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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Yeah, found new way to add videos!

Found another site that lets me upload the missing clips and embed them here - check out the site if you have a moment...I don't have as many put on here yet as Xtube but the site owner also allowed me to put a link to this blog and I would like to support him as well.

I have had a few requests for video/story scenes that I will do my best to fulfill - and if you are in the city or visiting and want to meet up let me know.
It still amazes me sometimes the number of guys I see on the street and then get notes on Xtube from them.
Many are shocked that I tell them to stop and say hello...after all, I put this blog out there to share my love of cum.

So, the background on this clip is that this is the cum shot from the tearoom scene I did with two buddies where I stepped out of the stall and was sucking him off until we got interrupted. The guy I sucked was not done so I took him to a more private bathroom to get his load and we put the camera back on to capture the fun.


BikeGuy said...

ok ok....i watched out of order. i got to see the load!!!!

Anonymous said...

you are so hot and so is the top

Anonymous said...

Dido! Hot!!