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Monday, September 29, 2008

The weekend continues....load after load in the bathroom

On Saturday afternoon we went to a local bar that was hosting a Folsom weekend party.
It was a warm day so I was bare chested and having a great time.
After a few cocktails it was time to head to the bathroom.
On the way, I passed by a group of guys playing pool.
A couple of real hot ones that I would be happy to service.

I went in to the bathroom and right away one of pool players is standing next to me.
Wearing shorts, a harness and jock strap.
He pulled his cock out and we checked each other out.
Neither one of us was peeing so I figured he was also looking for something else. Of course, the cock growing in his hand also gave it away.
Ok, I can do that!

I bent over and swallowed his cock into my mouth. I was bent over and taking his cock down my throat.
He was rock hard and getting into it. I looked up after a few minutes of sucking him and saw a guy groping himself and watching me.
The guy I was sucking decided to take a break and go back to the pool game.
Once he left the second guy walked up and pulled out his cock.
Already semi hard and getting harder as I watched.
I motioned for this new guy to follow me over to the corner of the bathroom to get us out of the traffic path.
Once we got to the corner I knelt down and started giving him a full blow job.
Nice thick cock, above average lenght and set of cum filled balls.
It was not long before he was close and asked if I wanted his load.
I said yes, all over my face.
Before he started cumming another guy walked in and started watching while standing with his cock in hand.
Second blow job then began shooting and it shot all over my face.
He was done and left the bathroom.

Now the third guy walks over and asked if I wanted another load...well, hell why not!
I said yes and he gave me his cock.
Deep throat, swallow and stroke - not long before he was cumming.

You might think that was the end of it... I went out to find my husband and tell him what happened.
I told him that I wanted to go back and see if anyone else needed to unload their balls.
After I got back to the bathroom I see the firt guy again.
He comes into the bathroom and offers me his cock...I am ready for his to cum and motion for him to feed me in the corner.
He can tell I am a hungry cum pig and begins to fuck my face.
I had my mouth ready and he started to thrust faster and faster, and finally he lets a hot thick load go.
I swallow every drop and we both head out.

Of course, the whole time this was going on there were guys coming in and using the urinal- that made it even hotter!

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