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Monday, April 4, 2011

Hung blonde feeds me his cum again

It can be great to have buddies that will get in contact when they need to unload their balls.

Today I got an email from the hung blonde that likes to feel my throat wrapped around his cock.
He asked if I was around and I said yes. He had found a bathroom in the shopping center nearby that would give us some privacy. Always up for trying new places, I said that was fine and I would meet him there.

I walked over and went into the location. He had told me to knock on the last stall. When he opened the door he was already out of his pants and semi hard.
Naturally I wasted no time in getting on my knees.
Baseball came off and into my mouth he went.

To start him off, I swallowed it all and then began working on getting him rock hard while slowly giving a spit shine to the head and shaft.
He likes to feel my lips and tongue working every inch, and then to swallow him to his ball sac and force that last inch into my gullet.
And you know me, anything I can do!
Cupping his balls and staring at that huge slab of meat made me hungry for his thick white cum...

During this deep throat session he would nudge or brush my head every so often and I could tell when he wanted to have me choke on the head as it pushed down my throat.
Each time I would get closer to his balls with my lips wrapped around the shaft, he would expand in my mouth and I could taste pre cum.
After that I would take my mouth off, lean back a slight bit and just let the spit hang between his cock and my lips...and then go back down.

Eventually I had him nice and hard, worked the head in my mouth and slid my tongue under his mushroom cap, and then I grasped onto the shaft and came off. With my entire hand wrapped around the base there was still a good 3 - 4 inches of cock to play being a satisfied size queen and cum pig at the same time.

I slid down to his balls and pulled them into my mouth while stroking the cock and letting him see it laying on my face. I could just imagine the view from his angle and I know he likes to see me hungering for the load.
Usually I don't like using my hand to jack a guy off, I want to let him feel my mouth pulling his cum out of his balls, but this guy likes to get stroked and see it all spit shined and then back in my mouth...and I aim to please.

Very soon it was time for him to unleash his load. He let out a moan, and then the cum slowly oozed out onto my tongue and kept cumming.
The first three spurts hit my mouth and while slurping that down, he let out more and it went down my chin and hand. Not being one to let so much cum go to waste, I had to lick it up and let him see me devouring all that spooge.
At one point there was a string of cum hanging from my lips and another strand on my chin. Pure white goodness...and the aroma, just filling my senses with man juice.

After milking every last drop out of his cock, I wiped my chin and took the last of it into my mouth.
He offered me hand up and as we both cleaned up I was grinning like the cat the ate the canary.

He later sent a text thanking me and saying that he always enjoys my talents.
Anytime, I told him, anytime.

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A Lewis said...

Spurts. I like that word. Spurts. Spurts. Spurts.