My favorite snack

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Afternooon snack, protein is always good

I was online and had a message from a very hot guy.
The only picture I could see was a lean hairy chest...and you know I do adore those.
After some chatting back and forth he asked if I was interested in sucking his cock.
I told him I absolutely would be happy to.

As the chat went further he showed me a few face pictures....also very hot and sexy.
During the course of the chat he mentioned that he was deaf, and I said that was just fine.
I have found over the years that gay + deaf OFTEN = HOT as HELL!!
The discussion turned to where we should meet and get me on my knees.

He was not familiar with the area but we did settle on spot very close by that I like to use.
We met up on the corner and started walking over. He is as sexy as the pics and he was all smiles as we walked up.

As I led the way, he followed and we found a large stall in the tearoom unoccupied. I walked in first and closed the door.
Both of us were ready to start and as I undid his jeans he was more than half hard already.
I slipped his boxer briefs down and out popped a hefty piece of cock.

He was a bit nervous but so eager to have me take his cock and load. I went right down on him and swallow all that I could.
As I was getting more of into my mouth I was cupping his balls.
Pre cum started to ooze and it was sweet and tasty.

During the entire blow job I could hear people coming into the bathroom but we kept the noise down.

I looked up and the smile on his face said everything... he was getting a blowjob and loving it.
Long thick shaft shoved down my throat, and mushroom head hitting the back.
Every once in awhile I made sure to take it all the way to the base while not gagging and causing any noise.

He was holding my head and when I looked up he let me know it was almost time.
I was prepared for a load but he started spurting and filling my mouth with his cum and I had to open my throat to not choke.
As he was exploding, we made not a sound and that was so damn hot I almost lost my load.

Once he was fully spent, he was wide eyed and looked down at me and signaled that he was drained of every ounce.


Follow up....

A week later he texted me and we went back and he fed another full load. Next time I may venture to ask if he minds holding the camera so you can enjoy the cock.

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