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Sunday, September 7, 2008

How many times does 11x7 go into 39???

The answer to that is at least 3...

While sitting at home checking out Xtube and cruising for some fun we talked with a couple that live nearby and have played there before.
These two guys are both hung and have between 2 - 5 guys over at a time so it is always a great spot for me to get fucked senseless and take cock after cock after cock.
This time was no different.

We went over around 6pm and right away there were two guys on the bed and one uncut German in the living room in addition to our two hosts.
I went into the bedroom after getting undressed. On the bed 0ne guy was on his back and took my cock into his mouth.
While he was getting me hard I started to stroke the guy that was sitting on the bed.
The guy I was stroking had a long hard cock with a nice thick mushroom head.
After a few minutes of sucking and stroking I said it would be better buried in my ass.
Right away we got out the poppers and got me on my knees.
One of our hosts joined us on the bed.

While this guy was aiming for my tight ass, I took our host in my mouth since I love to suck as much as getting fucked as you know.
After taking some licks on the host I turned to the other guy on the bed and took his cock into my mouth.
Now I was in the position to get both holes filled with cock at the same time.
The guy on his back was soft but I could tell it would be a mouthful.
Apparently the guy buried in my ass liked seeing me swallow his buddy and vice-a-versa because they both starting getting even bigger.
The cock in my mouth was now a good 7 inches and thick, rock hard and going down my throat like a pro.
A few more hits of the poppers and I was deep throating one cock while my ass was getting worked over.
The cock in my ass was pounding and at the same time pushing me further onto the cock in front of me.

While my ass was fucked and my throat was full our second host came into the room.
This is the 11 x 7 cock and we both remebered the last time he was in my ass...took a few loads of cum that afternoon and he rode me long and hard.
Right away I move from the cock I was sucking onto his ....after a hit of poppers of course.
I love it when a cock can be so big there is just no way to get it all the way down.
After I sucked and stroked him it was time for his cock to plunge into my ass.

Our buddy pulled out of my ass and 11 x 7 got the lube and gave me my poppers.
He lined up and I was rock hard waiting for it.
In he goes and I almost shoot my wad right there.
The group in the room are really getting into watching my ass take every inch and since we all know what I can take he really begins to fuck the hell out of me.
This is just what I needed!

We all like to edge and play so it turns into a small orgy of one cock after another going into my mouth while another is in my ass.
If a cock was not in my ass there was a mouth on it rimming for the next one.
Our thick hung host took his turn a few times and even the bottom that I deep throated in the beginning fucked my ass.
I am in cum pig, cock sucking, bottom heaven.

We came to the party knowing we had to meet up with friends for dinner so we fucked, sucked and played until it was time to leave.
The added bonus for me was that I did not blow my load and we were going out later...what can I do on a Saturday night with a recently fucked, lubed ass and balls full of cum?

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