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Friday, October 31, 2008

Started in tearoom and ended in group fuck

My birthday is coming up so I am taking a four day weekend to start off my 40's the right way.
Before leaving though I had a request by a guy to meet him and get a buddy or two to join in so he could video me sucking guys and then he wanted to cum all over my ass.

I arranged to meet up with a guy that wanted to be sucked under the stall and also wanted to add a video to Xtube. It all worked out in the planning so we took care of business Thursday.
All of us arrived at the tearoom, and right away I had a cock under the stall and handed over my camera.
The action got going, then we took it outside of the stalls for a bit.
We heard someone coming so we stopped there and moved over to the urinals.
As is the case with tearooms, sometimes they have regular business and it gets too busy. Today was one of those.
The guy I was sucking off and I headed to a more locked bathroom to finish off one on one.

As I left, after he came on my goatee of course, I got a call from a man I chatted with on Squirt. He is a well hung man and wanted to be sucked at the booths.
I was done with the tearoom scene and said I could meet him.
Up the hill I went and he was outside. We went into a booth and right away I handed him the camera and went down on his cock.
The pictures online do not do justice to his cock....thick shaft and a hot mushroom head.
I wanted to have him cum on me but he said it was easier to cum sitting so we put the cash in the video machine and turned off the camera so I could get on his cock.
He had already been horny and it was not long at all before he shot a massive load of spunk into my mouth. I just love those guys that can cum buckets and it has that sweet taste you can savor long after it is swallowed down.

Well, that was my for the evening!
There is a monthly Cockpit party and since my birthday is coming up my husband took me and let me loose on the men.
I had lubed my ass before we went - knowing from experience that some guys want to just plow right in the minute you arrive.
I took off my clothes, left on my jock and went to find cock. My husband wrote a note on my ass for everyone - 11-02-68 40 on one cheek and B Day Loads <---- on the other.
Right away I find a guy with a fistful of cock and ask if he wants to fuck me. He agrees and we go to one of the beds in the space. I got on my back and sure enough he went right in. Talk about trial by fire!
It was HUGE and I was tight - I actually saw stars when he got in and could not stop the moan that came out of my mouth.
Usually I like poppers to take cocks that fast and massive but we did not have any so it was like I was back in high school getting fucked by that hot jock with just some spit for lube.
While this guy was fucking me another hung stud came over and stood over us. I wanted both to fuck me and the second guy actually went ahead and fucked my top buddy while he was in me. Very hot to be on the end of that chain.
And then they switched places so I got the second cock too! And then they switched my ass was stretched and the lube was all worked in.
They were done with me for the moment but not a minute went by before another guy came to fill my ass.
Tall, built black man that wanted to just POUND the hell out of my ass - he fucked so hard that we actually moved across the bed and had to pull me back to center to keep it up.

Once he was done a good friend came over to fill my ass with another cock. Another hot tall black man, thick cock and as he was fucking me he told me that the last guy was a friend of his...I do say it is nice to share with friends!

After those four cocks I had to get up and move around a bit. Right away I see this older gentleman standing alone and went over. Sexy salt and pepper hair, tats and a smooth gym built body.
We chat and I ask if he would like to be in my ass. He smiles and says YES.
He takes me over to one of the other play spaces and I get on my back. He slides up and slowly goes into my ass.
This is a guy that knows how to use his cock and mushroom head to tease the ass. I was moaning and taking it all that he wanted to give.
We had a few guys join us in the space but he ignored the distraction and just kept working his load into my ass.
After a nice long slow fuck he let out a howl of ecstasy and shot off his load.
HOT - and then he kept it in while I used my ass to milk every last drop.

The rest of the night was a plethora of cocks in my ass...too many to remember the exact count but there were a couple of more chains of cock with me on the front end and some huge I know where they keep the meat in San Francisco on Thursdays!
I have to add that the end of the night was with the same hot salt and pepper gentleman. We ran into each other and I saw he was hard again. I asked if he was looking to shoot another load and he said yes, I said I wanted it.
And he gave me his second load of the night and my last load for the evening.
My husband took me home and I was glowing with that fresh fucked, cum filled ass look as we took the bus home.

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Anonymous said...

geez louise you seem to get laid more than i breathe!