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Friday, October 24, 2008

Savory hot cum for lunch

Yes, I know it has been awhile but this has been one of those weeks.

Today I was definitely up for some cock and cum, so I went in search of my goal in the tearoom that has recently been unlocked.
As I stepped off the elevator I saw a guy that has jacked a load all over my face in the past, and if he was on his way out I thought it either meant he was done, the other guy was not a match or there was nothing in the tearoom...
It happened to also about the time that my super hot, thick hung buddy takes lunch. I took the chance and went in.
Right away I see a pair of shoes in one of the peephole stalls. There is a tiny hole to see a bit of the guy, not a glory hole but gets the point across.
I go in and am hoping it is the young hung buck I found in the past.
Sure enough it is, and he recognizes me so right away he squats down to feed me his cock.
The first two pics are from previous posts and the pic with purple shirt is a still from today's video.

My husband is out of town and so far I have not shot a load, so I get rock hard knowing what I can expect from this cock.
I get down and swallow his cock and grab his smooth balls. Today he is wearing a cock ring so his balls are out there.
I fondle his balls while taking his full cock down my throat, stroking him and working over the head.
As you can see from the pic it is a nice thick cock all the way so it slid right in and I just kept shoving it down my throat over and over.
Eventually he pulls back, he is close to cumming and wants to play with my cock for a bit.
He is not a fan of the piercing and the last time he wanted to suck my load, so I took out the ring. Today I was not prepared and had left it in. He spit on his hand and stroked my cock while playing with the ring and my head.
He did get me close but I was not ready to cum so I offered my mouth up and he let me swallow a bit more of his cock.

He was so close and his legs were getting sore ( I think he was sucking the guy I saw getting on the elevator or at least working on it) so he sat back and started stroking. I offered to let him film me sucking and he said the meantime he kept stroking so I took a clip of his cock being pounded in his fist.
He was watching me under the stall as I was mesmerized by his huge bouncing cum filled balls - in the video you can see them being slammed up against his hand with each stroke.
Knowing it was on film I think was a factor too, he was just grinning and pounding while keeping up eye contact and knowing I was stroking my cock - all this time on my knees in a bathroom stall in public - both of us were totally turned on.
He got close and was going to shoot on my face.
He came over and got into position, tried to take the camera and stroke it out over my face. It was close but he did not reach the edge and we took a break.

He sat back and started up the fisting cock pounding and I slid further under so he could stand or squat and let his load out all over my face.
Unfortunately the camera timed and when he stroked to the edge and asked if I was ready for his cum we missed the money worries, in the end I got what I wanted and so did he.

He shot a load all over my cheek and face, hitting it all the way to the back of my head right by my ear.
He held the camera and we tried to get a good shot of the load, believe me it is not at all easy to be on your knees with your head under a stall for almost 15 minutes and look pretty with cum all over you.
He used his finger to push some of his cum into my mouth.
I then offered to lick his cock clean and he came forward to let me take care of it. I took special care in getting his cock nice and clean for going back to work.
We made sure to keep the camera on while I cleaned off his cock.

With the problems posting clips here from Xtube I am posting only pics of his cock and you can check out my profile on Xtube to see the actual clips.
The user name to look up on Xtube is Sfverscumboy or you can use the link in the corner of the blog to get to the video on Xtube.

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