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Monday, November 10, 2008

Updates, cum and the hot uncut youngun!

Ok first the updates... some of you may have seen the clips I put on Xtube awhile back from the guy that was creating a video and site called (you know what I say to a glory hole!).
Today I opened an email and they are talking about having me come down to LA and do some filming....I will keep everyone posted and let you know what happens.
The guy that is behind this was a hot man, I loved sucking him off in his hotel and then hitting the glory holes here in town.
Most of those videos are buried on my Xtube profile but you can find them.

The second thing I wanted to say before telling about my tearoom action is that I was out with my husband at one of our favorite spots and I see this tall man walking over..he did not look familiar but I can be bad with faces in this place - a cock I will recognize.
He leans over and asks "do you have a blog?"
Yes I do, I say...and he smiles and says he could not believe he actually would run into me. He reads on the East Coast and happens to be in town by chance.
We chat some more and eventually I do end up in my usual position, and yes I do mean usual in all respects.
He has a very large and tasty cock that I may be able to enjoy later in the week if the timing is right. He also enjoyed tasting my cock and gave it a thumbs up.
While we were there and I was "sampling" there were also the pair of guys that happened to walk in one evening while I was being fucked in front of a crowd of men.
The young one with foreskin and the sexy English accent was watching once again and getting very firm. He asked not to be taken out and I respected that and just fondled to our hearts content.

Ok and now to the reason you like this...

I had an email from a buddy that asked to meet up in the nearby office tearoom. I said ok since I had some time.
After I got there he walked in and took one of the stalls. I went into the second and we both got down to business.
He was soft to start and within a couple of minutes he was rock hard and asking if I liked the taste.
I kept swallowing his cock and then he said to turn around and check out my ass. I turned around and then I feel his cock entering my ass.
Well, ok.
He pushes in and I push my ass back. Not long after and he was moaning and filling my ass with his load.
Pull up the pants and go back to the office nice and full.

Then I had to take my lunch.
I headed to the shopping district and go to the tearoom. Not much traffic so I hope it will be a good afternoon.
I see a pair of sneakers, looks like the old Converse we wore in the 80's so I figure young guy.
He and I can see each others reflection and sure enough I see a hair style that says "I am barely in my 20's". I think he is on his cell phone but I can't tell if it is him or another guy next to him.
We are both trying to get some time to play but it gets busy and he heads out.

While wandering I see one of two tall young black guys that I see often there. One gives me that look to say let's go over here...we do and end up in the large retail bathroom stall and I get a quick load.
As we leave the stall I see the second tall black man - also early 20's and fits those rumors of the endowed black man.
He and I end up at the public tearoom but there is barely enough time for him to piston fuck my mouth right there at the urinals (with one stall occupied but oblivious) before he shoots and someone comes in. That load went in the urinal unfortunately.

I went to the second tearoom a bit later once again and I see the same pair of sneakers from earlier.
This time there is only one guy at the far end and he is obviously reading a newspaper.
The young guy sees me and I figure he knows we have some time and I motion for him to slide it under.
Under the stall comes a long, down curved and thick uncut cock.
Early 20's, some would refer to him as twink but no attitude with this one... so I know he can shoot a load and keep going.
I take it down to the base and am giving that piece of uncut cock my best attention. He is really getting into it and uses his hand to direct my head and get me to swallow more of his cock.
I take him to the base and beyond, I can smell his crotch and feel his balls on my chin.
He is thick and I am stuffed. We both work that cock into my throat without losing an inch of space.
Then I feel him expand as he starts to blow his load.
I am not about to let a drop of this go and he is in no hurry to pull out of my throat.
After making sure I milk the entire load out I let him pull his cock back a bit. I like to savor the foreskin and slide my tongue under to be sure there is nothing left...have to keep it nice and tidy... then he slides back under to his side once again.
I take a moment to lean down and say thanks... I finally see the face and yes it is a hot young kid, dark spiky haircut and clothes for the early 20's and a sexy smile.

I pull my pants back up, stuff my hard cock into my jock and head out.
The newspaper guy is still turning pages...

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yocmoi68 said...

I like your storytelling skill. Not only hot, but also enjoyable to read.