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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Update from the weekend - hot young pierced punk cock

Some of the guys I chat online with are extremely hot and express an interest in getting together.
I am always willing to meet up face to face if there is a mutual interest or if I have met/seen him through mutual friends.
Once in awhile it happens by chance, as it did over the weekend.
This guy is tall (over 6' 5" and you know what that does to me!!) with piercings, tattoos, sometimes a mohawk and a very tasty large hot cock - which I had the pleasure of swallowing for a bit.
My husband and I were out for cocktails following the Folsom event early the afternoon (where I had the pleasure of taking 3 loads in the bathroom) and ran into this guy while I continued my hunt for cum.
He happened to be in the spot I frequent and the timing was perfect.
We have chatted a few times and I also recognize him from around town but we had not been able to hook up. Well, I had the opportunity and was not about to let it pass by.
He was just as hard as I was and there were enough guys around that I was not worried.
I am an exhibitionist at heart when it comes to oral sex and this location is one of my favorites!
I did my best to deep throat and he was a very large guy in the cock department so it was a very hot time for me.
There are always very well hung guys that scare some amateurs and the timid, but I relish those and they do seem to go down smooth as silk sometimes.

There was another guy in the same area that was hot and sporting another hot looking cock that I wanted in my mouth.
I am not a usual water sports bottom guy but when he said that he had to leave the area to drain some piss from that great piece of meat I told him to let me take it.
He was not sure at first but after a bit of prodding from me and the guys around ( I am sure they all were eager to see me swallow that too) he agreed.
Since we had all been drinking at the time I was prepared for a full load and he delivered.
I must have swallowed at least 4 - 5 times, as my mouth filled up with his sweet tasting piss each time.
Anyone that does take piss knows that there are different tastes and elements that affect each load...this one was aromatic and sweet, and went down smooth.
Wow, that sounded like a fine wine...guess you could compare the two.

I spoke with the tall young guy this evening and he said it was cool to post about swallowing his cock and then enjoying the piss of his buddy.
We plan to finish off what we all started that day and I will keep you updated.

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