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Friday, November 7, 2008

A text and a tearoom load

Sitting at my desk and I get a text from a hot man I chatted with a few weeks ago. We had already exchanged info and I told him where one of my favorite tearooms is located.
His text today said that he was heading over to check it out and asked if I wanted some cum....oh yes, you know me.
I said sure and told him I would meet in 5 minutes.
He said OK, and we both headed over. I was close enough that I got there first and walked in.
There was a guy in one of the stalls already and it was the peephole stall, so I thought he may be there for the same reason.
Since this location is not usually busy at this time of day I went back out and sent a quick note to my buddy. I told him there was one guy already and I would be in one of the stalls, then gave him the exact location and went in to wait.
Wouldn't you know it, the guy had moved stalls.
So that my buddy and I did not get confused I sent a quick note and said "I am now in this .... stall". He was on his way.

The door opened and I see him going into my adjoining stall.
I was correct that the other guy was there for action too but he seemed to be a bit nervous. I decided to just take the initiative and get on my knees for my buddies cock.
The door opened again and a fourth guy came in. Ok, we can see what happens.

I see that the fourth guys gives the signal and we are all good to go. So I go back under and my buddy joins me.
Nice thick head on a seven inch cock!
He lets me suck him and stroke him a bit. I get most of his cock in my mouth and damn it tastes great. I suck him some more and fist his cock. This position is not ideal so he sits back and strokes his cock.
We keep the eye contact going as he strokes and fists his cock.
In the meantime the fourth guy has decided to check us out and walks over.
My buddy is watching me under the stall and keeps up the heavy stroking. It can be very hot to see a guy jacking off and seeing that mushroom head grow with each stroke.
I can tell he is enjoying the jack off as much as I am.

After some intense jacking he was ready to blow his load. I kept my face under the stall and he came over to squat down over me.
I leaned to the side and let him aim...
I could feel the THICK hot cum hitting me. I wanted a taste straight from his cock so I took his cock into my mouth.
I knew that massive mushroom head would deliver an awesome load and it tasted fantastic.
Once we were done I got back into my stall and pulled that load into my mouth with my fingers.
I knew the other two guys were watching a bit of the action while I was under there.

I went to the sink to wash my hands and I see the fourth guy.
He is a guy that has fed me cum in a few places and even some piss.
While he was washing his hands I was checking in the mirror to be sure I got all of the cum out of my goatee. A few streaks of cum were still lingering so I wiped them into my mouth.
Then my buddy came out of his stall and I told him it is not usually so busy.
We agreed that it was a hot time and headed out.

He mentioned that he reads the blog and I hope to meet up with him again.

Thanks for a very hot afternoon load!

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