play with my nipples, as I pulled more of his shorts down to feel his furry ass.
Tweaking my nipples and feeding me his cock had me leaking precum.
Eventually he pulled up my shirt to expose my nipples. He was smiling and I let him play.

- A side note for those that are local and see me...I did have another surgery 3 weeks ago, and am still shaved and have a bandage on where we had to do some minor poking this morning - So, I have not been as playful or out running around in just a jock until my fur grows back. -

After a good ten minutes of sucking, stroking, standing and kissing I was hungry for some hot cum.
I started to deep throat his cock until I could take no more. As he shoved more down, I felt it expand and heard his breath intake.
Feeling that he was getting closer, I tried to keep deep throating and stroking his cock.
Once in awhile he or I would just stroke his rock hard shaft and he would begin to breathe heavily.

Knowing it was going to be a matter of only seconds, I went back down and alternated between strokes , deep throat, tongue action around the head and foreskin and then repeated it all.

Sure enough, within minutes he was shaking and I felt the first volley of cum hit my tongue and continue down my throat.
More and more cum kept flying over my tonsils and I was a pig swallowing and licking.
When he was spent and those balls were empty I squeezed the shaft to get the last drop.

I stood up, we kissed some more and then he spit in his hand and started to stroke my cock.
Now, just last night I played with a hot 25 yr old birthday boy and gave him a 5 day load up his tight ass (along with about 20 other men! He had a sloppy but tight ass when we left him exhausted on the bed), so I was not sure how much cum I would be packing.

Well, as he stroked me and got me closer I felt my balls start to churn. As my load started to blow he kept stroking and I heard his approval at how much he was seeing.

On our way out of the building I asked if he was local and he replied that he was. I said that hopefully we would see each other stay tuned.

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