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Monday, November 3, 2008

New tearoom and a hot thick white load of cum

I took the day off to recupe from the birthday weekend and had to run downtown to pick up a new transit pass.
While on the bus I was distracted (reading, not playing!) and missed the stop I originally wanted so I got out at a local shopping area.
I had heard tell of a peephole and action so I figured I may as well check it out since I had the time and was right there.

I went in and all stalls were full. Damn - oh well. I tried the last stall which is where I heard the scene could be fun.
It was occupied but I heard movement that indicated a vacancy soon. So I stood and waited. While waiting I noticed the next stall occupant checking me out through the side. HOT guy, glasses, close crop hair and looked to be in a business suit or close to it.
Now I really wanted to find out if the stories were true.
Sure enough I was able to get into the stall and noticed the walls were all metal and no hole.
But - where the toilet paper dispenses there is a huge hole between the two stalls. I removed the wad of paper blocking it and there was my co-jacker in all his glory.
Extra long cock pointing straight up and a nice mushroom head.
Since we were both obviously there for the same reason I put my hand through the hole and grabbed his cock. A hefty hand full and felt about 8.5 inches at least...there was space all around my hand to stroke and go from head to balls.
He returned the favor and was jacking me off.
This guy was hot and I was NOT going to let it go to waste. After about 5 minutes of mutual stroking and looking I said we should go elsewhere. He nodded and out we went.
This tearoom has some great potential but it is in a very busy shopping area so not ideal for much more than the voyeur scene.

I took him outside and mentioned one of my usual haunts that was nearby and offers full private stalls for more intimate action and I did want to get my mouth around his cock.
He agreed to the location and over we went.
On the way I explained the set up of the bathroom and the logistics so we could do it with no complications.
We got to the scene and it was empty. Perfect!
I took him into the stall, locked the door and we both started to strip. He was rock hard and very hot up close...I had felt the cock and seen a bit but when it was staring me in the face I was leaking precum.
I swallowed the entire shaft and was enjoying the feel of it while tugging his balls at the same time.
His head was a nice full mushroom and it slid down my throat but had that extra heft to push the sides of my throat and make me feel it.
After a few minutes of intense cock swallowing he wanted to suck me. I could tell the PA was a turn on and he eyed it a bit before taking the plunge and swallowing my hole cock.
I do love to get a blow job and he was extremely talented at it, even better!
As you know, I like to be sucked but I always want to get the load and let the guy walk away with balls empty and a satisfied I got back on my knees and went back down on him.
I took my time going to the base but made sure to squeeze the shaft with my lips and tongue - soon enough he said he was close and I just looked up and kept swallowing.
He started moaning and the head swelled so I knew it was time and opened my mouth for the load.
He gave a large load and suddenly it was spilling onto my lips and lower jaw...and it was thick, white and creamy.
I stood up and started scooping what was not in my mouth onto my tongue. He also reached over and helped wipe my mouth.

We pulled the pants back up, I put my shirt and hat back on and we left the stall. Again it was empty outside so we both headed to the sink and we both said thanks. I headed out to finish my errand and he said he was headed back to jury duty...I hope he was now able to think clearly if he got called for a jury.

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