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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tearoom 3 way - two loads from one & cum all over my ass

Today I got an email out of the blue.
This guy used to love to meet up in the tearoom and watch me service multiple guys, sometimes sucking or getting fucked and in the end he loved to shoot his cum all over my ass. Then I would rub it all into my crack, pull up my dress pants and go back to the those days I wore a suit and it was hotter to wear a jock and get cum all over.

So today he asked if I had anyone in mind that could fuck me at the urinals and then he would finish off.
I did not have anyone set up and told him so. I sent out an email to a few buddies that I thought would be interested but at the last minute it is not always possible.
I was heading out of the office for a bite to eat and got a buddy to reply.
This hot Latino has a nice thick cock and can shoot a thick load.
I told him that the third guy was interested and he said now would work.
We both headed to the tearoom.
I sent off a quick note to the first guy to call me if he got the message and wanted to join in.

My Latino buddy and I arrived, and he wanted to have me suck a load out in the stalls. I went in, got on the throne with legs crossed and went down on his thick cock.
He is a mouthful, not so long that it gags but so thick you can feel every inch.
As we have in the past, I went to work and he was ready to shoot a load soon.
His breathing started quickening and soon enough he was flooding my mouth with a load of cum.
As we were finishing up my phone rang. It was my long ago buddy and he was 10 minutes away.
I asked the guy that just fed me a load if he wanted to wait around and help out. He said he could cum again.

Sure enough my long ago buddy showed up...long hair, thin build, and a red head. He came in and all three of us got down to business.
I got back to swallowing my Latino buddy and the red head was stroking his cock. Knowing it was going to be a second load made me work it out of him nice and slow. He was getting into the red head watching and was close.
A couple of times we stopped, thinking someone was coming in.
I took some time and sucked the red head for a bit and got both guys hard and ready.
Finally we had a break and Latino cock was ready to unload his second cum shot of the day. I put my mouth underneath and he shot into my mouth and around my goatee.
I stayed on my knees and asked red head if he was close. He said yes.
Then he said he wanted to cum on my ass.
I stood up turned around and pulled my jeans down. I was in my small white jock and he bent me over to get a good shot at my hairy hole.
I felt the cum hit my ass and start coating my cheeks, and I was turned a bit to watch.
Now I had two loads in my stomach from one and my ass coated in spunk.

My Latino buddy got me a paper towel to clean up the floor - we don't like to leave a mess for the janitors, that is a fast way to piss of a tearoom attendant.
I wiped the cum around my hole and pulled my jeans back on - no point in wasting it, I can let it stay right there.

After we all got back to work I had an email from each of them. Both want to record the action next time and the red head wants me to get a load in my ass and then wipe his load into my hole right after, then lick both cocks clean...we'll just have to see what I can arrange.

Anyone want to join us?

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