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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mind blowing fuck in the video store - who says playing safe is boring!

I have been saving up my load for my husband this week but you know I always take as much cum as I can...that is what gets me rock hard, dripping precum and turns me on more than blowing my load. I love to service!

Today I was out for lunch and had gotten an email earlier from my blond park buddy that you may recall from posts earlier in the year.
HUGE cock that he really gets into letting me suck but he also wants to share my mouth and his cock with others.
We usually try to meet up at the glory hole/video booth store when we can. There are a few pics and clips in my earlier recollections of him.
I arrived and was not sure if he was there yet or problem, we are both able to find something to keep us occupied.
After checking out the scene I saw a booth door slightly ajar. That usually means the person inside is up for sharing so I opened it up and there is my buddy!
With another guy on his knees already and they invite me join. No argument from me!

I don't already know this cock sucker on his knees but he says that blond park cock wants to see him sucking guys and asks to suck me. I am there for the same reason but blond cock says to try out his mouth and since I know what he likes that is a seal of approval.
I pull my cock out of my jock and this stud goes to work on it.
He likes the PA and is working around it like a pro. I lean over and feel a massive cock on him too.
Ok now I want a taste! I ask to suck his cock and he stands right up.
Here is this cock that is at least 9 inches long, extra large mushroom head and sticking straight out.
I go all the way down on my first swallow and his head just stretches my throat and he slides right in.
Blond park cock asks how I am doing and the new guys says I am jumping right in...HELL YES!

We go back and forth for some more sucking and then my blond cock buddy shoots his load into the other guys waiting mouth.
He buttons back up and says he will be back if he can and leaves.
Now there are two horny cock suckers in one booth...I just have to taste more of that cock.
He is just as much of a cock whore as me and we are both going at it. He pulls my shirt off and goes for my arm pits. I generally detest deodorant for the most part and today was no exception. And before any of you get huffy, my husband keeps close tabs to be sure I am not over ripe anytime...we just use good ole Hibiclens for the pits and it is fresh each morning.
My new cock hound LOVES the smell of my pits and he gets even harder. I am very close to shooting my load but as I said, that is for my husband and I tell this guy I just can't cum.
He asks if I like to fuck or get fucked - I say I love to get fucked. His next question is if I play safe....yes I do (I will never say no to a condom if asked, I had one guy get extra pissy this week with me online - it is a decision between two adults and we all have a choice to say yes or no to any type of sexual situation).
He pulls out the lube and a condom and I turn around. He assures me that once the head is in I will be just fine.
Usually for unexpected huge cocks I don't mind poppers but this was not a day for them and so he just lines up his raincoated cock and in he goes.
DAMN that hurt, but DAMN that felt fantastic.
Now I am being impaled on the same cock that was already buried to hilt in my mouth, and you know how much I love to get it at both ends ... it is even hotter to get it from the same guy and throw in the public aspect and BINGO.

He fucks me good and hard for about five minutes and I am moaning my ass off, he is burying every fucking inch of cock up my ass and thrusting hard. I don't dare stroke my cock for too long or I will lose a massive load all over the floor.
He says my hole is extra tight and feels sweet around his cock - I can only says thanks and take another breath as he buries himself deep and keeps going.
While he is buried he asks if I would like to be in a hotel room with Texas truckers using my ass and those hung college Texans all shooting loads all over me. FUCK YES!

We hear a knock and a door jiggle, so while I am bent over and he is still fucking me he opens the door.
No one is there right away but he leaves the door open. Guys are walking by and one stops to watch. I am not sure if his eyes could get any bigger - then my top buddy asks the guy to join us. Well that sure as hell scared the pants off him.
The door shuts but then we hear another jiggle. I am being fucked mercilessly and he opens the door again. Again there are guys walking by and enjoying - he tells them to join us. I could not see the guy this time since I am facing in and my top buddy is letting them see his cock sliding in and out of my ass.
After another five minutes of fucking he turns me to face out and keeps the door open. I see a few hot guys and some that have been there before but they have NEVER seen me with a cock shoved my ass out in the open like this.
I am dripping buckets of precum at this point and my buddy is riding me into the ground.
Five more minutes at least and the door is opened when he pulls out and asks if I want to suck.
He has me sit down in the chair by the door and slides his cock into my mouth.
I am as horned up for his cum now as he is to give it to me.
Sitting there with the door ajar, guys walking by and this hot cock in my mouth - what more can a cum pig ask for.
I take extra long strokes on his shaft and then work on the head. As many of you know I use my mouth, throat and tongue when I can and this guy likes to have his cock all slick and stroked.
He tells me to stroke his cock and slide my hand up and down from head to balls. I deep throat him some more and get his cock nice and slick. Using my hand I stroke just the way he tells me too and am working the head at the same time.
This is a long mind blowing scene and he says it is close to time for me to get a huge load.
Stroke it, slide it up and down, work the head and he says to stroke faster. I do as I am told and it is time...he begins to spew his cum into my mouth and I swallow as fast as I can. It keeps cumming and cumming and cummming.

We are both breathing heavy and he says that was perfect, just the right amount of pressure and stroking action.
I am trying to catch my breath and we are both trying to come down from a 30 minute ass/mouth fuck and just smile for the moment.
I reach for my glasses and shirt while pulling my jock and pants back up, we are both sweaty and the booth just exudes sex, cum and men.
We open the door and I head back to the office with my stomach full of cum, my ass still lubed after being well and fully fucked.

As I walk back I can smell sex on me and just imagine what the people walking by me must think.

By the way, this guy did mention to my blond park fuck buddy that he would be back in town...let's hope so!

Footnote: I told my husband on our way home and after getting into the house I needed his cock buried and I wanted to have his cum shooting while I finally got to release my load. I went down on his cock, threw some lube on my ass and impaled myself.
Intense hard fuck, cum shooting into my ass and I left my cum fly...and fly it did - over his shoulder and against the back drop. Nothing better than sharing with your husband and being able to give him the same treatment.


Anonymous said...

Good God Almighty! You are my hero and idol! Hot! Hot! Hot! Incredible story! No pics or vid?
Please give us a Part II! You are the one and only Super Squirt!
David :-D

Anonymous said...

I got to watch some of this. It was hot. Thanks for the good story.

lick em said...

Go Boy GO!

You are such a hot slut and I love it!

Do include links to your videos and pics. or post pics with the posts.

I have shot more loads reading your blog.. i have to tell you that If I ever see you out I will grab my cock and give you that look! Do me!


Hey hot guy! Glad to see you're living up to your reputation. Your adventures rock! Hope you come get bucknaked with us soon!

Anonymous said...

Now, THAT is an adventure.