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Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunday afternoon part 2 - three more loads

I left the german and his boyfriend to head out and get some fresh air with my husband - he does not always do well in huge crowds when it is hot and you cannot move.
We decided to head over to a favorite spot and see our other friends.

When we arrive I see two of our buddies chatting and I notice buttons are undone. Hmmmm...what can I possibly do?
These two guys know me well enough but there has never really been a good time for us to all play.
Right away I pull one of the cocks out and it is nice tasty piece. He says it is only average but I think it is a bit more.
I bend over and start sucking.
At the same time the other guy's cock comes out and it is pierced...bonus score.
Remember that I had just left a huge black cock down the street and now I have two out. I am hungry and ready.
It is not long before the first guy is stroking and beating his cock while I use my tongue.
He begins to shoot a hefty thick mouth was totally filled to capacity and then I swallowed it all.

Not to ignore the other cock I go over and proceed to suck him and give it my best. He seems to have enjoyed seeing the first cum load being sucked out.
It is not much longer until he is filling my mouth with his that is two and I have not even been there 30 minutes.
I go out and find my husband to tell him our friends are there and I sucked them both off.
He goes over to chat and say hi.
I follow along and while we are all there and chatting one thing leads to another and I pull the pierced cock back out.
Now I have his cock in my mouth again and I take my husband's cock out. One in each hand and I go back and forth on them.
Soon enough our pierced friend is shooting a second load and it is big as the first one!

I am having a good time and go for a cocktail. Then I head back to the group and just sort of chat, flirt and see what I can do further.
While that is going on my husband suddenly comes over and says "come here, you will like this".
He takes me over to the german and his boyfriend, they are ready for me to do some more sucking... to be continued....

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