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Thursday, September 4, 2008

So nice to be back in cum pig territory

I had a great time in Alaska but it was a bit cum starved and I was really looking forward to getting downtown today.

It was an extremely hot day in the city and it seemed to bring out the feeders.
My first stop was the glory hole booths.
I went down to the booth area and took a loop. At first there was not much to find.
Then I saw a hot man that has been there before...bit of salt and pepper, black dress pants and blue/white pin stripe shirt - very "businessman on a horny lunch break" look.

I went into one booth and left the door ajar.
He took the cue and followed me in.
Right away we were both pulling out our cocks.
Today I was wearing the soon to be traded jock once again. Still need to add some cum and sweat to it.
He started kissing and then he went for my nipples. When he found the piercings, he got harder and pulled my shirt up to get at them.
To return the favor I went to work on his cock.
He wanted to have his balls licked and then have my face go under to just tweak his ass with my tongue.

As you know, I am a cock sucker but also a cum pig and if slurping on his balls gets him off, so be it.
And get him off it did!
I told him I wanted his load on my face. Before he was ready to shoot I took of my shirt and got down on my knees.
With my face looking up he blew a nice thick load all over my goatee and let me take it all.
There was a nice thick puddle.
I did not have a rag so I just pulled off my jock and used it to wipe my face clean, then put it back on.

Later in the day I was on the way home and thought I should check out my shopping scene.
Glad I did!
Right away I see two of the stalls occupied. I went into one at the end and could see the guy next to me checking me out.
Unfortunately it was bit too busy so we both left.
After an appropriate amount of time lapsed I went to check it out once again.
He was at the urinal and it was I went right down on his uncut cock.
There must have been some edging going on because he said a load was cumming.
I leaned back a bit and let him go for my face.
The first shot went over my cheek towards my eye, the next two went on my goatee and the rest went in my mouth.
Pic above is from this load (no video today, too much traffic to risk it).

Well, it was time to head to the train but as I was leaving a hot young black man came in.
He has fucked me in the stalls and let me suck him off so we both knew it was cool.
It took a bit of waiting for the coast to be clear.
Thick uncut and full of cum - just how I like my men...he was hard instantly and I went down to his balls with each stroke.
I knew we had limited time and wanted that cum, so I worked his shaft and head with my throat then he took over stroking.
While he was stroking I was at the head licking and slurping.
He said it was time and asked if I was ready - hell yes.
Right away he starts shooting a thick shot straight at my mouth.
I wanted it all over my face right there in the bathroom and he shot it all over my goatee.
We heard the door open and I stood up to take a stall while I let the cum drip down my chin.

When I walked out with some cum still on my face, he was at the sink with a buddy. I heard them chatting and also knew the buddy likes the tearoom and it was fine to walk out that way.
They both seemed to enjoy seeing me walk out and knowing that cum had just been flying at the urinals.

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