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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Young and so full of cum, he gave me two loads

Last week I had a note from a guy on Xtube.
Here is a link to his profile bikemanj7
I had seen his cum shot video and expressed my interest in getting a taste of his cum personally. Well, he loved the idea and was eager to feed me.

We agreed to meet up at one of my local spots. We sent text messages to confirm and I headed over.
I knew he was a young one at 22 years old, and I was equally happy that he was a cute cub type. Innocent looking, semi scruffy and eager.

We went into a stall and locked the door. He was nervous but very excited to have me on my knees.
When he pulled out his cock, I had to grin from ear to ear. Soft and already sporting a huge mushroom head that could compare to a champagne cork! Full low hanging balls and hairy...HOT!

Right away I began to get him hard and it was not long at all before he was brick hard and filling my mouth. That massive head that I saw in the video was huge! I did force it down my throat a couple of times and there was absolutely no way I was getting any was that large.
Well, you know how I love those mushroom caps. I could not get enough.

The young buck had asked to just get sucked this time and not bring the video camera so I can't share the site of those balls and that head as I gripped his cock.
I looked up at him and his eyes were wide, he was grinning and moaning at the same time.
For a young guy, he did last quite a while but after a time he just had to let loose. I felt that thick load start to fill my mouth and I shoved his cock all the way in and let him just coat my tongue and throat.
I am sure you can imagine how much cum was oozing out...well, multiply that times 10!

After he was done filling my stomach with juice, we heard people coming in. I still had my hand on his cock and kept stroking it, milking more cum out.
Feeling like he may have more cum, I started to slurp on his head again and cupping his balls.
Yes - he was ready for more.

With people outside pissing and walking around I kept his cock in my mouth. Stroking on the shaft and licking his head. Sliding my mouth down to his balls for a brief lick and then back to the cock.
He was as hard for the second deep throat action as he was for the first...and I was in no hurry to get off my knees.

As I looked up, he smiled down and let me know to keep it up.

Not much longer and he was telling me that he wanted to cum again. Damn, I was up for it and just nodded my head...after all, my mouth was filled with his mushroom head.
Minutes later, he lets out another moan and an equally large spurt of cum starts another mouth full of seed being delivered directly down my throat!

Fuck, there is nothing to compare to a guy that can cum buckets and do it over and over.
As I stood up, I could only think of how hot it will be the next time when we may be able to share some of it with you.

I headed out first and the coast was clear so we walked out together.

I got a text back from him that said simply "that was so fucking hot".


Anonymous said...

Can we get a link to his xtube?

A Lewis said...

22 year old young cum? You lucky man.