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Monday, November 3, 2008

The shopping district was busy today and I got some protein

I wanted to be able to give a full uninterrupted accounting of the hot guy I took from the tearoom during my morning errand but thought I would share another hot quick load I took today.

I had some time after the first guy and I got him off in the stall of my favorite haunt and since I was still tasting his cum I headed to the shopping center up the street for some lunch.
I was not planning to do anything else, I had a great load and was just killing time.
As luck would have it I needed to head to the facilities and recycle a bit of my morning Diet Peps1 (yes the typo is on purpose, I don't need someone screaming about copyright or trademark infringement or some other messy legal issue!).
And yes, sometimes I do enter the tearooms and do not intend to play - quit that laughing right now, you know who you are, stop laughing!

Well, I was just standing there minding my own business when a young guy walked up next to me.
Tall, early 20's lean and nice smooth ebony skin and sporting a curve down cock that was already hard.
As my husband says, I am distracted by shiny things and this caught my attention.
The tearoom was a bit busy so he made a motion to head out and find another spot.
We were in an area that I know well and I suggested one of the retail spots. He knew just where to go and we headed over.
I was following and went I entered he was already in the best spot of the house, and right behind him I went.
He locked the door and I was on my knees.
As I said it was a curve down style so I just relaxed my throat and went up on that cock and back down the other side.
He was already hard from the previous tearoom so we were good to go.
There was someone in another stall so we kept it to a silent cock swallowing - which I do happen to be very fond of, it comes in handy being able to breathe through my nose and keep a cock buried the entire blow job.
It was about 5 minutes of stroking and sucking when I could see his eyes scrunching and he asked if I wanted his cum...I just nodded and moaned.
He let loose with a nice mouth filling load and I swallowed it all. I stood up after licking the head clean.
We were both ready to leave and out he went, then came back to let me know the coast was clear to follow.
OK, it was time to grab my lunch and head back home.

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