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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The video director and the hot cub

I met up with this hot young guy at the shopping center tearooms earlier in the year. We exchanged contact info and our ideas and stories of cruising.
He has a link on my blog at Amateur college jocks - local buddy film maker

I had told him recently about my office tearoom that recently opened for business again after being shuttered for a couple of years.
He sent me a note telling me that he would check it out. We agreed to meet there at lunch and see what could be done.
I arrived and there was a guy in the peep hole stall. Well, it turns out that he was just there to read the paper.
Eventually he left and another guy came in. Black boots and jeans, and I caught a look in the peephole.
Once I knew he wanted some action I got down on my knees and he slid his cock under.
My film buddy was in the stall to the other side of me. I tried to maneuver enough so he could see me taking this cock.
After a short bit the guy blew his load. Sorry for the short narration here but it was a fun blowjob but then two more guys came in.
Once it was again determined that we all wanted the same thing I was ready.
For some reason the closer of the two guys left after checking it out... we all left the stalls and went to the urinals.
A local office worker came in and that killed the moment.
The fourth guy that had arrived earlier was a young cub and so darn cute he was hot.
I had sucked him a bit last week but we got interrupted and he had to run so this time I took him and my film buddy upstairs to a more secluded spot.

The three of us went in and I was on my knees with a thick young cock in my mouth. My film buddy likes to watch and since he makes videos of young straight college guys jacking off I knew he would like this young cum shooter.
I sucked and swallowed his cock while my buddy jacked off observing.
Soon enough my buddy shot his load in the urinal and the young cub was close to blowing his.
I pulled off to let him stroke a bit more and then he let me have his load.

We all buttoned back up and left the tearoom. After we all got back outside the young cub left. My buddy and I chatted a bit about his website and possibly doing some work with me as the "older guy" and the young college studs.
It would be a hot time, and I assured him it was still of interest to me.
Then I headed back to the office.

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